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  1. Completely not the same person I once was 😁😅🥵


    1. pulpsticks


      wow, that's awesome!

    2. Prince-nutty


      Absolutely loving these comparisons!

  2. My how I’ve grown - I’m in awe at how I even managed to get into this dress again 😅



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    2. Hologram


      I don't think that dress is long for this world  😉

    3. Dodgecummins


      What is the time in between these pics? So pretty! 

    4. KittyPiggy


      Time difference here is about two years but bear in mind I didn’t start gaining until last October 

  3. 🐷


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    2. Gaius300


      I love your gain so much 😍🖤

    3. regbill


      My how you have grown!:wub:

      It's hard to believe you were that skinny girl in the "before" picture.:D

    4. Worldnettour


      Unbelievably beautiful, there's no one like you ❤️

  4. It's that time again. Earlier than usual, Kitty feels that she's really packed on the weight recently. With the constant snacking and pigging out she's feeling much heavier and softer only after a month since her last weigh-in! How much do you think Kitty has packed on? Once she's found the figure, she gives another display of unhinged gluttony - devouring an entire tray of tiramisu like it's nothing.


  5. Hi there - I might have the unpopular opinion here but I have experience from the other side of this! Be genuine - If you cant live without a partner that wants to be or at least doesn't mind being fat then maybe you're not with the right person, change can't always be made if it isn't meant to happen. I'm not saying leave her btw, just to think of what is more important - fat or your marriage that to that person. You could always sleight of hand it but its so much more satisfying when the feelings are mutual - After all, you don't want a wife that hates herself because of your forced preferences. Other than that, just remind her that she's beautiful and maybe draw more positive attention to the bigger bits. "You look cute when you eat" etc etc If it's meant to be, it'll be - Remember, I'm a fat girl, so I kinda know what real fat girls want lol
  6. As usual Kitty is woken up in the middle of the night with a deep rumble in her stomach. She slowly stirs and waddles to the kitchen ... ... but this time it’s different and instead of grabbing a little midnight snack she grabs a seat by the fridge and pigs out on everything she can get her chubby hands on. If you like stuffing videos and uncontrolled gluttony, this clip is going to drive you insane.


  7. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret ...

    ... I really REALLY like food 


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    2. markb


      Huh,i would never have guessed it lol 😄

    3. chubbylove383


      Not sure that's really a secret 😉

    4. tmbo80


      Absolutely incredible gain so far — you’re well on your way to becoming a 400lbs+ SSBBW GODDESS 😍😍😍

  8. I’ve Just finished recording one of the hottest stuffings I’ve ever filmed and enjoyed every greedy second of it!


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    2. laibach2000
    3. Dan gordon

      Dan gordon

      your arms are sooo huge!!

    4. Prince-nutty


      Seeing you sit next to the fridge like that is so hot!


    The sun is shining and I’m in the mood to give you all a sale 😁☀️🌈

    Get $4 off one of my personal favourites! 😍


    1. jj22


      Spectacular video!  Don't hesitate, buy it.

    2. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      Thank you so much Kitty! You’re amazing. Cannot wait to watch this 😊

  10. I’m just getting started ...


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    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      In other words, congratulations.

      black panther GIF by Marvel Studios

    3. Residentsteven


      What a perfect way to end a night out than by watching a new kitty 🐷 vid 😍.

    4. Gaius300


      She just getting started 😉🖤🖤

  11. Kitty has just finished having a large dinner with ChubbyCupcake but she finds herself still craving for more! She grabs a McDonalds on the way home to help satiate her out-of-control appetite, devouring vast amounts of food in comfy clothes, her natural habitat! **Watch until the end for a new announcement**


  12. Obsessed with this throwback shot 😍

    I'm definitely looking much heavier now! 🐷


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    2. jj22


      That screencap sums up why I'm crushing on KittyPiggy.  100% goddess!

    3. Lardfiller


      Everything is perfect ❤️

    4. Gaius300


      I love how you filled so much more than that now 😍

  13. NEW UPLOAD! 

    I cooked up a whole bag of hash browns and challenged myself to eat as many as I could. How many do you think I get through? 🐷

    This clip is listed at ONLY $9.99 for a 17 minute stuffing! 



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    2. Gaius300


      Potatoes are so good in any shape ore form 😊 good for that body too 😆🖤🖤👍😍

    3. DailyDose


      I simply am in awe how plump you're becoming !

