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    The Apartment

    Part 5 Chloe stood in her underwear in front of the mirror hands on her belly. She wasn't fat by any means but progress was there. She'd come to college at 95 pounds, a twig even at only 5 feet tall, but now on month in she was weighing in at 110 pounds. She wiggled the soft layer of flesh between her fingers glowing with excitement. She'd put on the freshman 15 in the first month of college and couldn't have been happier. The black haired girl turned to the side to further inspect the damage softer thighs and a slightly bigger boobs had taken a back seat to the small belly she cradled in her fingers. Barely enough to pinch or roll over the sides of her pants the chin was a milestone to the rail thin girl who'd always had protruding ribs. She played with the chub as she walked to her dresser. Chloe opened a drawer of snacks to pull out her first breakfast, two silver packages of fudge pop tarts. She'd been weighing herself first thing every morning for two weeks so her weight wouldn't be dependent on how much she had left in her tummy after a day of stuffing but how much had turned to fat by the morning. Chloe ate the uncooked toaster pastries as she walked to her closet pulling out today's outfit. Black and grey pinstripe pants and a blink 182 T-shirt. The skinny jeans slid up her legs which were still thin for the most part, Chloe smiled as she felt the fabric pull against her softer ass. She zipped and buttoned the pants and... oh wait, no she didn't. Chloe pulled the two sides together with a grunt to no success. Chloe could have squealed with excitement, two mile stones in one day. She started to take them off when she stopped herself. 'If they're this tight now by the end of the day I'll be bursting out of them.' She realized pulling them back up to her waist. Chloe laid down on her bed and pulled together with all the strength in her scrawny arms. Finally the button found its way to the hole. Chloe sat up feeling the pressure beneath her belly button. She put on the T-shirt and finished her pop tarts. Now for the hard part as she bent over for her shoes. The waistband pressed deep into the feedees growing tummy giving her feelings of pain and pleasure at once. After tying the par of pink high top converse Chloe remained in the bent over position hands going to her waist feeling her tiny gut protrude over top of the jeans. She stood slowly imagining her belly over flowing from much larger pants, sticking out from xxxl T-shirts, and so full of delicious food it hurt but in a good way. Chloe snapped herself out of her fantasy knowing she had to hurry if she wanted to eat again before class. She picked up her laptop bag which doubled as a snack bag a headed for the kitchen for two bowls of cereal. 'Maybe I'll have three today, to celebrate.' *** Maddie jumped and pulled beginning to breath a little harder as she struggled to get her favorite pair of blue leggings up. 'I guess this is the downside to all the gains I've been making.' She thought to herself jumping again 'mediums just aren't enough to hold all this booty'. Maddie had finally pulled her gym sharks up to her waist. Maddie posed in the mirror accentuating her expanding rear end. With her back facing the glass and head turned to see the reflection Maddie didn't see the small pooch developing oblivious to her also expanding tummy, albeit much slower to expand. She put on a tank top to cover her breasts that were about to explode from her sports bra. Maddie had rationalized this development as her growing pecs. She again weighed herself as before every workout. 147, she'd hit her initial goal of 145 three days ago and decide to continue her bulk. 'I mean look at all this muscle I've put on it'd be a shame to stop now' she'd rationalized. She exited the locker room to see Dustin, the boy she was talking to, doing preacher curls. His large biceps flexing with each rep visible while wearing a cut off tank top. The big bootied blonde strutted over to the squat rack directly in front of her guy friend. They weren't putting labels on their relationship yet although they'd been on two dates and regularly talked at the gym. He watched as Maddie bent down to pick up the bar fabric stretched tightly across an ass that was getting bigger by the day. She set the bar in the rack and began to warm up as Dustin sat mesmerized forgetting to continue his workout. Staring as her dumptruck of an ass dropped down and came back up repeatedly flexing at the top. She racked the bar and turned as he suddenly remember to start curling again. "Hey, can I get a spot?" She asked the muscular junior. "You can have whatever you want if you keep dressing like that." He said rising from the preacher curl bench. "I'm maxing today." she said with a smile "Gonna finally get up two plates." "We'll see," he said with a wink. Positioning himself behind her he watched as the blonde picked 225 pounds off the rack and slowly made her way down. Struggling for a moment at the bottom Dustin watched carefully making sure she didn't drop when Maddies blue leggings began to sag ever so slightly revealing a sliver of her black panties. Maddie pushed through though the extra muscle giving her the strength to stand up straight and complete the rep. She racked the bar and turned quickly giving Dustin a hug. "I finally got it!" She screamed after accomplishing her goal of squatting two plates putting her in the advanced category for her body weight. "I'm proud of you." he said returning the squeeze "why don't we celebrate with tacos after we get done here?" "Sounds good to me." Maddie said letting him go. Maddie gleefully finished her workout running off adrenaline and endorphins. After returning the weights from her last set of Romanian deadlifts she was approached by her jacked pretty much boyfriend. "Are you ready?" he asked arms pumped from a hard workout. "Um..." Maddie glanced at the treadmill "yeah let's go." she said. 'I can skip cardio today.' she told herself 'Maybe I'll get to do some with Dustin later tonight...' *** Char climbed the stairs to the apartment with a McDonalds bag in her left hand and a McFlurry in her right. If someone were behind her they'd be able to see the jiggle of her butt through grey sweat pants and her bra strap digging into her back through her black tank top. The tank top which rode up a little as her soft tummy bounced up and down. Char attributed her shortness of breath to the fact that she was in a hurry. She'd finally given in and taken Bella up on her offer to bring her to a party. Char had never been into fashion usually opting for athletic wear but knowing how much Bella gets dressed up for parties she didn't want to walk in wearing sweats. Char got to her room and slipped out of the grey pants to reveal once her athletic legs had gone soft. Thighs built from running for hours and kicking game winning goals were no longer lean and toned and an ass firm from hundreds of squats and lunges was now doughy and noticeably larger. The former athlete was not oblivious to the fact that she'd gotten out of shape since her high school workouts had ended but the extent of her expansion had not yet hit the girl who'd spent most of the last month studying and eating greasy foods. Not even as she bent over to pull up her jean shorts and tiny rolls appeared on her tummy replacing her six pack. The brunet pulled up the shorts facing some difficulty around her thighs and jumping to get them over her butt but was unprepared for the realization of what a month of minimal exercise and devouring fast food can do. She pulled the button to the whole but like her roommate this morning faced little success. Chloe was sitting shirtless on her bed bloated belly bulging from under a black A cup bra against the ever tightening waistband she'd declared war on this morning. She unwrapped her fourth little Debbie snack determined to pop the button, that was proving to be a harder feat than she'd expected, when she heard a shriek from across the hall. Quickly pulling on a sweat shirt she rushed towards Char's room, the source of the noise. She saw her friend staring at the mirror jaw dropped with her hands grabbing her chubby paunch and shorts unbuttoned. "What's wrong?!" Chloe said worriedly. "I got fat!" Char answered now almost in tears. Fat had always been a foreign concept to Char being raised by health freaks playing sports thoughout school. She'd see the other girls in the hallways and almost react with disgust. 