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    This is a great clip! I could watch Dee getting in and out of cars all day long 😂 Also, the shorts were a great choice, loving the visible panty-line!
  1. This girl from behind is a magnificent sight
  2. Welcome to Curvage Big Dee! Your Tiktok is a treasure trove of hotness 😁
  3. Do we need to find you a blue boiler suit and red belt?
    Holy shit, so much hotness crammed into one clip! Definitely one of the best I've come across on this site. I love how into it Casey is! I hope we see more collaboration in you guys' future 🤩
    Wonderful clip! The energetic booty clap in the red dress towards the end was a delightful surprise 😍
    This is truly a great vid! One can only hope that Ruby decides to make another with such a great view of her jiggly bum 😍 Ruby’s cuteness is in full effect when she huffs and puffs her way up and down the stairs before retiring for a well deserved snack.
  4. Absolutely beautiful! I just can help but ask: ever split a pair of pants? Could make for an entertaining clip...
  5. Welcome @badasswhitegal! Looking forward to seeing more of you 😉
  6. Who knows, but the video is 6:40 as advertised. Very good clip in my opinion!
  7. While I’m a fan of the red, brown would be super hot
  8. Hello I’m one of the twins, could you delete the pictures?, because the pictures are mine and you didn’t ask me before posting it, so please delete it or I might report you, thank you:) 

    1. pinback


      Hey!  I've deleted the pics in the thread that I posted, but unfortunately there have been several other member add pictures as well.  I sent you an apologetic DM 😓 , really sorry about this, I honestly didn't know the thread would get so much attention 😁, so congratulations on that I suppose.  Let me know, I can ask a moderator to delete the entire thread if that is what you or your sister prefer.  I'd like to undo as much damage as possible, sorry Lucia

  9. I can't get enough of the contrast between her outline and everyone else in this insta video:
  10. https://www.instagram.com/mai_rebelo/?hl=en
  11. I think that might be Brooke Barrows, who has since lost a fair amount of weight. A vid of her when she was bigger:
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