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  1. Any ladies in southwest Virginia?

  2. Wish I had one of you beautiful ladies to let me eat nachos off your Ass while we watch the Super Bowl.

  3. I personally have always been attracted to big women. I've never been with a skinny girl. That's me.
  4. Hi thanks for the follow. If there's anything you ever want to talk about let me know. Have a great day. 

  5. Any ladies in Virginia?

  6. Do any of you know of a free bbw chat site?

  7. Any ladies that would love to have a online affair? Rebeljoenaw@hotmail.com

  8. Any ladies around southwest Virginia?

  9. I'd love to find a BBW in southwest Virginia. 

  10. Ahh Thanksgiving. I'll tell you what. Ain't nothing like burying your face in between two big ol drumsticks. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  11. Yes I want to kiss your Ass.
  12. Any ladies around southwest Virginia?

  13. Well they say you don't know until you ask. So hey its my Birthday. Send nudes. Love this site and all the Beautiful ladies.

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