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  1. You're very beautiful, with all this fat ❤️

    1. Asian_Goddess


      Awww thank you🥰🥰😘

  2. That belly hang is the best part of the video, keep going
  3. Your ass is growing so faster as your belly grows
  4. Agora que começou o inverno, você costuma engordar mais no inverno ou no verão ou a época não importa?

    1. Thatfatguineapig


      Eu vou responder em portugues e traduzir a sua pergunta e resposta para ingles, ok? :)

      (Winter just started, do you fatten up more during the winter, or summer, or the season doesn't matter?)

      A época não importa muito. No verão é menos confortável pelas temperaturas, por ser férias e não poder ter uma rotina. 😊

      (The season doesn't matter too much. During summer it's less comfortable due to the high temperatures, and because it's vacations time and harder to have a routine.)

  5. That's a good start. I think you are really enjoying this feederism and I hope you get fatter soon, I'm loving your progress.
  6. You're very beautiful. I hope you get even fatter than you are.

  7. What's your current weigh?

  8. You were beautiful when you were thinner, but now you are amazing with the curves. I'm really curious why you wanted gaining weight.

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