'How does somebody let that happen to themselves?' she'd think. But now here she was 12 pounds heavier with enough pudge to grab with both hands and prevent her size 2 shorts from buttoning. Chloe had to think quickly. "You're not fat." Chloe comforted her friend. "Are you serious? Look at this." Char said jiggling her belly. "Are you sure your not just bloated?" "I've been bloated before and I could still button my shorts." Char said somewhat annoyed. "You know I had the same problem this morning. Maybe there's a problem with the building dryers shrinking our clothes." Chloe suggested. Char looked at Chloe, Chloe who was thin as a stick. 'If even Chloe couldn't button her jeans maybe there is a problem...' she thought unaware of the massive food baby hidden by Chloe's sweatshirt. "Maybe you're right." She said. 'Wow I really did not expect that to work' Chloe thought relieved that it had. "Even still I've definitely put on weight." Char stated taking off her shorts. "But that ends tomorrow I'm going to the gym with Maddie." She said picking up another pair this time high waisted. After a small struggle this pair buttoned creating a small roll just above her belly button. She thanked Chloe who returned to her room. Char covered her B cup bra with a crop top just in time to receive a text from Bella who was parked outside. As Char went to leave she noticed the McDonalds bag sitting on her dresser. Not wanting to let the food go to waste but also not wanting to contribute to her new found weight problem she brought the bag to Chloes room. She turned the handle on the closed door to find it locked. "Hey Chlo I've got these extra fries you can have if you want." She said through the door. "Shhhur" Chloe responded mouth full of a snack cake just as a snap came from her waist. 'Finally!' She thought feeling the tension removed from her trapped belly. *** Bella was excited that Char had finally taken her up on her offer. Not quite as excited as when she found out she'd gone up another cup size but more excited then when she'd been able to take 6 free donuts home from work yesterday. Ok, only slightly more excited than she was about the donuts. But she was glad that Char was going to a party with her. She knew that the smart brunette would have a good time and wanted to hang out with her more. Bella was not wearing one of her usual dresses, her recent increase from a 30D to a 30DD left very few options available from her closet which was frustrating to girl who was on a budget for the first time in her life. Bella was able to squeeze her larger breasts into a blue dress that hung onto every curve even showing the beginnings of the party girls beer gut. The top heavy Hispanic girl watched as Char came down the stairs. Extra chub or not there was no denying that she was beautiful. It frustrated Bella to no end that her friend chose to dress down normally which she felt often took away from her natural beauty. This time though Char was wearing tight fitting jean shorts with a flannel over a black tank top and more make up than usual. Once Char got in the car the two exchanged compliments and made their way to the house party. Pulling up Char was incredibly nervous having never partied in high school. Bella showed her around introducing her to cute boys and meeting Jacob for the first time. Standing by the keg making small talk to Jacob and his friends Char was given a red solo cup for the first time. She nearly gagged at the first taste of the drink but kept drinking to avoid the awkwardness. This was relatively where Char would stay for the rest of the night bouncing back in forth between the keg and snacks to get out of conversations and bringing her cup to her lips to break eye contact with guys who were staring. Needless to say the first time drinker was getting buzzed fast. Bella and Jacob had snuck off to smoke not long after the introductions leaving Char to fend for herself. The next hour was a blur of bong hits, beers, chips, and make out sessions. The cross faded Latina was ignoring the tightness in her dress as she continued kiss Jacob on the couch. “I’m gonna go freshen up.” She said pulling away not so cleverly hiding the fact she had to pee. “Don’t be too long.” Jacob said as she got up. Bella went to the bathroom and unzipped her dress to reveal the black lacy lingerie she intend to show Jacob later that night. Not that they were dating. They were just... keeping it casual. She did what she came to do and stood up sliding the dark blue dress back on. Her hands went to the zipper where she experienced an issue all to familiar to her three roommates. Too tight clothes. Char looked at the text from Bella ‘BATHROOM NOW.’ it read. Using it as an excuse to get out of a conversation with a curly haired blonde boy she made a b line for the downstairs bathroom. She knocked and was let in by Bella with mascara running down her her face. “Can’t zip... too big... boobs...” Char was able to understand in between sobs as her friend turned around to show her the unzipped dress and her tan back. “It’s ok I’ve got you.” Char said taking the zipper. She pulled repeatedly several times losing her balance and catching herself on the counter being ** too. “Listen babe, I think it’s stuck.” She said turning Bella around. “Tell you what why don’t we get out of here. I’ll give you my flannel and I’ll have Chloe come pick us up.” She slurred. “O... Ok” Bella answered defeated. *** Chloes bloated gut was hanging out of her unbuttoned jeans as she laid on her side playing PlayStation between scoops of ice cream when she got a text from Char. Through an abundance of spelling mistakes she was able to decipher that her roommates were ** and needed a ride. Mildly frustrated that she’d have to finish her ice cream later she reluctantly said yes. After struggling to pull her pants off from around growing thighs she put on sweats and was on her way. She wasn’t parked outside for long when she saw Bella coming towards her with a flannel wrapped around her dress and Char following behind a small sliver of pudge rolling over her shorts was exposed by her tank top that was riding up. “Thanks for picking us up.” Char said getting in the backseat. “Yeah... thanks.” Bella said with a sniffle. “It’s no problem.” Chloe said remaining polite but still thinking of half a bowl of unfinished ice cream. When the trio was half way home Chloe glances left to see that the flannel was open showing off her brown skinned roommates massive knockers and rounder tummy than she remembered. While looking left the secret FA saw a sign and was hit with an idea. “Anybody want some Taco Bell?” she said pulling in without waiting for a response. “Yeah!” She heard a enthusiastic voice say from the back. Chloe look ink the mirror to see that the ** brunette had at some point unbuttoned her shorts showing off a soft rounder tummy than she’d seen earlier.
  2. Smcu3

