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    WOW....if you've never bought a @KittyPiggy clip (first off, what's wrong with you?!!)….secondly, BUY THIS NOW!!! Every time I think she's the sexiest, she just goes and outdoes herself again! Her sheer width of her ass, double chin (she is starting to have just a perfectly round beautiful face with her fat cheeks and chin), BELLY, thighs...OH HER thighs are to DIE for! She talks about how sex has changed as she's put on so many pounds since posting and MY GOSH is it erotic to hear her talk about it! Please buy this vid if you haven't yet! Let's keep her gaining too! We MUST have her hit 400+ ASAP! Keep growing Kitty! 5 STARS!!!! 😍
    The gorgeous and lovely @HungrylilKitty is at it again as she drinks 2 weight gain shakes and tells us of her fattening plans! She is super precious and adorable and even gives us some burps and giggles along the way! Support this growing Beauty as she expands towards her next gaining goals! Love you, Lil Kitty! πŸ₯°
    Kitty has grown EVERYWHERE since we've last seen her workout (since we've last seen her as well ) She attempts 4 separate workouts that continue to display how utterly FAT she has become. Her HUGE double chin is sexier and bigger than ever as are her thighs, butt and belly. She has an even harder time completing any of them and moans and whines about how hard they are in her cute way that only Kitty knows how to do! Then....in the masterful end, Kitty displays how she has gotten here as she quickly downs a large pizza, displaying her belly sprawled out everywhere. She is a massive lovely Piggy of a woman who is now a permanent SSBBW on her way to 400+ pounds. She shyly wonders aloud what should she eat next, eyeing the camera with a smile that would get anyone going....Kitty truly knows the art of FAT SEDUCTION! Let's continue to feed this glutton into sheer pure obesity as she climbs the scales! 😍 Have another pizza on me, Kitty!!!!! 5 STARS!
  1. I second this.....your belly itself and belly hang is just.....😍
    We MUST keep this SSBBW feedee GROWING during this time! She is becoming more and more beautiful with each and EVERY pound! 😍
    Introducing Kitty Piggy: SSBBW!!! I can safely say that Kitty is now a Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman! One thing I noticed the most in this vid is how WIDE she is getting. Also her huge juicy thighs! She is such a dream, I can't believe how beautiful she is! What a pure model! Can't wait for you to continue growing, Kitty! Can't wait for the next Taco Bell stuffing where you will order and eat TWICE as much food! 😍😈
    KITTY IS JUST PERFECTION!!! She is so much fatter now!!! Love seeing the transition!! 😍
    A masterpiece in sexuality, I've been trying to find the words to describe Kitty's latest edition in ASMR.....truly ASTOUNDING! She is, without doubt, leaving little to the imagination as she sucks, licks and swallows on a lollypop and popsicle....she knows what she's doing Also, her roleplaying is so spot on you just lose yourself in that beautiful ROUND face. That's the other thing that truly stood out to me - not just how round her whole body is getting...BUT THOSE CHEEKS and that double chin, with those eyes staring right into the camera as she sensually smiles and moans. She has truly mastered ASMR and this is another level of Experience than she has ever put forth before. She is the Queen Goddess of Curvage and EVER EXPANDING! Love you, Kitty! 20 STARS!!! 😍
    Dana is simply the cutest little piggy as she eats her late night Denny's πŸ₯° 5 STARS, Sweetie! 😘 Keep growing!!!!
    Kitty has NEVER looked more beautiful than in this video! Her in a bra and panties, her gorgeous growing hair down, brilliant blue eyes sparkling and her HUGE belly hanging out over her juicy thighs.....you simply MUST buy this clip! She puts food away in such a sensual and effortless away, moaning and breathing heavily, knowing that these will just add to her growing Goddess body! She, simply put, is the greatest and most beautiful gainer we've ever had the pleasure to see. Let's show her love and support and help her all the way to her 400+ pound goals! 5 STARS, Kitty! πŸ₯°
    Waifu is getting even fatter as she takes down this cake! She is very beautiful and I can't wait to see her get even fatter! 😍😈
    HungrylilKitty is sooooooooo soooo sooo cute as she eats her cupcakes! She is such a Beauty and so lovely! Can't wait to see her grow further!
    Kitty's ass, pussy, calves, and thighs have all grown massive as compared to her April 2019 vid....her ass now has so many more cute sexy dimples and her chunky thighs are wide AF! Her calves are so round they are bigger than some people's thighs and her permanent double chin is as clear as day even with her beautiful hair down. She is absolutely on the cusp of ssbbw beauty and size....Her ass wobble now shakes her entire body and she is just STUNNING, what every woman should strive for! Love you, Kitty! Keep growing! πŸ₯°
    Bow to the Queen Goddess as she expands before your eyes.....make her TWICE as fat! Amazing video, Kitty!
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