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  1. Her confidence in fashion should be turned down a lil bit, some things are just not meant to match and all her outfits can attest to that.
  2. Might wanna take her name off this post before it gets more attention, or this chick'll be private on everything in a week. Keep updating though . Edit: Saw she is already pretty popular on insta so I suppose it is inconsequential if you left her name on here....Great find btw!
  3. I wouldn't bother with OF as its just you paying for a sub to see her advertise clips that cost like $25. And the pics she posts are usually just teases to make you wanna buy the clips anyways.
  4. I can't wait to hear the reactions from your family, it's gonna be so awesome 😍😍
  5. Great to have another stunning model on here, looking forward to seeing some more of your content.
  6. Birdo

    Mayara Russi

    About the post questioning her weight gain/loss, you gotta remember that the front angles with orange and black clothes tend to make her look smaller then she really is. Also the lighting and the distance from the camera make it harder to see exactly how big her stomach actually is. I think she is doing just fine in the weight department ;).
  7. John smith killin me with these chicks 😇
  8. She looks like she gained at most 1/256 of an ounce, but hey subtle gains can be hot too.
  9. There's another thread for her, put Aliss Bonython into the search bar and post any content there 😊.
  10. I think you missed a couple groups
  11. Birdo

    Not sure who

    Look at the pizza for starters. Looks like it was ripped from some flash game. Also that large mass that is only on her right thigh should be checked by a doctor, it could be an abnormally large tumor. And the lighting on the photo shopped stomach looks like garbage. This isnt a hit on you oblivion but you gotta be able to spot this as the photoshop it is lol.
  12. I would say you are more the "hi...............your hot'' kinda guy hahhahah.
  13. You look amazing keep up the great work.😊😊😊
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