    The Apartment

    Part 4 Maddie left the cafeteria after having lunch with Char and head to the gym. She hurried into the locker room excited to weigh herself after her first week taking mass gainer along with her bulking diet. '141! Wow!' she hadn't imagined when she started bulking she'd make gains this fast. She turned to admire herself in the mirror. Her ass was contained in spandex shorts that showed off every curve. She turn to see her front but something was different the lines where her abs were were much less defined, almost nonexistent. 'I guess I'm a little bloated from lunch' she thought to herself opting to put a hoodie on. It was a pull day so she began her workout with pull ups. Usually she could do 8 but today she found herself struggling on the 6th rep. 'My preworkout must not have kicked in yet' she rationalized and continued on with her workout. During a set of rows she looked in the mirror and noticed a few of guys looking at her. They all looked away when she made eye contact through the mirror but it cause Maddie to smirk. This happened several more times throughout her workout and only boosted her confidence. As Maddie made the walk from the locker room to the exit she saw someone coming up to her out of the corner of her eye. "Uh hey." He said nervously Maddie turned to see him. He was average height with medium length strawberry blonde hair. He was wearing a sweatshirt but broad shoulders, a big chest, and arms that filled out the whole sleeves showed he'd obviously spent a lot of time in the gym. "I'm Dustin," he said. "Maddie" she responded leaning on a piece of equipment and sticking her hip out. "Maddie I was um wondering if you'd like to hang out sometime. We could get something to eat or maybe workout together..." Maddie stared at him for a moment biting her lip. He was definitely attractive and he cared a lot about his body. "How about you give me your number and I'll think about it" she said handing him her phone. She had already made up her mind to go out with him but she wanted to string him out a little first. She turned to leave after getting her phone back and he watched as her butt gave a little jiggle. As she walked out she noticed something 'are my thighs rubbing together?' she wondered. *** Char sipped on her coke on the way home from the cafeteria thinking back on her meal of a chicken sandwich and fries. Of all of the new foods she'd tried over her college adventure fries were her favorite. Becoming a staple of lunch and dinner she fell in love with the side and all of the options for dipping sauces. She got out of her car adjusting her shorts that were starting to ride down. She walked up the stairs to her second floor apartment and went inside. There she found Chloe on the couch watching some teen drama on the TV. In the week since they'd celebrated Char's good grade on her first college test the two had grown closer, leading to Chloe spending more time outside her room. Chloe was wearing a pair of baggy ripped jeans and a yellow flannel with a box of chocolate chip cookies in her lap. "Hey girl," Char greeted her new friend. "What's up?" Chloe replied with a head nod. "I just had lunch with Maddie." Char told Chloe sitting down on the couch next to her. "Mind if I join you" "Not at all," Chloe said but was cut off by the slurping sound of Char emptying her large McDonalds cup. "I was actually about to grab something to drink if you're still thirsty." Chloe offered. Chloe had become more comfortable offering up food and drinks to Char in the last week. Chars appetite seemed to rival the newbie gainers own and the thought of the two of them turning into chubby pigs at the same time kind of turned her on. "Yeah sure, thank you." Char accepted. Chloe got up and went to her room to retrieve the cokes from the mini fridge that doubled as her night stand. Char looked at the living room table to see inside the box of cookies. It was empty. Chloe returned with two cans and another box. "I just finished those so I figured I'd grab us some more." Chloe said referencing the box. The two opened their cokes and laid back into the couch to mindlessly watch TV for the rest of the afternoon. With the box set in between them Chloe and Char began reaching in one at a time to pull another cookie to their mouths. It wouldn't take long for the cokes and the cookies to run out. *** Bella counted down the minutes till her shift was over. While she used her influence over her manager Gary to do the least amount of work possible it was still mind numbingly monotonous. She sipped her iced coffee and watched the clock. 3 more minutes. "You know, some of those are getting cold if we don't sell them soon we'll have to throw them out. Why don't you take a few with you when you leave." Gary said to her from the kitchen "Go ahead and box up anything you'd like." He said with a smile. "OMG really?! Thank you so much G." She responded making sure to use her princess voice that she perfected long ago. She turned to the counter knowing Gary was still staring at her. So many options but Bella decide on three of her favorite. Chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Bella made her way to the car carrying her iced coffee and bag of donuts 'maybe this job isn't so bad' she thought. Bella ate her donuts in the car as she hurried home to change. There was a big party going down at one of Jacob's friends houses in less than an hour. Arriving at the apartment she quickly changed out of her uniform and into a red dress and heels. She stood for a moment admiring herself in the mirror. 'I'm gonna need to go up another cup size soon.' she thought marveling at her impressive boobs that seemed a breath away from popping out. With all of Bella's attention drawn to her bust she didn't notice the slight pooch developing under her belly button. Bella arrived at the party overdressed as usual and stealing the gaze of most of the boys much to the displeasure of the other girls. She made her rounds saying hello to all of her new friends she'd made over the half dozen parties she'd attended. She finally made her way to the kitchen where the beer was being kept. She pulled a corona from a pack and made eye contact with the boy who brought it. "You don't mind if I have this do you?" She asked drawing back on her princess voice. "N-n-no" he said as she turned around to find Jacob. Bella's commitment to stay single had remained but something kept drawing her back into hanging out with Jacob. The attractive sophomore was the one who invited her to this party anyways it'd be rude to not say hi. "Hey there." she said grabbing his waist from behind and coming around to give him a quick friendly hug. "Hey, I didn't know if you'd get off work in time to make it." "Shhh!" "It's ok Bella most people have shitty jobs in college." Jacob said with a laugh. He himself worked at the local golf course. "I know I just don't want everyone knowing I work for minimum wage." She said self consciously. The party went on with many beers going down and one or two blunts being passed around. Bella had more than her fair share of beer and was starting get a little bloated. In her drunken state she didn't notice the fabric of her dress tightening around her waist and pulling the dress down ever so slightly. Making her way back from the kitchen with a fresh beer in her hand Bella stumbled straight into Jacob. "Oh I'm so sorry." he apologized looking down to realize the contact had caused Bella's strained dress to give way to her boobs. Jacob stood stunned at his first sight of her bare breasts. He stammered attempting to apologize again but was cut off by Bella pulling him in for a sloppy ** kiss. And before he knew it the 5 foot nothing girl had pulled him into the nearest bedroom and locked the door. *** Chloe woke up starving at about 1am. She looked around he room but the all snacks she'd bought two days ago were already gone. She pulled on a hoodie and went for the kitchen. Empty. Nothing in the cabinets or fridge worth eating. Chloe returned to her room to put on pants and grab her wallet and keys. She entered the hallway to be startled by the bathroom door opening. "Chloe?" Char said groggily. "Um hey" she responded quietly "What are you doing?" Char asked rubbing her eyes. Chloe stood silent for a moment before asking: "Have you ever had cookout?" Chloe drove while her new friend sat shotgun. She couldn't believe Char had never been to her favorite late night spot. She glance over to see a sliver of skin showing where Chars tank top had ridden up above her sweat pants. 'Her metabolisms even faster than mine' she thought as they pulled into the drive through. Char was amazed at the amount that Chloe ordered. A double cheese burger, fries, chicken nuggets, a chicken sandwich, and a large chocolate shake all for less than $10! "And what will you have for your second order?" The employee said through the speaker. "Uh the same, the same thing." Char said overwhelmed with options. When the two arrived back at their apartment they set their food down in the living room and turned on the TV at a quiet volume to not wake up the others. Chloe was excited to watch her friend scarf down a fattening late night meal. Chloe was straight l, as far as she knew. But the sight of beautiful plump women had always given her a warm tingly feeling. She watched as Char savored her burger and chomped down on her own. By the time she finished both of her sandwiches she was in ecstasy as her full belly pushed against her waistband. Chloe looked at Char who set down her half eaten chicken sandwich. "I'm so full." She said reaching for a handful of fries. "You have to try the nuggets though. Cookout's nuggies are the best." She subtly encouraged her friend. "Ok I guess." Char said taking two at a time and eating them. "Oh, you're right." Char said quickly grabbing up the rest and shoving them in her face. She turned to see Chloe dipping her fries in her milkshake. "Oh my god. I can't believe I've never thought of that." Char said taking a handful of fries smothering them in ice cream over and over. Chloe had finished her food at this point at sat back on the couch subtly unbuttoning her jeans and hiding it beneath her hoodie. She watched as the fast food newbie finished the fries and returned to the chicken sandwich. Chloe looked at Char's belly and was awed by the bloat she was sporting. Her white tank had ridden up to her belly button showing off a round full tummy. But this didn't stop the brunet from finishing her plate. It's almost if the fast food newbie didn't even notice it.
  3. Smcu3

