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  1. I agree a lot of people are called commies that are not communist as well. I was simply talking about people being called Nazi all the time these days who dont agree at all with Nazism. However, there was and still is a large infiltration of communist propaganda even to this day in America that goes far beyond simple wealth redistribution.
    I am at a loss for words. Kitty has become so greedy and massive. Everything has plumped up and you can see it in her waddling. She has definitely gone to a new level of greedery as she just shovels food in her mouth in the end. There's no doubt 300 and 400 are on their way!
  2. I've never seen your belly so expanded! You look amazing!
  3. This clip shows how the commies in America were directed to call anything "Nazi" or "fascist" that they wanted discredited by the society at large....sound familiar? This was put out in 1966....
  4. Anything that's considered "anti-progressive" by progressives....basically
    All I can say is, WOW Kitty! From your round face to your round belly, everything just keeps getting rounder! And is it just me, or have you started to wobble when you walk? Next you should try eating as many pancakes as possible!
  5. Wow someone's clearly been eating that belly is something else!
  6. That color on you is just perfect....and yes, you're absolutely HUGE!
  7. You're looking absolutely amazing, Kitty! Btw has anyone ever told you that you look like a fat Katy Perry?
    Kitty, you're truly getting sooooo round. Love your outfit! You're so pretty on top of getting fatter! Can't for that shake chug! You're gonna be a legendary gainer....already are
  8. Your ass is gonna be so enormous when you're 400 pounds.....cant wait
    You are breathtakingly gorgeous and have a beautiful voice....your body expands before our eyes! Keep growing!
    Kitty.....clearly you've been eating......A LOT. You look absolutely massive. Your double chin is permanent and fully round. Your arms are becoming huge....your thighs.....oh my gosh, are to die for. Just keep eating and keep being absolutely beautiful. 10 stars!
  9. Wow you're simply GORGEOUS!
    Candi is looking extra fat in this new clothes try-on! She is so beautiful and her round belly is so sexy! Great job, Candi! Keep growing 😉
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