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  1. Did you decide not to start modeling again?

  2. And I don't need to spend my money either. Another Curvage model on here named Devdend doesn't ever show her nipples. As you can see there are no reviews on her videos which indicates that her videos are not selling. I assume that the models on here are running a business and trying to make money. The more responsive business owners are to feedback, the more customers they will get.
  3. You need to show us your boobs. Keeping them covered with a bra reduces the incentive to purchase more videos. You look good though!
    Looking at where most of her fat cells are distributed, her boobs are going to get massive if she puts on a good 20-30 pounds. She probably won't even be over a 25 BMI then either, because she is pretty skinny now.
  4. How tall is this woman? Also, the video doesn't appear to mention bra cup size.
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