    The Apartment

    Part 3 Chloe walked quickly into her room arms loaded with grocery bags. Her shopping spree included all of the staples of a fattening diet cookies, pop tarts, snack cakes, chips, ice cream, and her favorite chocolate pie. But most importantly a scale. Chloe was excited to start tracking her gain. While the mirror showed the slightest layer of pudge on her midsection when she woke up and she looked absolutely huge after a stuffing or chugging a couple cans of coke Chloe had no idea how much progress she'd actually made in her first week of college. She set the scale on the floor and stepped on eagerly awaiting the digital display to reflect a week of overindulging. '99?' She thought. 'Only four pounds from stuffing myself to the max everynight?!.' Chloe thought ripping into a box of s'more pop tarts. 'I need to step up my game if I'm going to beat my metabolism.' She said to herself plopping onto her bed and biting into both pastries at the same time. She finished the pop tarts and immediately reached for the cookies on the night stand as she popped them into her mouth one after the other she examined the packaging of the Oreos. 'Double stuffed' it read 'That's it! The answer is so simple I'll just have to stuff my self twice a day.' She decided as she picked up the pace devouring cookie after cookie determined to finish the package in one sitting. She opened a can of coke and rubbed her tightening tummy. Unbuttoning her high waisted red plaid paints her belly expanded outwards no longer contained by a constricting waistband a red line appearing across her stomach where it once was. 'Soon my belly will be this big all the time.' she thought rolling over to grab a box of fudge rounds. *** Maddie left the English building with her gym bag over her shoulder. It was a short walk to the fitness center, as she made her way across campus Maddie pulled a protein bar from her bag and began to munch on it. It had been one week since she started her bulk and she was feeling good about it so far. Maddie had increased her caloric intake by about 25% the recommended amount for a bulking diet. Now consuming just under 3000 calories a day Maddie felt like she was constantly eating. Maddie had never had to count calories before she knew roughly what to eat and how much to eat to maintain her athletic figure and her strong lower body. Maddie had began to supplement her diet with protein shakes and bars along with slightly larger portions at meals. Over the past week though Maddie found it increasingly harder to eat healthy while consuming the number of calories she wanted to. The blonde gym rat entered the fitness center and went to the women's locker room where she changed. While in there she decided to weigh herself. Taking off her shoes she stepped on the scale. The screen flashed the number 137. Maddie stepped off examined her self in the full length mirror. Her booty was visibly bigger in her gymshark leggings and ab lines showed an almost complete six pack. Pleased with her progress Maddie exited the locker room to start her workout with a renewed drive. She banged out reps of heavy squats and moved on to leg presses then leg curls and extensions, it seemed with every lift she'd been able to go heavier than she ever could before giving her even more confidence as she continued to workout. During a set of hip thrusters Maddie was hit with a brilliant idea. 'If I look like this at 137 imagine how big my ass would be if I got to 145'. Later as she examined her pump in the same mirror as before and sipped on a protein shake she decided that she would go for it. Maddie took the long way to the door making sure to walk by as many guys as she could to show of her new gains. Stopping to bend over at the water fountain her eyes were caught by an ad. 'Put on size fast with Mass Gainer' the ad featured photos of a male and a female bodybuilder. Examining the large quads and round flutes of the female Maddie turned to the front desk where the supplement was being sold. "How much for the mass gainer?" She asked the gym employee. *** Char's first week of college had been relatively smooth. Classes hadn't been any struggle so far and she was getting along well with her roommates. Maddie was nice and the two were on their way to becoming good friends. She and Bella had gone to the cafeteria together a few times, even though their apartment had a kitchen using their meal cards was so much more convenient, while Bella was very caught up in parties and fashion two things which didn't really interest Char they were getting along. Chloe was the one Char was having the hardest time getting through to. It was really important to her to make friends with her roommates as part of her college experience but it seemed all Chloe did was go to class and hang out in her room. The only time they really saw each other was when Chloe went to the kitchen to get food and bring it back to her room. By far the best part of Char's college experience so far had been expanding her horizons by trying new foods. Char had been taking full advantage of her meal card. Her daily diet usually consisted of Starbucks pastries and coffee in the mornings, some type of chicken salad for lunch, and a burger with fries for dinner. Char was amazed that she had been able to go all this time without eating from these restaurants. Her whole life she'd been lectured on how unhealthy fast food is but it can't be that bad if they've got salads, right? Char dressed in her usual outfit