    4. AlexDeep



  14. Version 1.0.0

    *Special pricing - 17 minute stuffing video for only $9.99* Kitty is kicking off a new series seeing how many hash browns she can eat. She stuffs herself as quickly as possible and jiggles around on a chair that can barely hold her weight. Will she finish all the hash browns? What should she challenge herself to eat next?


  15. Version 1.0.0

    Kitty’s good friend ChubbyCupcake decides it would be fun to squeeze KP into an old corset. CC knows full well how much weight KP has gained since they met and can’t wait to see just how impossible it is to squeeze all of Kitty’s new chub together.


  16. This dress may be a little small but look how good it looks 😍 

    I never felt this confident or sexy when this actually fit but now I feel SO confident and SO sexy! 🥵


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    2. MoonlightStarling


      Oh, God, you are so hot.

    3. John Smith
    4. AlexDeep


      Omggg lunaaaaaaaa

      what did happen ?! :0

  17. Version 1.0.0

    Kitty tries on an old skimpy dress that she found in her wardrobe and it doesn’t quite fit like it used to... She squeezes her curves from every angle into the dress and even models it in heels for your pleasure. This is the girl you want to bump into on a night out!


  18. Here are a couple of new previews for my latest clips, in case you hadn’t already been tempted 💋🍓






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    2. Mystical887



    3. Residentsteven


      I was definitely already tempted great clip kitty. I’m sure you already know it looks like McDonald’s have some new stuff just launched on the app a new shortbread frappe and a burger 😋



    4. KittyPiggy


      @Residentsteven you know me so well! 😱 I hadn’t actually seen these yet, so excited to try them though! 🤤 

  19. Something really fun is my latest clip! 😉

    I really do think this is one of the HOTTEST videos I’ve ever filmed 🥵🍓


    1. Jd345


      I agree Kitty could I message you again I need to tell you something in private.

    2. jj22


      Kitty is so right.  This video is hot and she looks incredible.

  20. Just to be clear for everyone, I ONLY post content on Curvage. The only social accounts I have are F**bie and Snapchat.

    If you see my pictures on Instagram or think you are speaking to me anywhere else, I'm afraid you're not. If you are ever concerned that you may think you're speaking to a fake, please feel free to message me directly on here to confirm with me. People are so quick to post pictures/content on other sites without my permission and as a result, my identity gets stolen. 

    I love sharing free photos and updates with you all but it’s really taken for granted at times.

    I wish this wasn't such a common occurrence but some of you are out there doing this and just to be absolutely clear, it really is the minority of you that I’m referring to. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I just don’t want anyone having money stolen or being conned in any way. I’m super grateful for the rest of you and all your support.

    Sorry for such a long, boring post. I’m sure quite a few models are in the same boat as me with this and we all want you to have a good and SAFE time with us. We also want to have a fun, safe time and we are put at so much risk by people stealing our stuff. 

    But back to the fun stuff after this post. 🙃

    LOVE YA! 

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    2. Chevalier


      Why can't people tribute/imitate you properly? It's sad the damage someone's insecurities can have. I get the leaking is par for the course. Movie spoilers/uploads are hard to avoid yet even get recommended lol by dumb algorithms. But then the false impersonations gives a bad mark to you for something you haven't done.

    3. Becca Crush

      Becca Crush

      THISSSS.  I keep having to contact pornhub and YouTube and a bunch of other random sites and get my stuff taken down. It's so annoying! 

    4. Jordan


      I hope people do stop stealing your videos and putting them on other sites


  21. My new video is up and I really think you're going to like it 😍

    🍓 Check out my latest clip here! 🍓








    1. MitchFCM


      Such a beautiful belly


  22. Version 1.0.0

    See Kitty in her most sensual video yet! In her bedroom she shows off her curves in a vibrant, lace robe before stripping down to indulge in a sweet treat of strawberries and bananas drowned in thick, melted chocolate. Posing, jiggling and indulging - This video truly is a BBW lover’s dream. **Turn the audio up later on the video for some ASMR eating audio


  23. Version 1.0.0

    With summer fast approaching, Kitty digs out her swimsuit. The problem is that she hasn’t worn it in 2 years... Watch her struggle to squeeze and compact all of her fat into the skimpy swimsuit as she tries not to flash anything!


  24. I have been trying on some old clothes today and wow, I'm really feeling how much progress I have made 🐷


    1. Residentsteven


      Definitely 🐷, kitty. I’ve been checking out your older vids recently you can see the difference too 🐷😍.

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