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  1. Okay I'm going to get a little real here, which Is not something I tend to do because, well, this thread is proof as to why.


    I am not a victim here - Rather, I am calling you out on your behavior. You have a 'me me me mentality'.

    My daily routine does not include saying "hello" to the freebie man - No one's does. In fact, I wonder how many models would appreciate what you just so openly admitted in this thread. Self-righteousness does not even come into this discussion but I really have to point out here that you think piracy is wrong and yet ...

    11 minutes ago, Chevalier said:

    I have other markets to explore where I can get real giveaways just for being me

    This statement alone is an admission of searching out free content on purpose! If you were truly supporting the models, you would be purchasing the content and not being so expectant (or cocky).

    23 minutes ago, Chevalier said:

    I don't have a convenient memory, you could've even made it tantalizing with a nice offer, but you make it seem like I didn't spend a lot of time viewing and enjoying until I ran out of positive interaction/reinforcement.

    It's a clip store, not a relationship - wise up.

    25 minutes ago, Chevalier said:

    People used to talk about other stuff than what they're selling

    Check my forum. Check the other models' forums. 

    20 minutes ago, Chevalier said:

    When people want to call things a job, and things get stale/inactive, turnover will happen one way or another

    So what you're saying is, when business is bad, then expect to get stolen from?

    --- --- --- --- --- ---

    Look, Chev, I really understand the point you're making - but the fact of the matter is that it's the wrong mentality to have as well as an unrealistic expectation to have. I would spell things out to you and really go out of my way but "that bores me unless I find something to make me want to try again"

    TL;DR - Models owe you NOTHING 💕

    Have a pleasant July 4th 😊

  2. 9 minutes ago, Chevalier said:

    Oh I've experienced that distance.  It wouldn't eliminate piracy 100% but it could certainly reduce it by a lot.  I usually have to spell things out a lot or go out of my way, and that bores me unless I find something to make me want to try again.  And what, pray tell, are giveaways?  Haven't really heard about that in a long time.

    Giveaways: such as when people say “review my clip and my favourite review will get my next clip for free” - it’s actually very common here if you keep an eye on the main page.

    Also, SALES. There is always at least one sale being run on this site from a popular and regularly posting model. In fact, the sales are being run on clips that were already reasonably priced to begin with. 

    What you have to remember is that these girls spend time and effort making these clips. For some it’s a full time position. To have content pirated is like someone walking into your store and just walking out with whatever you stock your shelves with without paying.  

    If a model’s content is good and you like it, pay for it. Don’t wait around for freebies, don’t scrounge and beg for attention and certainly don’t base your purchases simply off of how much attention they give you personally.

    You also seem to have a conveniently short memory. You used to review my clips when I was handing out freebies to you. As soon as I stopped giving you handouts, your support dried up immediately - correlation, meet causation. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Chevalier said:

    Having stolen paid content is par for the course, though at the same point the site has a lot of models not wanting to do anything but post videos, which breeds apathy.

    I personally need to be engaged before I buy stuff; with a commitment I'm going to spell out below, but TL:DR Piracy is wrong, but created by a service problem that incompetence/ghosting usually enables one way or another.

    To directly answer your post, there's nothing wrong with free content being uploaded on other sites in my opinion, though the paid stuff could have piracy be undermined with a type of first/early release setup, and rewarding older videos, as well as encouraging a type of dialogue to get new ideas, especially to celebrate weekends like Independence Day in the states (which I know there won't be any models gorging on food like that Nathan's hot dog eating contest, or a competition).

    Piracy is wrong, but why buy in a vacuum that compromises the buyer (slow response times, being punished for overextending to buy early only for her to misremember if it's not already uploaded, and a lack of themes) from time to time? 

    I would paraphrase the quote that this is a service problem similar to emulation (not releasing/sloppy porting/pricing); the lack of a live chat (video calls are the best), or influence/creativity for vids that are $10+ will only encourage piracy as the money becomes worthless. Even a free photoset or just making a good description could sell people, but that won't happen a lot of the time.

    Demands simply aren't met for the long haul, though when they are, it can make a rare, fulfilling relationship that makes me question how the means of meeting someone valuable can be.


    In response to costanza's question, it really will depend on the model. Some are completely okay with FREE content being distributed freely. However, distributing PAID content for free on behalf of others is, without debate, wrong.

    Having said this, It would be interesting to get some further clarification on Chevalier's point here. Are you saying that pirating content is a direct result of a lack of free content and engagement being provided by models?

    If I have read your post correctly, I feel this point translates to (in a manner of speaking), "Why bother spending money on X model's content when she doesn't give me personal attention and freebies". As a model on this site, though I cannot speak for every model here, I would not have the time (or energy) to engage personally with EVERY paying member on this site. I release A LOT of free content by way of pictures, GIFs and giveaways and yet I still have to spend a good chunk of my day running DMCA take down requests for content that has been pirated. In addition to this there are models on here that engage with their patrons, daily, and I still see their content being pirated. 

    I think - though I'd be as bold to say that I KNOW - that no matter how engaging, no matter how good the content is or how reasonably priced it is, the content will still be pirated.

  4. Hi there - I might have the unpopular opinion here but I have experience from the other side of this!

    Be genuine - If you cant live without a partner that wants to be or at least doesn't mind being fat  then maybe you're not with the right person, change can't always be made if it isn't meant to happen. I'm not saying leave her btw, just to think of what is more important - fat or your marriage that to that person.

    You could always sleight of hand it but its so much more satisfying when the feelings are mutual - After all, you don't want a wife that hates herself because of your forced preferences.

    Other than that, just remind her that she's beautiful and maybe draw more positive attention to the bigger bits. "You look cute when you eat" etc etc

    If it's meant to be, it'll be - Remember, I'm a fat girl, so I kinda know what real fat girls want lol

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