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  1. I'm not here to say you're wrong, but I would like to point out that her history in terms of providing content is patchy at best. I'm sure there are at least a few guys who will read this who have given her money and not received content. I have called her out for it before, and her white knights came to her defense, obviously they had no substantial proof of anything but the are some of the most devoted fans I have ever seen. So, maybe a model did call her out I can't say but her relationship with this community as a whole is weak.
  2. hahhahah it looks like one of those low resolution face textures from an early 2000s video game
  3. The new her ate like 3 of the old her. Definitely warrants the title of absurd.
  4. It wasn't directed towards you, it's the morons who think with their peckers that I'm talking to.
  5. Now this goes out to all the social degenerates who lack the social capacity to talk to a women. This news doesn't mean you send your weird kinky fantasies to her, sit back and enjoy her progression like the normal people.
  6. She has a very active tumblr, plenty of amazing pics. Best thing about her is she is 100% committed to gaining weight, super hot find.
  7. Man when I saw the first couple pics I was wondering what you saw in this girl.....then I scrolled down and now I can say I fully agree with you
  8. Could be but she was already quite big before she looked like she does now. She was popular back in late 2017 I think, maybe 2018 and then dropped off completely for a while. It's not out of the realm of plausibility for her to have gained the weight in that time span. Also she's only 5 3" so the extra weight could have distributed that way.
  9. Big isn't the descriptor for her or her sister, I agree she gained but she is still fairly skinny it's more or less her face becoming more chubby. Don't want the OP to feel targeted but these sensationalist thread names can be aggravating from time to time.
  10. Look if anyone joins this site it is on their own, anyone trying to hint to her to join this site or the fetish in general will scare her off because this community is not known for its charisma or social skills. Lets be honest though, in a matter of days all her posts will have atleast one comment saying ''OmG SuCH a BiG GUt, cAn I HeLp U mAkE iT BiGgEr.''
  11. Well boys the floodgates are open....can already hear the cavemen chanting ooga booga as they go to dm this beauty. Big mistake linking her account.
  12. Cavemen inhabit this realm, when they aren't trying to create fire they are harassing these girls trying to bring them back to their caves.
  13. I can assure you that you will do well here. I can say that I definitely like what I see and many others here clearly do. It can feel like a leap of faith, you have to to just take that last step. You won't regret it, trust me! 😊
  14. To be honest if shes already a model they are fine. Models already deal with a lot of shit I can assure you a couple more virgin freaks won't scare her off.
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