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  1. I figured it was about time to see how unfit I’ve really gotten this year... 😏





    1. Brian92


      My dream girlfriend 😛

  2. Kitty's workouts tend to consist of three things; - Eating - Walking to the fridge and back - Getting dressed/undressed But today she's back with another 'normal sized person' workout video! Sit-Ups, Squats, Push-Ups ... Even a fat girl's attempt at a star jump. It's clear to see that this girl is not just out of shape but far from even a normal range of movement. Is this a sign of things to come? Come watch Kitty struggle to move as well as try-on the last remnants of her workout gear.


  3. Hey my loves! 

    I hope everyone is having a great Monday! 🥰 

    I took the weekend off to celebrate my birthday with friends and family and to eat soooo much good food but I’m back! 🐷 New video coming tonight! 

    Who saw last weeks video? 😍

    Obsessed with this little pink top 😋






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    2. wdyw


      Is it too rude to ask a lady her age ?

    3. Mattlovescurves


      Happy Birthday love!! 🙌🏻🍰🍰🍰

    4. Mattlovescurves


      Can I get you another cake?! ☺️🍰

  4. Kitty loves ice cream! It's not just the sweet, creamy flavour that makes her so happy, its the thought of consuming such a calorie rich treat too. She has mixed together three of some of her favourite flavours; cookie dough, caramel and fudge brownie. All topped with a more than generous helping of whipped cream and the last of her colourful sprinkles. Come watch Kitty enjoy one of her greatest gaining assets; rich, creamy, sweet, calorie pumped ice cream. A fat girl just can't resist!


  5. This colder weather is doing wonders for my figure 🍂🍁

    Cute outfits and I just want to snuggle under a blanket and stuff til I can’t move 🐷😌 



    1. MarshallT


      Wow! This looks sooo cute on you! 🥰

    2. regbill


      With this colder weather I see bigger curve's in your future.;)

  6. This week officially marks my 1 year anniversary of gaining and wow, it’s been a BIG year. 🐷

    I joined Curvage shortly after to share and track my gain and I’m so glad I did! Looking back at my progress has been so fun and exciting. 😍

    Thank you so much to each of you that have supported my gain over the past year. It never goes unnoticed and I’m so grateful for you! 

    I’ve made a couple of videos to mark this anniversary: 

    A weigh-in - to see the final numbers for my gaining year and holy shit I’m so happy with how much I have gained!!! 

    A try-on - to try on some outfits from some of my very first videos and see whether they will fit or not. The struggle was certainly worth it. 😍

    I’m so excited for the year ahead and all the gains to come. ♥️


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    2. Residentsteven


      Whoops wrote that twice 😂, don’t forget to check out my review of your weigh in kitty 👍🏻.

    3. KittyPiggy


      I love those gifs so much! Show just how soft and jiggly my belly is 😍

    4. Hotefatty


      Happy Anniversary!

  7. It is coming up to Kitty's first anniversary since she started gaining and she has certainly ballooned in this short amount of time. KP models some classic outfits for you from some of your favourite videos. Will they still fit a year later? Well, you can at least enjoy watching her try!


  8. This piggy is loving this Autumn weather! 🍂🍁🐷



  9. It's been almost a year since Kitty first started plotting her gaining journey online! Here is a super special weigh in where Kitty finds out her total figure for her first year of gaining as well as predictions for the year to come. Come join Kitty as she discovers year one's final figure as well as some gainer shake and plenty of jiggles for you to enjoy! Happy Anniversary!


  10. Such a messy piggy 🐷😍









    1. Residentsteven


      Great update kitty 🐷😍🥵 5 stars.

  11. Its time for cake! Kitty has been having some mad cravings for chocolate and cake. So why not satiate both in one hit? Come watch Kitty absolutely destroy a 24 serving chocolate monster accompanied by milk, double cream and coke - You will NOT be disappointed.


  12. I hope you’re as ready as I am 🐷


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    2. Residentsteven


      Wow kitty can’t wait 🐷🥵😍.

    3. Monkey


      More to the point I hope your belly is... I mean I know its probably always ready and hungering for such things... :P

    4. 1mini1


      And we all know where that lush treat is going to end up don't we..... :)



    I don't run sales very often so grab these videos whilst you can. 

