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  1. I am still at work, but dreaming about going home to stuff my face! Good thing my desk is filled with Cheetos ☺️ Have you purchased my new measurement video yet? 


  2. How is your Thursday? I woke up and ate three bagels with strawberry cream cheese. My favorite! 

    Buy my measurement update so I can afford to go out for chocolate shakes at McDonald’s for lunch ☺️


  3. Good morning!!! Don’t forget to purchase my new measurement update video! If you buy it and leave a review I will gift you my sensual belly play video clip for free!


  4. Don’t forget to purchase my newest video before you go to sleep ☺️ I think my next video will Be funnel feeding. I just bought my first funnel and am excited and nervous about using it!


  5. Don’t forget to check out my newest video clip!!! Just posted tonight ☺️


  6. My belly has gotten so big and soft, but I need your continual support to hit my goal of 200 lbs!!!! I am SO close! Buy my latest clip of my measurement update!!!!




  7. Watch me pleasure myself by rubbing my belly, fingering my deep belly button, and jigglying my fat as I lay down and explore my curves.


  8. Here is my newest clip!!!! 


  9. I just posted my newest measurement update video!!! I've gained over 10 inches since my start!!!! I can't believe it!!!

    Keep your eyes peeled for it being approved! 


    1. regbill


      I'm loving your thicker curves and your cute double chin.❤️

  10. Here it is! My third measurement update!!!! OVER 10 INCHES GAINED SINCE MY START!!!! I measure my stomach, ass, thighs, and neck. I talk about my weight gain and my first real benchmark (200 LBS!!!!!). I also talk about my relationship with my feeder and our most recent weigh in! I hope you enjoy me playing with my fat rolls and talking about all my piggy ways!


  11. Just finished lunch! Have you bought my videos on sale yet? 


  12. Five of my videos are on sale today only for $1.99! Check em out! A few of them are 5 star videos including this one!


  13. *** 1.99 SALE ***

    I made my 5 clips with under 25 purchase only 1.99!

    Sale ends tomorrow morning!


  14. Good morning! Just woke up so bloated 💗


  15. About to eat dinner! Only three hours left in my sale 💗


    1. Ed5421


      What a belly!

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