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    Ember is absolutely stunning. Her body is amazing!! In this clip her softening form is on full display. Lovely belly rolls, the starter love handles, thickening thighs,a fuller face and just a hint of a double chin. What a beauty!
  1. bsmith762001

    How Do I Look?

    Absolute perfection! Love how even more beautiful your face has become with the addition of a double chin
  2. @JellyKat I love seeing your profile pic and then looking a a current photo.  It’s spectacular how full your face has become.  Keep eating it looks like @Goddess shar is catching up with you.

  3. @Goddess shar have you met with your erstwhile love.  If so, what was his reaction to your new figure? If not, what do you think his reaction would be?  Thanks for the clips. They are divine.

    1. Goddess shar

      Goddess shar

      We've only spoke over the phone..when he does see me I think he may be slightly shocked.. he's a fitness freak so he will definately notice it! 

  4. bsmith762001

    He Said I Should Join The Gym..

    Before watching this clip, I rewatched some of Shar's first clip. Her transformation is stunning. The slim figure with hint of chub is gone replaced by a fullness of form. Her belly fat rolls are congealing into a lovely pot belly. Great work Shar can't wait to see what the future holds.
  5. bsmith762001

    Chubby Talk & Gaining Shake

    Shar's amazing gain is fully captured in this clip. It has it all. Back fat, stretch marks, cellulite, thunder thighs, a now large belly & expanding cleavage. Best of all is Shar's beautiful face now much fuller with a rapidly developing double chin. Simply fantastic.
  6. bsmith762001

    Marshmallow Mayhem

    Wow!! Well worth the wait. The goddess is filling out nicely. Her now cherubic face is gorgeous as ever. Her belly is growing more prominent and resting on her fattened thighs. Her formerly flawless skin now displays cellulite & some beautiful stretch marks. What a beauty
  7. Why don't you do some videos for the clips?  Your beautiful body in a bikini would be sublime.

  8. bsmith762001

    Meatball Mania

    Amazing. Char's belly is no longer tiny. Her once toned legs are thick and juicy. Her jean shorts are maxed out as her BBW friend teaches her how to eat like a queen.
  9. bsmith762001


    Although the quality leaves a bit to be desired, this is an amazing clip. Char greedily gobbles chocolate fed to her by a BBW all to willing to fatten the young goddess. The viewer is treated to glimpses of Char's small yet noticeable belly fat. Shar's angelic face is less angular and she displays the slightest hint of developing double chin. Her thickening thighs and widening ass herald her transformation into a Rubenesque beauty.