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  1. Buy my two latest clips please!


  2. My feeder stuffed me with a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts when I got home from work today! Yum! 

  3. Have you checked out my two latest clips from this week? I am filming today and will be uploading some content tomorrow! 


  4. Are you excited for the holidays? Any festive clip ideas? Don’t forget to buy my two newest clips!

    1. Frost_Nate


      Maybe a video of you not being able to pull anything over your massive booty? Or a tight clothes try on? Or a stuffing/weight gain progress checkup?

  5. Good morning! Did you see this pic of me that my feeder captured? I think it may be one of my favorite photos ever! Don’t forget to buy my latest clips ☺️


  6. Me after slurping up a giant bowl of ice cream! Don’t forget to buy my latest clips ☺️


    1. JJ89


      Okay...whatever you say...looking sexier than ever!

  7. Buy my two newest videos! Check out my big jiggly ass and belly.



  8. Have you seen my two newest videos? 

  9. Just submitted two clips! One with some fat chat and ass spanking, the other with some Christmas baked good stuffing! I hope you enjoy!


    Do you like fat asses as much as bellies?


    Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 6.01.26 PM.png

    1. ihaveanion


      We love your fat ass 😍

    2. JJ89


      Yes I love it!! I want more!!

  10. I've been a bad piggy and need to be punished. Watch as I spank and beat my huge, jiggly ass until it's pink like a real piggy! Oink oink!


  11. Thanksgiving dinner just hours behind, jiggly bum stuffs her face with Christmas baked goods and whipped cream!


  12. Anyone who purchases this video in the next 24 hours will get any video of their choice free!


  13. I need some people to come through and buy my clips! I just paid rent and have no money left over for food for stuffing! 😢

    1. ihaveanion


      Post a new video I’ll buy it ❤️

  14. I can't wait to stuff myself at Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow! Who else is excited?

  15. Good morning! How is your Wednesday?! What is your favorite of my videos?

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