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  1. MarshallT

    I Cleaned Out The Fridge Hun

    Shar is simply sensational here as she eats EVERYTHING in sight! Just when you think she can take no more, she stuffs more in her mouth or takes another large gulp of beer or coke. She is also simply stunning as usual! Definitely buy this clip and support her continuous gain! Thanks Shar! You're truly a Goddess!
  2. MarshallT

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    Yah she's gonna re-upload now
  3. MarshallT

    Bikini Chug, Burps N Play

    Is anyone else having trouble viewing the video?
    Kitty looks amazing in white and gray and clearly she has been continuously expanding as she is fatter than ever in this clip. She is so seductive the way she drinks this shake and rubs her belly. This is an amazing clip!
  4. MarshallT

    Big Girl Buttons Up!

    You're just soooooo pretty. Those eyes....as well as the rest
  5. MarshallT

    Pizza Piggy #2

    Kitty is absolutely stunning! Her eyes, lips, hair, belly, arms, thighs and voice are that of an angel AND goddess! This pizza stuffing is her at her best as she continues to expand. You are AMAZING, Kitty!
  6. MarshallT


    You're so freaking hot, Shar!
  7. MarshallT

    Cream Doughnuts *WITH 16 BONUS PHOTOS*

    Take my money and get fatter!