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  1. Crystal really is the perfect female, being married to her would be a dream...so soft and feminine and beautiful, and packing on some serious pounds...imagine her on top of you, with those thick thighs pinning you down and that luscious fat perfect belly just slapping against you as she bounces up and down in a frenzy
  2. I pulled this from one of her recent videos, you can see her belly jiggling and bouncing like fucking wild in that dress...good lord I would kill my best friend to grab that
  3. First of all, I didn't say I was suicidal, I said that sometimes I think about it when things get overwhelming. Maybe I wasn't being clear. That's completely different from serious contemplation. When you've actually been to the brink, when you have attempted and failed by some miracle, you understand the difference. It's always an option but you know better than to go down that road. By your own admission you said you don't understand how people could feel this way, so your opinion isn't useful at all in this discussion. Not everyone has been as lucky as you to have an easy life. This is for people who have been through shit and are working through it. Since you don't understand what depression is, let me explain it to you. Chronic, clinical depression is something we will most likely have to combat all our life. Depression is not circumstantial, we're not sad because we got dumped, we struggle to find the joy in things normal people take for granted. Some pain never goes away, you only get better at dealing with it. People go through their entire lives miserable, and end up offing themselves because they never understood what their problem was or how to deal with it. The very first step is acknowledging that all suffering comes from within, and then finding a way to change yourself. It's a lifelong journey, you don't suddenly arrive somewhere and then never worry about it again. And yes I have had experiences that have changed the way I looked at the world. I went from literally having a deathwish to finding the value in keeping my own life even though I hated it. You've never been there so you don't understand what that means. You know why I'm so miserable? My mom died of cancer when I was 5, my dad committed suicide when I was 17, I have a skin condition that has left me nearly disfigured, I grew up in a poor and dangerous neighborhood where people were getting shot outside my front door and gang members would sell drugs on the steps of my house, got fucked with mercilessly even to the point of having rocks thrown through my windows, and now I have to deal with the impending death of my grandparents who raised me who are the only family I have left. I still make mistakes and fuck things up every now and then. That is fucking life dude, the whole point I'm making is that you should focus on keeping your head above water when things are going badly for you because if you are clinically depressed it's easy to go from their and hang yourself. I have my moments of weakness, everyone does and I can admit that, but I've been through 10 times as much as anything you could ever handle. You're not being helpful so why don't you fuck off and stay out of discussions you have no place being in?
  4. So far terrible answers in this thread Yes, but it depends on how you define frequently. I'm 21, still a virgin, had an awful, terrible childhood, so ugly I can barely look at myself in the mirror, have almost no family or friends, and constantly fuck up every single opportunity I get. I spend all of my time on the internet because I have no social skills and being around people is thoroughly unsatisfying and uncomfortable. I spend more time fantasizing about what I wish my life was like instead of doing things to make it that way. I am a weak person in every sense of the word. But I keep going because being alive offers the potential for happiness. I want to kill myself because the challenges I am facing seem insurmountable, that I'm always going to be stuck in this state of self loathing and depression. That being alive is not worth the pain it brings. But this is not true. In our every day lives, we experience pleasures and comforts that make life living at least up to this point. These are different for everyone and the key is to focus on what you love doing. For me, I love that with the internet, I can peruse the collective knowledge of mankind. It truly is a magical thing. Every single day my mind is blown by what exists in our reality. The sheer diversity of lifeforms that live on this planet the number of which so infinite you could find something every single day you've never seen before. Being able to learn about how the universe works, about the beauty and majesty of the cosmos that no words could adequately describe. Learning about all the strange and fascinating things that have happened throughout history. Being able to expose yourself to ideas you've never considered and being able to discuss whatever it is you're thinking at any moment. All of the art, music, literature the world has produced, free at your fingertips. This is what makes life worth living. I like being a part of this experiment called Life and you should too because these are new and potentially exciting times we are living in. I am depressed because my life does not look like what I want it to. But that's because I'm too weak to make that happen. I CHOOSE to not make it happen. You can do anything if you want it badly enough, anything. Life becomes worth living because I can overcome my challenges, and the euphoria of growing as an individual and experiencing new things makes the pain worth it. Depression is a coping mechanism. We are comfortable being miserable and therefore we reside there. Get uncomfortable. Challenge pain head on. I have been homeless in the past and I just flunked out of school, which means the next few months of my life are going to be uncertain and chaotic. This is what life is about. Its about finding zen in the hurricane. If you want to get out of your rut, do something spontaneous. Be crazy, because you CAN survive it, even if you think you can't. You never realize how resilient you are until you've been tested. Try to look at life more as an experiment. Do some mushrooms, what you need is an epiphany. The first time I did 'em it changed the way I looked at life forever. What I'm saying is, stagnation leads to misery and struggle builds strength. I hope that was all coherent enough I'm kinda drunk right now.