pulling running shorts over her muscular legs and firm butt and a tank top over her toned midsection preparing to get dinner while she waited on her teacher to post the grades for her first calculus 2 test, Char had been advanced enough to take calculus 1 senior year. The test didn't count towards their final grade but was a way to see where each of the students were at but Char still wanted to make a good first impression. Maddie came into the apartment as Char was leaving dressed in her workout clothes and carrying a gym bag over her shoulder and a shopping bag in her hand. The bag had some sort of large container in it. "Hey, I'm about to meet Bella at the cafeteria if you want to come." Char offered. "Thanks but I think I'm going to get a shower and make something here." Maddie declined politely. "Ok, you look great in those leggings by the way." Char complimented her as she closed the door. Char drove to the campus cafeteria where she parked next to Bella who had already gone inside. "Hi" Char said as she walked up to Bella examining her outfit, cut off jean shorts and a crop top that had been cut from a guns and roses t shirt. Just about everything she wore showed off her tan skin and slender body. Her black hair was curled and she was sporting a belly button ring beneath her crop top. "What were you thinking of eating?" Bella asked. "I really like McDonalds." Char said as the two girls walked to the counter. Char ordered a double quarter pounder with a large fries and coke while Bella got a chicken sandwich and a sprite. Bella began to talk about her usual topics of social media personalities and Char tried to listen but always got lost in all the drama. Plus it was hard to focus when she had such an amazing meal in front of her. Char was savoring a big bite of her burger when Bella said to her: "Jacob's having a party tonight you should totally come." "Maybe some other time, I need to study tonight" Char lied. Secretly she was nervous about going to a party with Bella since she'd never been to a real party and Bella seemed so experienced. "You and Jacob have been hanging out a lot though are y'all together?" Char asked before taking another bite of her burger. "Oh no, I'm not trying to get into a relationship my first week of college." Bella answered with a laugh. "I better get going though." Bella said finishing her sandwich "I'll see you later" "Ok I'll see you at the apartment." Char responded checking her phone to see if her grade had been posted. It hadn't. Char finished her meal and threw away the trash except for the cup which she went to refill. *** Bella was actually glad Char had turned down her offer because she didn't want Char to see where she was actually in a rush to get to. A job interview. Since her parents were forcing her to get a job during college Bella had been spreading resumes around town. Of all the places she'd applied to she only got one call back, from a Dunkin' Donuts franchise. Bella walked into the bakery to meet with the manger for her interview to see a short middle aged man with a bald spot behind the counter. "Hi I'm her for a Job interview with Gary the manager," She said "I'm Bella Sanchez." "Hey I'm Gary" the short man said with an awkward smile motioning to his name tag. 'Oh this will be too easy' Bella thought to herself. After only 5 minutes of charm and batting her eyelashes Bella had the job and already had the manager wrapped around her finger. Bella walked out and jumped into her jeep holding a free donut in her hands. She took a bite of the chocolate with sprinkles donut. She pulled out of the parking lot and started the drive to Jacob's apartment for the kegger. 'Hope he has **' she thought finishing her donut 'and pizza'. *** Char walked back into the apartment watching her phone for any update. As she threw her McDonalds cup away in the kitchen trash and turned around not looking up from her phone to bump into Chloe. "Oh I'm so sorry." She apologized "It's ok" Chloe awkwardly laughed. Her punk rock style had been replaced with sweats for the evening and she was holding a circular tray in her hand. "What's that?" "Chocolate pie" Chloe answered "I've never had it" Char said inhaling deeply "it smells really good." "Do you want a piece?" Chloe asked seeing the look in Charlottes eyes. "I mean if you don't mind," Char said feeling guilty taking someone else's food but it smelled so good that her mouth was watering. "Not at all" Chloe said when in actuality she didn't want to share her fattening dessert so she could have all the calories to herself. Chloe went to grab an extra plate when she heard Char quietly laughing. "What is it?" "Nothing, its just... I secretly love these movies" Char said motioning to the TV in the living room playing Twilight. "Oh my god me too" Chloe giggled. "Do you want to watch?" Char asked. "Uh sure" Chloe said bringing the pie and plates to the living room. The two sat and Chloe cut two pieces from the pie. Each one about a sixth of the pie. The two watched and ate as Char kept repeating how amazed she was by how the dessert tasted. As they bonded over the movie Char's phone lit up with a notification. "I got a 98 on my test!" She exclaimed. "Well that's a reason to celebrate." Chloe said cutting two more pieces slightly bigger than the last ones. As she put them on the plates Char looked at the almost empty pan. "Well we better finish it at this point" she said. "Haha I guess you're right" Chloe said splitting the last of the pie between them.
  4. Smcu3

