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    Thick chicks, curvy girls, fat chicks, gainer girls, ect

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    Your double chin and chubby cheeks at 1:05😍
  1. Wow hot bod 👌😯💕

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    2. HungrylilKitty


      lol.. I'm alot bigger than those days but I still remember everything :)

    3. Smcu3


      These days you get your workout in lifting your heavy body off the couch and carrying all your weight to the fridge for another snack

    4. HungrylilKitty


      sounds about right, LOL .. especially during these quarantine days, lol 

    Getting in those shorts had to be a workout all by itself😍
  2. image.thumb.jpeg.00f5ebfd01320760b1d76ed2b9a85911.jpeg
    19 days apart 🤯

    Wow😍 you have such a cute little belly. Can’t wait to watch it grow.
    Wow, all those hours of eating and laying in the sun are catching up with you.
    You definitely weren’t skipping any meals while you were gone
    Wow, your belly looks amazing. Your gain is really starting to show.
  3. The idea is that companies won’t fuck over their customer base because then there won’t be any repeat business. Also the elemination of subsidies and the removal regulations and taxes that hurt small businesses will allow for more competition. Competition in the market place will allow people to choose which companies to purchase products or services from. Allowing the people to ‘vote with their dollars’ and causing the businesses that hurt the environment or community to fail.
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