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  1. zogul

    Hello I'm new here(:

    since when? how much does it makes you? for what height? so much questions...
  2. zogul

    Hello I'm new here(:

    Nice!, how much have you gained so far?
  3. zogul

    Weight Gain games

    you only changed the display of the link not the link itself and you gotta be a ** to see it.
  4. zogul

    Lveevids aka Lexi Venom

    It's her, validated by her youtube account.(look at the question I asked in the comments)
  5. glad to see that there's still interest in my tools, I don't guarantee that the mac version will work as well as the windows one and still I'm rewriting all from scratch in some kind of web electron app, way more stable. Save often in different files in case of corruptions. Don't hesitate to give feedback if you enjoy it find it useful but keep in mind that that version wont be maintained anymore.
  6. zogul

    what happened to Cutie from **?

    seem active somehow on the orange website that shall not be named.
  7. zogul


    ok thanks
  8. zogul


    I may do something, are you ok with all kind of nudity? (it would be nice to know the boundaries, like can we draw you fatter with bigger tits,...)
  9. Just made a mini tutorial for helping those who may be lost

  10. I figured, I'll make a quick tutorial for the ones who may be lost: Installation: This part is fairly simple, it just consist on unzipping the different packages in a same folder ( Chubby_Tools_0.5.zip and Win_bins_0.5.zip if you're on windows or Mac_bins_0.5.zip if you're on MacOS) On Mac you have four files the largest ones are the executable but they can't launch as the finder launch em as if they were in another folder hence they don't work (can't find the data), so I had to make small script that launch em in the folder they are, they haves shorter names and you can double-click on them they will launch the tools. The interface is a bit different from older version: So you have: 1- The Layout selector, it allows you to have different layouts of panels arangements 2- The current layout name, is only editable when clicking on rename. 3- Rename allows you to rename the current layout 4- overwrite the current layout with the modifications you made. 5- adding a new layout as a copy of the current one or removing the current layout 6- switching to the next or previous layout (Ctrl and arrows keys does the same, apple command instead of ctrl on mac) 7- girl panel list the different girls you encoded, a right click on the columns allows you to change the different columns visible. 8- Weight table list the different weight of the girl at the different dates, you have to encode them. 9- the sheet contains the informations you encoded about the girl, it's freely editable, switching from an other girl will automatically do the changes. 10- displays the lightest the heavyest and the lastest weight and bmi of the current girl at different units. 11- Shows an animated representation of the girl according to the BMI, it is an approximation, just giving you an idea. 12- The picture of the girl you've setted by going into the menu with a right click on the picture. 13- the chart representing the current girl progression. When you right click on the bar of a panel you get the following menu: those functions have effect on the layout but will only be saved if you press overwrite. the layouts are save in the local settings in the settings folder of your ap, they're not related to your database. 1- Switch the panel to an other panel model. 2- Split your panel in two new panel of the same model vertically 3- same horizontally 4- Switch from vertical splitting to horizontal and vice versa. 5- delete the panel 6- create a window for the panel, the panel can be called back by clicking on its icon in the layout.(this is an exception to the layout setup, it wont be saved by pressing overwrite) 7- hide the bar on which that menu comes from, the menu appears then by right clicking on the panel in addition the the panel own right click menu. That's it for now I hope it provides good help for the lost ones, and don't forget, comment, ask for help and report bugs.
  11. At last the 0.5!

    This is a huge one (according to my ability wich are not very high in coding)

    New features:
    -Mac support!
    -Multi layout system
    -New chart with much functionality
    -Last opened files
    -Huge amount of bug fixes


  12. At last the 0.5! This is a huge one (according to my ability which are not very high in coding) New features: -Mac support! -Multi layout system -New chart with much functionality -Last opened files -Huge amount of bug fixes for this version you must download the data folder that you got to unzip, then download the bins according to your system and unzip em in that folder. base data folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/13vggcoc135jsgc/Chubby_Tools_0.5.zip Windows bins to expand in that folder: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qy9ftmky844x865/Win_bins_0.5.zip same for mac: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v3jiximzvxit427/Mac_bins_0.5.zip And pleeeeease, report bugs and feedbacks of your experiences! The mac version isn't as tested as windows one.
  13. zogul


    thanks, I was worried, rest the chat to fix.
  14. zogul


    There just was a second one, same guy?
  15. zogul

    Editing thread

    Hello, just to mention that it doesn't seem possible anymore to edit our threads first post hence titles. That was very useful to make announcement in the title for updates and stuffs.