    The Apartment

    Move in day part 2 Chloe decided on the Burger King. She opened the first bag and examined the contents, two Whoppers and a large fry. She attacked the first one devouring it in just a few bites. She pulled a two liter of coke from her duffel bag and gulped down soda with the same aggressiveness she'd eaten the first burger. Then the fries, handfuls smothered in ketchup were shoved into her mouth. She stoped only for a second to catch her breath before picking up the next Whopper. This one went down slower and Chloe needed the coke to wash down the last bite. 'Woah, this is harder than I thought it'd be' Chloe thought as she rubbed her already tight belly. Next she opened the Wendy's bag, two twenty piece nuggets. She began quickly like with the McDonald's, with two nuggets in each hand dipped in honey mustard, but slowed by the end. She drank more coke and stifled a burp so her new roommates wouldn't hear. Chloe became aware of how painfully tight head jeans were, and loved it. The feeling of her swollen belly pressed against her waistband that she'd dreamed of for so long. Chloe unbuttoned the black jeans and watched as her bloated tummy unzipped the pants for her. It wasn't the time to admire her work though, it was time for more. Next was two chicken sandwiches from Chick-fil-A and a large waffle fry. She started on the sandwich, but not nearly as fast as the first two meals, grabbing fistfuls of fries drenched in Chick-fil-A sauce. Her stomach was growing rounder and tighter. Halfway through the second sandwich she'd had enough. Laying back on her bed bloated gut sticking in the air. 'Yes!' She thought. She was in ecstasy as her belly rose and fell with each breath. It hurt but at the same time it somehow felt good. Her hands massaged the mound that had developed on her midsection that had been flat minutes before, making their way to her pierced belly button and sticking a finger inside it to cause even more arousal. Chloe looked at the half eaten sandwich, half full bottle of coke, and the still unopened bag from Taco Bell. 'I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach.' She thought 'Soon enough though, I'll be eating twice this much as a snack.' *** Char walked in to the cafeteria for the first time that night for dinner. She was immediately hit with smells she wasn't used to. Looking around she saw that the campus cafeteria was more of a food court. She remembered back to when she was in the process of registering for school and her meal card. The meal card could be used for up to four meals a day at any of the restaurants on campus. Char bypassed all the greasy fast food restaurants her parents had warned her about and made her way to the empty line for the food that was made by the college run kitchen. After a trip to the salad bar she sat down with a piece of baked chicken, some white rice, and a salad. She attempted to cut the chicken with the edge of her fork with no success. After sawing on the chicken breast with a knife Char brought the piece of white meat to her mouth. This was the driest most flavorless thing she'd eaten in her life. ** the first piece down and washing it down with a sip of water she cut off another piece and brought it to her mouth. This time Char couldn't force herself to eat the disgusting bird and spit the piece into her napkin. Looking around to make sure no one had seen her Char swiftly picked up her tray and walked to the trash can where she dumped it. As she began towards the exit Char felt a rumbling feeling from her stomach. Her hand went to her belly where she could feel her abs built from tears of soccer workouts. 'I've still got three more meals on my card for today' she thought turn back towards the center of the food court. She began to feel overwhelmed examining her options, having never even considered fast food she didn't have a clue what to get. 'Burger King, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Chick-fil-A, or McDonalds?'. Char's stomach grumbled for food once again do she walked to the closest line, McDonalds. "Welcome to McDonalds, what can I get you?" Said the cashier. "Oh uh, a Big Mac..." Char said slightly panicking and ordering the first thing she saw on the menu. "Small, medium, or large?" "Uh, medium" "And what to drink?" "Water please" "Are you sure? Fountain drinks come with the meal and don't cost any extra." The cashier said looking up from the screen. "Ok I guess." Char responded sliding her meal card and taking the cup the cashier handed her. The fast food novice walked to the drink machine and made her selection, sprite being the only soda she'd ever had before. After filling her cup she received her meal from the counter and returned to the dining area where she examined her order. Three buns, two patties, processed cheese, and covered in grease to the point that the lettuce probably wasn't even healthy. 'If my parents saw me eating this...' she thought. Char picked up the sandwich in both hands causing her palms to be covered in grease. She closed her eyes and brought the burger to her open mouth slowly taking a large bite and chewing it, and... it was the best thing she'd ever tasted. Her eyes shot wide open as she swallowed looking at the burger. 'How have I never had one of these before?' She asked herself taking another bite and savoring it in her mouth. This bite she washed down with a sip from her sprite that tasted better than she remembered. Char set down the half eaten burger wiping the grease from her hands and the sauce from her mouth. She grabbed a French fry between her index finger and thumb and dipped it in the ketchup. Like with the burger she was amazed by the taste. She grabbed a handful of the salty side and inhaled them before returning to her Big Mac. The slow savory bites were gone as she devoured the burger in several quick bites. After slurping up more of her soda she finished off the fries and picked up the bag to pour the crumbs into her mouth. She sucked down the rest of the sprite until her straw made the sound it makes when the drink is empty. Char sat back in her chair and thought about her meal. 'How could my parents had kept this from me?' 'Who knew fast food was this good?' 'I know it's unhealthy, but it can't be that bad for me can it?' were the questions going through her mind. Her thoughts were however interrupted by a small *burp*. She again glanced around to make sure no one noticed but the other students were too busy talking to their friends or preoccupied with their own meals. Char stood up carrying her tray to the trash can. After dumping her trash and setting her tray in the bin she turned and headed for the door stopping to adjust the waistband on her running shorts. 