  5. I'm not sure if posting a bunch of memes counts as giving "your" opinion technically but bait taken. First, what do you mean not having any control over what we eat? You have a lot of options of what kind of food you get. You can get organic, local food if you wanted to, even though it's been shown the organic food movement is mostly a scam. Blog article: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/science-sushi/2011/07/18/mythbusting-101-organic-farming-conventional-agriculture/ There's a pile of research that says GMOs have never been proven to be harmful to humans. I think when people hear the word "genetically modify" that sounds scary and scientific to most people, and they don't really understand how GM is done and so they tend to fear things they don't understand. All Genetic Modification means is that the plant has been bred with certain desirable traits. Plants are being grown now that use less water, are more resistant to insects and diseases, produce more yield, and grow quickly. It is not possible to produce the amount of food we need without using GMO technology, unless you want to deforest the rest of the world and let billions of people starve. No one is going to go for that pipe dream if those are the consequences so keep dreaming of an organic food revolution because it's never gonna happen. On pesticides, that's also a complex issue. Pesticide means a chemical application that deters insects. Pesticides can be made from a lot of different things, as explained in the blog article, and can even be organic. Neonicotinoid pesticides are the ones getting a lot of attention because it's been shown a strong correlation between their use and bee colony collapse. My approach is, if there's research showing it's having a bad impact, ban it. That doesn't mean we should get rid of all pesticides all together. And just because you can't breathe it in when it's being applied it doesn't also mean it's not safe to eat. You wouldn't feel very good if you drank dish soap but do you honestly believe that when you wash your dishes they become toxic? It's the concentration, it's safe. As for Monsanto, they are a large conglomerate that owns a lot of stuff besides agriculture so you should naturally be skeptical of their business practices. Just like Walmart and McDonalds and Goldman Sachs they are going to do whatever is in the best interest of their corporation so that usually means screwing people over and generally trying to take control of policy. They are not the only company that can produce GMOs however, so you should remember to really keep those two ideas seperate.
  6. If you actually believe this is true then FAs have the right to be perceived as having normal, healthy, and respectable sexual tendencies. I'm not saying I want to CONTROL your mind, I just have a better idea of what your mind should be like and I think you have a responsibility to change it according to what I personally think is acceptable. It's not like that means I want to change your mind. I just want it to be different. That's all. Cognitive Dissonance. Look it up.
  7. Also if your idea of making Curvage better is trying to pathologize male sexuality and make people feel guilty about their fantasies or preferences I think I can speak for everyone when I say that kind of thing is not welcome here.
  8. Not agreeing and explaining why is not deliberately misunderstanding, it's deliberately pointing out the flaws in it's logic. It's like you think if someone doesn't agree with your opinion they are misunderstanding it? I understand it perfectly, it's just a terrible argument and I proved to you that you were making conflicting statements. After my first reply you didn't offer any insight or further explanation, you just paraphrased what the author had said. You are not debating me because you are losing, not because I'm not giving you the chance to respond. Don't get it twisted.
  9. Most of all she seems to struggle with the fact she can't find anyone to like her for her personality. Gee, I wonder why....
  10. How hard is it to understand you don't need someone's consent for things that go inside YOUR OWN MIND. Jesus. That is wanting to control what people think. Literally. On a list of things that never happened, her getting approached by a feeder in a grocery store asking her to gain 1000 pounds is pretty fucking up there. Lack of self esteem combined with a severely overestimated sense of self importance and entitlement is what I think happened to her. This is exactly what I mean about lack of logic. There is no consistent thought process. Making two statements in the same breath that are contradictory is a sign of someone who has no real argument to make. If you think fetishists are bad, evil, creepy, or weird then you should not be here. We get that enough elsewhere, so please do not bring it here, it's not helpful to anyone. The type of person to make constant unwanted sexual advances is not going to turn over a new leaf, and that person's problem isn't that they have a fetish, it's that they can't take no for an answer which is a problem lots of different people have. Fetish has nothing to do with it.
  11. It sounds like this person desperately wants to control what goes on in the minds of other people. You can't control what other people think, and nor should you want to. Everyone on the planet will be sexualized by someone at some point. Get over it. You are the one with the problem. Not only that, but they have a serious lack of understanding of fetishes. Despite what the author claims, they are fetish negative. Good luck being in a relationship with someone who doesn't like your body. Is there even logic in this statement? Is this an actual argument? What is the point you are making? There isn't a difference just because you say there is, you need to, you know, actually prove what you're talking about. This is textbook pseudo-intellectualism. Using a lot of loaded language/jargon in order to establish a moral high ground without actually making any kind of point at all. There are creepy people in the world. There are mean people in the world. Grow a thicker skin and avoid them. This person is trying to rally a cause against human behaviour. Not shocked they are single. They will probably die alone. This is a fetish site, so yes you are kicking a hornet's nest.
  12. So if we hate this guy so much, why not just ban his IP? Maybe he could make a new account but it would eventually come to light wouldn't it?
  13. Archaic

    Deena Cortese

    new picture from the tabloid in one of those "worst celebrity bodies" rags. I can't believe they're trying to call this girl fat! This girl is hotter than 95% of the people I've seen in my life...utterly crazy
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