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  1. my twerk video was so much fun to make! did you watch it yet? 💗💗💗

  2. Did everyone see my newest clip? 💗Thinking of doing a sale soon! What would you like to see for cheap?

    1. CardSwamp


      Well which ones were you thinking of? 

  3. Good morning! Did you check out my latest video?


  4. Here is my new clip! Hope you all enjoy 💗💗💗



    1. CardSwamp


      I wonder why there's a cellulite tag I here, she doesn't look (sees you turn around) oooooooh, that's the hottest 

  5. I submitted a new clip for approval! Keep your eyes peeled!!! Also, on my own tonight. What should I make for dinner? 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. mattkoty


      My vote is for Alfredo sauce and if you have some, mix in some heavy cream while your at it!  Also, nothing says you can’t add a little pesto to the Alfredo sauce as well...

    3. Jiggly_Bum


      @mattkoty I like the way you think!!!!

    4. mattkoty


      And of course garlic bread, that’s a given, :)  

  6. In this video I talk about what a fatty I am and how I love shaking my big, fat body all around. I twerk and shake my ass to one of my favorite songs! It's exhausting moving around my big fat belly and ass. I used to dance all the time, but now it really wears me out!


  7. Hi Everyone! It’s been a couple days. How have you all been? ☺️ My belly has grown! Do you love it?


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jiggly_Bum


      @CardSwamp great guess! It’s actually Lolth, a demon queen from Dungeons and Dragons. I hope you check out some of my content ☺️

    3. CardSwamp


      Just might now. Lol

    4. Ed5421


      Very nice!

  8. I only need $3 credited to my account to be able to cash out. If you have ever considered buying my content please do it now! 

    I will get fat for you forever 💗💗💗

    1. wolfShark


      Happy to oblige ;) 

    2. rickgm


      What do you mean "cash out?"  Does that mean you close your account?

  9. Good morning everyone! 💗

    1. mrfatfatfatlover


      Good morning to you !

  10. Purchase and review this video! I will be choosing one reviewer at random to receive my next clip for free!


  11. I hope you all are enjoying my sale on videos for $1.99! Also don’t forget to buy and review my Q&A video for a chance to win a my next clip free!

  12. I have my five most viewed clips on sale for $1.99 including this one!

    I'm also doing a contest with my Fat Chat Q&A video! Leave a review on it and tomorrow night I will randomly choose one reviewer to get my next clip gifted for free! 


  13. All I need is $10 more credited to my account and I can cash out and buy groceries! Please go purchase my videos so I can get fatter 💗 Help me out ☺️🙏💕

    I have a bunch on sale, check out my previous post ☺️


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    2. padroid77


      What happened to your feeder? Have you eaten his purse empty 😁

    3. Jiggly_Bum


      @fattony20 that would be so lovely! Thank you for supporting me ☺️

    4. Jiggly_Bum


      @padroid77 my husband is out of town this week 😭

  14. My rent check just went through and I am completely broke until I get paid Friday, so I am putting my 5 most viewed clips on sale for $1.99! I literally need the money to eat 😅


  15. On my way back from vacation! I finally have internet access again and am ready to go to the grocery store and eat SO much food 🤗

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