'Must have ridden down' she thought paying no mind to the small little bloat that formed where her abs usually are. *** As Maddie entered the double doors to the campus fitness center she was floored by the sight of it. A massive gym with every piece of equipment you could want for any sport or physique, free weights, machines, CrossFit area, a back room for power lifters, cardio machines, basket ball courts, volleyball courts, a track, and even a pool. Also inside was a smoothie bar and a store that sells supplements. Maddie was in gym rat heaven. "Please scan your student ID" the receptionist said as Maddie came to the front desk. Maddie went straight for the squat racks after checking in. She began to warm up for her favorite exercise, first a set of 12 with just the bar, then a set of 8 with 115. It felt good getting her body moving and Maddie saw some boys looking her way. 'I'll give them something to look at' she thought putting a 45 on each side. Maddie then started on the first of 3 sets of 5, but when she racked the bar and glanced up in the mirror she wasn't the one the boys were staring at. Maddie looked over to see what had caught their a attention. She saw a woman doing bent over rows. As the lifter stood up Maddie saw why the boys weren't ogling over her toned rear end. The woman couldn't have been more than a few years older than her but her butt was almost twice as big. Filled with insecurity Maddie inspected her ass in the mirror, in most circumstances Maddie's toned butt accentuated by her blue leggings would have been the center of attention but as she began to glance around the gym she was hit with the realization that of the dozen or so girls in the gym she was had the smallest butt. Maddie's competitiveness took over as she pulled out her phone and googled 'fastest way to make booty gains' and selected an article titled 'Building muscle fast: dirty bulking'. *** Bella walked into the party and immediately saw she was over dressed compared to the other girls dressed in sweats or shorts. She attracted the eyes of several boys as she made her way inside wearing a skin tight black strapless dress and heels. One of the boys came up to her carrying a red solo cup in each hand. "Hey, you made it. Bell right?" He said "Bella," she corrected recognizing him as the boy who'd invited her to the party earlier in the day while she was moving into the apartment. "Thanks." She said as she took the cup he extended out to her she could smell that it contained beer. Bella had drank beer before, while in high school she had attended parties on occasion but wasn't necessarily considered a party animal. While she much preferred fruity mixed drinks she started to sip the beer and made small talk with the boy who's name she learned was Jacob and some of the others he introduced her to. Bella had never had any trouble making friends and was the center of attention, at least from the boys. But for the most part she stuck with Jacob, the tall, fit, dark haired sophomore who kept a full cup in her hand from the moment she'd walked in. About an hour into the party she found herself sitting close to Jacob on the couch with his arm around her. Bella had worked up a pretty good buzz and this point when she was passed a bong. Wanting to impress her new college friends she took a long hit from the bong while Jacob held the lighter. As she pulled it away from her lips Bella tried unsuccessfully to stifle a cough. This ** was much stronger than anything she'd had in highschool. Jacob laughed and took a hit himself before passing off the bong to continue its trip around the room. Bella leaned back into the couch and sipped again from her beer. 'I love college' she thought as she took a handful from a bag of chips that she didn't even remember picking up. The rest of Bella's night went on like this, rips from the bong, sips from her beer, and chips from the bag. "I have to use the bathroom" she whispered to Jacob finally pulling herself up from the couch. Making sure not to fall Bella made her way past the kitchen to the bathroom. When she had finished Bella began to walk back to the couch when she was hit with an amazing smell from the kitchen. Bella followed the smell to the kitchen counter where she found 4 pizza boxes. 'Nobody told me there was pizza' she thought. But to her disappointment the first box she opened was empty. So was the second, and the third. But she giggled with excitement upon finding the fourth and last box contained a full medium pepperoni pizza. "Thank god, I'm starving." Bella said to herself as she took a slice and began to eat. Her hand absentmindedly made its way to her now quite bloated belly. Bu.t in her cross faded pizza filled euphoria she didn't notice the firm round protrusion were her flat tummy used to be, or the extra tightness in her dress that was exposing a little more of her breasts than it had earlier. Jacob approached her from behind checking out her slender brown legs that lead up to her tight butt. He placed a hand on Bella's lower back startling her. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you I was just wondering where you went." He said as she turned around "I guess you got the last slice of pizza." He said motioning towards the empty box in front of her. "Uhhh, yeahhh" she slurred as they both made eye contact. But Jacob's eyes were quickly drawn down to her impressive boobs. "I ordered you a Ubers back to your apartment complex." He said raising his gaze back up to meet hers. "Oh my god thank you soooo muchhh" Bella said throwing her arms around him giving him a hug. At this point Jacob new he made the right choice not asking her to spend the night with him seeing how ** the freshman girl was. "Get home safe." He said as he helped her into the back seat. The driver glanced into his review mirror to see a sight he'd seen a thousand times driving Ubers around a college. A young beautiful girl with a round bloated belly extending out almost into her lap. He began the drive back when he heard the ** college girl exclaim from the backseat. "Ooooh is that a Taco Bell? Omg we have to stop I feel like I haven't eaten all night." The driver turned on his blinker and made his way into the turning lane...
  5. Smcu3

