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  1. Can't wait to see this second becoming true
  2. You definitely never disappoint you always are at your favorite place: in bed being lazier and fatter all time
  3. jonasctba

    Love yourself

    Definitely so gorgeous 😍
  4. You definitely become an even lazier fat girl who just think about food and how much you'll eat all of them
  5. Your big fat rolls are in the right places 😍
  6. Your stretch marks are expanding more and more and seeing by the pics when you are completely high looks like you eat by instinct
  7. I see you been enjoying your lifestyle of doing nothing and keep being lazier and lazier every day
  8. jonasctba

    My pics 🌸💕

    The cutest fat girl ever
  9. How many towels you're using now two or three?
  10. You're on the right way to get fatter and fatter
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