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  1. Ive actually had to loosen the arms XD There's a picture lost on this forum somewhere of my hips pushed up against the arm!
  2. Simple, took a look around, you are currently in my office 😂 this is my full time occupation. Professional Piggy at your service!
  3. Devotion 🥰😂

    More in my forum










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    2. grateful



      !!!!Just used up the last of my oxygen from the first aid kit!  😍❤️

      Love watching you eat!  😍❤️

      On my weigh to the link with whatever strength I have left!  ❤️

      Thanks for the captures!  😁


    3. wdyw



    4. MarshallT


      Just keep getting up in the middle of the night and stuff yourself....and then go back to bed....EVERY night!

  4. I've just been in one of those moods all day where I'm just like, "ugh. Fatten. Me. The. Fuck. Up" To the point where I resent that fact I have to chew food and wish I could just swallow things whole, continuously piling handful after handful of fatty treats into my mouth like a never-ending conveyor belt. Desperate whimpers whilst I struggle for air, shoveling leftovers, whole cakes, food that has just been mashed together for ease of consumption, not even caring what I'm inhaling anymore as long as its the kind of food that keeps dietitians up at night. I want a way to measure my consumption. Calories per minute, calories per second. How fast can I go? The gainer equivalent of a 0-60 in 3 seconds hypercar. I want to consume so much so quick that I can see my forearms, wrists, hands and fingers fatten up in front of me whilst I scoop more and more into my mouth. That's all I want really. I can't stand being small today. I want everything to be an inconvenience. I want my doorways to squeeze against my hips whilst I push through them. I want to feel my entire body jiggle whilst I walk. My ass, my belly, my thighs, hips, arms, calves ... My desires just feel oh so overwhelming today. So on that note, I'm off to McDonald's to order enough food to kill a hippo ...
  5. It’s everyone’s favourite time of the month - weigh in time! 😈

    Check it out here!

    I get extra greedy and messy in my celebratory stuffing! 🐷







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    2. Residentsteven


      I will be checking this out very soon 😍🥵.

    3. Tarkin


      Amazing! That gorgeous, sexy bum! 😍❤❤❤

    4. Kev07


      Looking amazing!!

  6. It seems that a lot of you are loving my latest weigh in 🥰 Please leave me a review letting me know what your favourite moments were 😍♥️ I love reading them! 🐷
  7. She's so pretty omg 😍 Also, I have the underwear set she is wearing! What good taste she has 😏
  8. Wow, thank you @Pierre for turning me into Clover!

    I love this so much 😍 You've made me think that I need this catsuit in my life 😈



  9. I wish I lived in the states, I would definitely submit an application 😍
  10. Its Weigh In time! It's been a little longer than usual but after so many comments on how much bigger she looks, Kitty has decided to once again step on those scales to get the latest numbers! Come find out just where Kitty has gotten to as well as enjoy Kitty's weigh in tradition of her post-weigh stuffing!


  11. Haha 😂 no way! I considered doing it when I was much smaller but I don’t think I could even get a waist trainer over my belly now 🐷😂
  12. I will be filming tomorrow ♥️ But it’ll be worth the weight... 😏
  13. Cream Chugging Cutie 2 outtakes after chugging all that heavy cream 😍



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    2. grateful


      Amazing!  😍

      Love it when you drink cream!  🥰❤️

      Thanks for the update!  😊

    3. Mattlovescurves


      Body built by heavy cream 😏☺️

    4. MarshallT


      Kitty be chillin'

  14. Just enjoying some ice cream before bed - trying to get some extra calories in. 🐷 Found these outtakes from filming Cream Chugging Cutie 2 after I had chugged all the heavy cream ☺️♥️
  15. The home page is a bit mental recently so I’ll post this here for those of you that didn’t get to see it 😌 If you decide to grab any of these videos whilst they’re on sale, please leave me a review if you get a moment ♥️ Love, KP x SALE Valentine's day is over but lets keep the love going! ❤️ Enjoy up to 30% off of 7 of my latest clips INCLUDING Insatiable 3!
  16. SALE

    Valentine's day is over but lets keep the love going! ❤️

    Enjoy up to 30% off of 7 of my latest clips INCLUDING Insatiable 3!



    1. Hank Scorpio

      Hank Scorpio

      Thank you thank you thank you ❤️

  17. Who would be interested in an ass worshiping video? 😏🍑













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    2. Prince-nutty


      Can we all just agree that KP has the best ass on this site? Ok? Ok.

    3. MarshallT


      The perfect ASS :)@KittyPiggy copies NO ONE! 

    4. Supper1


      That butt drop looks incredible 

  18. I think my ass has had a growth spurt, who knew it could get much bigger! 😍
  19. I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    I cant wait to have outgrown my valentines outfit by next year 😍

    The comp shot is from valentines 2019-2020 ☺️

    Check out my valentine video here!








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    2. BloatedBarbie


      Love this lingerie look on you! You look AMAZING! 😍❤️

    3. grateful


      I'm out of reactions: here you go!!!  ❤️❤️❤️

      Love this update and thank you for the clip!!!  😍❤️😁

    4. matt nagle

      matt nagle

      Love everything you do , always makes my day that little bit better ,thank you for sharing.😍🤗

  20. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 💋 

    I hope everyone has a woman (or man) to love them today like I love donuts but if not, you at least have my latest video to enjoy... 

    and I really show some love to this donut 😈 

    Click here!



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    2. MarshallT



    3. KittyPiggy


      Thank you both 😄😘♥️

    4. Alex4


      Every time you eat your curves,belly,double chin look more beautiful  

  21. It's Valentine's Day and Kitty is excited to dress up nice and praise you for just how big you've made her since last V-Day. She's struggled to put on last year's outfit. It's on its last legs, no longer able to fit over her hips, belly hanging down underneath it and suspenders at their very limit. She wants you to enjoy the view from all the hard work put in this past year. She wants you to imagine how big she will be next Valentine's Day. To celebrate, cream chugging and a sweet treat followed by her ample body jiggling and shaking for you! There's also a comparison to remind you of just how far she's come. Happy Valentine's Day! **Original price $9.99


  22. I do have a suggestion. It would be great to see an SSBBW category in the clip store (with the clip previews showing that is) so we can have more exposure.
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