    The Apartment

    This is my first story that I’m posting please leave any suggestions, comments, or critiques so I can improve my writing or maybe integrate your ideas into later chapters. Move in Day Charlotte was the first one to arrive to the apartment. After receiving the keys from the office she moved in her things from her affordable sedan given to her as a graduation present from her parents. The apartment was furnished so all she needed to move was her clothes and some decorations to brighten up the dull apartment. The four bedroom two bath apartment was located just off campus. Charlotte's parents had agreed to pay the rent for the first semester giving her time to find a job and adjust to college life. And she needed to adjust. Charlotte had began playing soccer at four years old and hadn't stopped since. The constant exercise had given her a toned athletic body with six pack abs keeping her at a lean 115 pounds on her 5'5" figure. In high school she had been team captain and won two state championships. While she loved the sport her father loved it even more, which is why he was in shock when his daughter told him she had chosen to pass up on multiple athletic scholarships for an academic one. The star player was also incredibly smart and hard working in the classroom. She graduated as her classes salutatorian coming up just short of valedictorian. If not for a D- on a home-ec project she would have been at the top of her class, she just couldn't bake a cake to save her life. In Charlottes defense desserts were not common around her household growing up. Both of her parents were health freaks, being former athletes themselves. Sweets were few and far between in her childhood and Charlotte had never eaten fast food. Charlotte was hanging pictures of her and her high school friends, all also on the soccer team, when she heard the door open. The first of her roommates had arrived. *** Maddie had received quite a few looks from other in coming freshman while carrying her first box to her new apartment from her jeep. Maddie couldn't blame them and almost took pride in it. She'd spent countless hours in the gym sculpting her body and her blue leggings showed that. The curly haired blonde 19 year old stood at 5'4" but her muscular thighs and squat booty caused her to tip the scales at 130 with a toned core and B cups. When Maddie entered the apartment she was greeted by a fit brunette with her hair tied in a messy bun who was about an inch taller wearing a white tank top and black running shorts showing off her toned tan legs. "Hi, I'm Charlotte but my friends call me Char," the brunette greeted the freckled blonde "you must be one of my roommates." "Hey, I'm Maddie. It's so nice to meet you." Maddie responded "Oh my god, I love your hair!" "Oh, thank you yours is so pretty too." Charlotte returned the complement. The two freshman began to talk and get to know each other. Maddie revealed that she'd also been an athlete in high school, a volleyball player, and through sports she had developed an interest in fitness. Maddie said that she was planning on majoring in exercise science and Char that she wanted to do something in the computer field. As the two learned more about each other they heard a knock at the door. *** Isabella stood with designer bags in hand as a blue eyed blonde with shoulder length curly hair opened the door. "You must be Isabella, I'm Maddie and this is Char." Maddie said holding the door as the young Puerto Rican girl entered. "Please call me Bella." She said setting the bags on the coffee table. Bella ran her hands through her long dark hair then proceeded to fix her dress, which had worked its way down during the walk to the second floor apartment. Bella examined the apartment. It was smaller than she had thought it'd be but for the price that made sense. Bella's parents were incredibly wealthy, her father owning many luxury car dealerships throughout the state. But after seeing their daughters gpa and the multiple times that they had to pick up their daughter from parties that had been busted by the police for underage drinking and marijuana they had decided that it would do Bella some good to work her way through college with minimal financial support. Bella was 5'2" but her heels made her taller than Charlotte. She had incredible brown smooth skin from her Latina heritage. Her dress that kept riding down was struggling to contain her sizable chest which Maddie thought must have been bigger than her and Chars boobs combined. Bella didn't participate in sports at her private high school, however, good genetics and the pressure to pull off expensive dresses had given her a thin but untoned figure coming in at 105 pounds. After introductions Bella went to retrieve the next load of her many bags and Char and Maddie retreated to their rooms and began to unpack. *** Chloe was the last to arrive as it was beginning to get dark. She was nervous as she wasn't the most outgoing or the best at meeting new people. She approached the door and went in. She was relieved to find no one in the living room. But as she walked towards the hallway that lead to the bedrooms she heard a "hello?" Come from the kitchen. She turned to see a stunningly beautiful Hispanic girl. "Oh, uh hi. I'm um, I'm Chloe I, uh hi" "Bella," the girl said motioning towards her large chest, "Your makeup is so cute." Chloe sported a punk rock look straight from the early 2000s. "Thanks I did it myself..." Chloe responded trailing off at the end. "I'm pretty tired from the drive up, I'm just gonna head to bed." Chloe quickly turned going into the last empty bedroom, closing and locking the door behind her. She set down her duffel and backpack 'I'll bring up the rest of my stuff tomorrow she thought'. She walked to the full length mirror across the room and lifted her shirt exposing her pale midsection. Chloe barely broke five feet tall and was rail thin at just 95 pounds. She had dyed black hair and a nose ring to go with the multiple piercings in her ears. She was wearing a large t shirt from a rock festival she'd went to junior year and black ripped skinny jeans. Chloe wasn't even wearing a bra, not that she needed one to contain her A cup boobs. As she examined her skinny body she rethought her interaction with Bella 'I'm not going to let one awkward conversation ruin tonight' she thought 'tonight's the night that I finally give in to my cravings'. She sat on the full size bed and pulled several brown take out bags from her back pack. 'Now, where to start?' Again this is my first story that I’m posting so please leave comments and constructive criticism.
    Those jeans are getting seriously tight, those shakes are really paying off.
  6. Wow hot bod 👌😯💕

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      Thanks, you too😉

    2. HungrylilKitty


      Awww that means a lot coming from Arnold Schwarzenegger's protege lol 😋 for real though..great bod! I used to be a fitness model so I know a bit about fitness 😁💕

    3. Smcu3


      “Used to be” being the key phrase

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      lol.. I'm alot bigger than those days but I still remember everything :)

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      These days you get your workout in lifting your heavy body off the couch and carrying all your weight to the fridge for another snack

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      sounds about right, LOL .. especially during these quarantine days, lol 

  7. A thick girl who loves comics... I might be in love😍
    Wow, all those hours of eating and laying in the sun are catching up with you.
  8. Did you weigh yourself before to see how much you gained over the cruise?
    You definitely weren’t skipping any meals while you were gone
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