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  1. Your gain is so amazing and it gets even better when we remember you used to be so fit and athletic
  2. What do you think your skinny self would say if she had the chance to see what you've done to her body?
  3. At least you still are in shape... of course not the shape you used to be but you still are 🤭😅
  4. Seeing these pics make me not believing you were so fit and in shape
  5. Can't wait to see this happen to your favorite clothes
  6. You definitely right when you said pigs don't need clothes 😍😍
  7. Like the first pic, it's a good caption for "praying to the gods to make me immobile instantly" hehe
  8. Aww I want to make cuddles in all your big soft body 😍
  9. you look so much bigger since you returned
  10. We'd love to see a comparison at your skinniest to now you got so much fatter
  11. Aww every part of you got bigger, even the stretch marks did it too
  12. Welcome back Bianca ☺️
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