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  1. You're really so cute, your face is the sweetest thing ever

    1. Lisa Snow

      Lisa Snow

      Thanks Jonas!!

    2. jonasctba


      I hope you get more beautiful than you are

    You're getting so big and so beautiful, thank you so much for this amazing video
    Absolutely amazing, can't wait to see even bigger. Thank you so much for this amazing video
  2. Hope you are well in these days
  3. You're getting so big, keep going sweetheart
  4. I hope the cupcakes really make difference when you get 200
  5. You're getting so good. Can't wait to see so much bigger 🥰🥰

  6. You're doing a great job, keep getting as fat as you can
  7. Wow, you are so huge, I don't believe you are getting so fat
  8. I think my belly is getting big after the holidays




    1. buster12


      Put this in the guys section. I can't imagine anyone wanting this on the main page. People come here to fap 

    2. Marley92282


      Hey, I’m really bad at navigating this site... I love big girls and big guys... How do I get to this “guy” section?

    3. jonasctba


      buster12 And how do I do this? I don't know how to use very well 

  9. Can't believe you were so skinny and used to work out, but these days are gone and you are getting even better
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