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  1. Bigdude2333

    Sabrina Carpenter

  2. Bigdude2333

    Bryce Dallas Howard

  3. Bigdude2333

    Ask an insider about celebrity weight gain

    Ok gotta know about Daisy Ridley and Bryce Dallas Howard?!!
  4. Bigdude2333

    2019 Predictions Thread

    You can just tell Katy is dying to pig out!
  5. Bigdude2333

    2019 Predictions Thread

    Elizabeth Olsen is a great pick, considering how quickly she’s been gaining!
  6. Bigdude2333

    Kim KardASShian

    Mind blown! Any ideas what it would look like?
  7. Bigdude2333

    Emilia Clarke/GoT Daenerys

  8. Bigdude2333

    Kim KardASShian

    Unfortunately the rest of Kim’s body is not the size or shape or even as juicy as her ass!
  9. Bigdude2333

    2019 Predictions Thread

    I would agree. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a young thing attractive politician, they don’t tend to stay that way for long, given the stress and the lack of movement. She’ll blow up for sure this year!
  10. Bigdude2333

    Who had the most shocking gain in 2018

    I’m surprised no one said Bryce Dallas Howard! I don’t think it’s gonna end soon either, and yes I’m surprised because I figured with Jurassic World this past year she was gonna lose weight not gain it. The white dress is early in the year and the black suit is the end.
  11. Bigdude2333

    2019 Predictions Thread

    Daisy Ridley (15 lbs) - we haven’t seen her in a while and she seems to be continually getting bigger, also ep. 9 is done filming so she’ll have some freedom with her life style. Emilia Clare (10-20 lbs) - yes she’s been getting thinner lately but Game of Thrones is done and I think she will bulk up a bit now that she can, I’d say season 8 was very physically demanding and she lost weight that she will now put back on. Bryce Dallas Howard (20-60 lbs) - Bryce has blown up in the last year and fast, almost back to her largest, I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon, especially since she’s shifting from acting to producing and directing.
  12. Bigdude2333

    Sabrina Carpenter

  13. Bigdude2333

    Daisy Ridley

    The jabba joke, it just seems out of place, idk!!!
  14. Bigdude2333

    Daisy Ridley

    Yes I am, you can tell the interviewer is shocked and like wtf but daisy continues anyway and at the end looks nervous that she said it and she tends to press her lips together when she is nervous and she does it like three times after that