    Save yourself up to $5 on each video! 🤑

    Whether you enjoy the numbers, try-ons or body tours. 😈

    You have until Monday morning, go go go! 



    I don't run sales very often so grab these videos whilst you can. 

    Save yourself up to $5 on each video! 🤑

    Whether you enjoy the numbers, try-ons or body tours. 😈

    You have until Monday morning, go go go! 


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    2. dj2k1357


      I gave the reason why I gave it that rating. 4 stars is still good, and Ive given plenty of her other videos 5 stars. Probably left more reviews than you as well so how about you stay in your lane and don't worry about what I choose to do.

    3. MarshallT
    4. KittyPiggy


      Lets end this conversation right here!

      Enjoy the sale everyone 😁

  15. If you love the numbers then join me for a chatty measurements 3! 

    I love sharing my weight gain journey with you and videos like these really show how far I've come. 😍🐷 Can’t wait for the next one! 😏 






    1. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      I love your weight gain journey too. My favourite on this site. You are a truly beautiful woman inside and out ❤️

  16. Its time to measure up! Kitty has been feeling big. She knows she's a wannabe SSBBW but she's been feeling real big lately. What used to be a drawer full of colorful and sexy underwear has been whittled down to just a couple that still manage to fit comfortably. This revelation means one thing, she's not only gained weight, but she's definitely put on some inches since the last time she checked. It's time to get the stats and see exactly where all the new weight has ended up. Ass? Thighs? Arms? Come find out!


  17. If you hate watching cute fatties trying on sexy, skimpy outfits and jiggling around, please don’t buy this clip - you’ll hate it.






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    2. KittyPiggy


      @jj22 Absolutely not 😍 it’s wrong NOT to be obsessed with them 😏

    3. BigOnes


      I’m obsessed with your belly, it’s so beautiful when it fall on your big legs and on your tight clothes😍🤤🤤


    4. Sons of Windsor

      Sons of Windsor

      You're looking really beautiful :)

  18. It's been a while since Kitty last modeled her party clothes for you and her curves have ballooned dramatically. Watch KP struggle to get her fat into skimpy little outfits as she gets so hot and out of breath. You don't want to miss this little piggy strutting her stuff for you in these skin tight ensembles!


  19. Found these selfies on my phone from when I shot “Please, Daddy” that I don’t think I posted! 

    Still one of the hottest videos I’ve made. I wish I could be force fed like this every single day. 





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    2. MarshallT


      Such beauty. Perfect 🥰

    3. jj22


      These pictures stab me through the heart!  Kitty's face is the definition of sweet, naughty, perfect beauty.  And that last one...  Those thighs....  I love how the knee bone has seemingly vanished into firm, curvy, soft thickness...  


    4. MutleyCake


      Cutest Kitten Piggy in Piggyville❤️

  20. To say I'm at my biggest and softest in this video may seem obvious but wow, I'm obsessed with it! 😍

    Watch me strip down and jiggle it for you...




  21. Want to see me strip down and play with my growing curves? 😍

    This was all kinds of fun to film. Couldn’t help but feel myself in this tiny little outfit. I get softer every day. 😍






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    2. Shar’s Lover

      Shar’s Lover

      Bigger every day 🤤🤤😍

    3. Alyx59


      bigger and more beautiful 😍

    4. Mattlovescurves


      So much softness love 🤤☺️

  22. Kitty gets heavier by the day. With her growing appetite leading to massive weight gain, her body really can struggle to keep up! Kitty gives you a little tour of her newest stretch marks as she strips down and plays with her squishy body for you. She wants you to love her expanding curves as much as she does so come and indulge in Kitty's most recent exploration.


  23. Some Sunday entertainment ☺️🐷


    1. Worldnettour


      You look absolutely beautiful in your recent videos, though I'd love to see a more down to earth you, with those selfies ❤️

    2. AlexDeep


      you look almost nothing like when we use to talk omg Luna !!

      congratulations ❤️🤗🤟🏻

  24. Definitely not working out in this gym wear 🐷



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    2. jj22


      I reckon that squeezing all your loveliness into that skintight outfit was probably a workout in itself.

    3. feedemup


      Avoid the gym at all costs!

    4. Worldnettour


      Always love these kind of updates from you, you used to post these a lot more ❤️

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