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  1. Hi everyone!!! It’s been ages since I filmed anything. I have Wednesday off from work, what do you think? Should I film a new video?

    Check out my latest videos here:


    1. androgynousmind


      Of course you should! :)

    2. ihaveanion


      I still say yes! Lol

  2. I think I need to do some filming this week! I'm leaning towards doing new measurement video or maybe a clothing try on. What do you think?

    Did you buy my most recent videos? <3 

    1. twoeyedhuman


      You should totally do that. Both videos! :)

    2. Curvilinearity


      Clothing try on's of clothes that don't fit well anymore are a personal fav. Also something you've done in at least one or two of your stuffing videos where you alternate eating from both hands (I know one was with Twinkies), I don't know what it is but that is def a thing for me. 

  3. Have you seen my newest video yet?! I will be filming a bunch this week so let me know if you have any requests!


    1. ihaveanion


      Pizza stuffing? 😏

    2. Weeb54


      Video with a feeder🤤🤤

    3. lolhax123


      Belly play from your POV? slow mo belly. Face reveal

  4. Have you bought my new clip yet?! I hope so! The underbelly view is my new favorite ☺️


  5. okay! Here it is finally, my brand new video!



  6. So apparently their was an issue with the format of my latest submission. Trying to fix it so you can enjoy it now :)

    In the meantime here are my most recent videos! I put them all on sale for your enjoyment! 


  7. I just submitted a new video! My first ever underbelly pov video. Please help me rub my big belly! 🥰

    1. Supper1


      Love underbelly shots and video's. Can't wait

  8. Okay, you caught me sneaking a candy bar! Now please help me rub my big round belly! This is my first ever under belly angle video. Help me rub it and jiggle it and finger my belly button!


  9. I hope you all have a wonderful night! Don't forget to check out my brand new video 😊

    My belly has gotten so soft and so round!



    1. skibud98


      The video doesn't show up, it seems as though the video is corrupt and but the audio is fine?

  10. Here is my new video! I hope you all enjoy!



  11. Just shared a brand new video! I’ve been hiding away from the city for a bit trying to get away from COVID-19 BUT I’m back 🤗

    Check out my video once it’s approved 💗

  12. It’s been so long, but I’m finally back showing off my big chubby belly! I can’t wait to show you my new stretch marks and round soft stomach!


  13. Anyone else just eating pizza for every meal? Or is that just me? 🍕😂💕

  14. Good morning! Did you check out my new clip yesterday? My belly has gotten so round and soft!


    1. ihaveanion


      A weigh in video is a great idea. You definitely are looking fatter but keep it up to get that piggy status ;)

  15. Here is my new video clip! I swear I am fatter every day 🙈


    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      You look bigger.

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