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    This may be Kitty's sexiest vid yet....her voice, her giant double chin, the natural lighting on her wonderful blue eyes and warm stretched skin....her belly, expanding belly. She is absolutely the most amazing girl to ever happen on expansion. She gets stuffed with chicken and weight shake, and she could not be more beautiful doing it! Buy this vid!!! 🥰
    What a babe! I could watch her eat ALL day!
    Is there anything sexier than Kitty oiling up her enormously fattening body??!! No, I don't think so either! She is so cute with her ponytail and that beautiful face! Her ass in this one steals the show as she twerks and shows off her belly beneath, touching the floor at times! Her lower belly has grown the most and her boobs can't be contained. You can tell she is so proud of her shiny fat as she gives that sexy satisfied look to the camera. She LOVES it and I LOVE this vid, Kitty! 5 stars! Buy it!
    Wow, Summer is expanded even further since we last saw her! She piles donuts in at an irreverent rate as her double chin has grown so round, and her belly as well! She talks about how fat and greedy she has gotten. She gives us a personal story that turns her on! Please keep eating, Summer! You're looking sexier and sexier by the day! 😍
    Watch this absolute babe devour cream donuts from down below. She looms over you like a giant fat goddess, stuffing many donuts down her throat as you sit there enthralled. She is the queen of greed and her stretchmarks continue to multiply all over her bloating body. There's no stopping her! Never stop, Kitty! 🥰
    This girl can EAT! You can see why in this vid she has become the size she has. If you're a fan of fat spilling out while food is piled in, as a beautiful lady expands her body before your eyes....well, you'll LOVE this clip! Also, that natural lighting on her skin and drop-dead gorgeous eyes, is Heavenly. She permeates sexiness! Thanks, Kitty! 😍
    Kitty CAN'T stop getting fatter and it's so beautiful! Watch as she eats wonderful KFC, weighs herself and moves around just enough to show off her wonderful new curves, her stretchmarks everywhere! Kitty will be waddling everywhere before long! 😍
    Kitty's expansion has reached a new level. Watch as she bloats her big belly with coke and mentos. She burps a ton and in the end just lays there with a giant belly, bigger than ever, breathing heavily. She also is wearing a tiny red outfit, so beautiful! 😍
    CC has been having a great birthday weekend and has been stuffing herself in an attempt to hit her goal weight! Here she drinks a ton of coke and eats so many mentos expanding her voluptuous belly! She is so beautiful and is so sexy! Happy GIRTHDAY, CC! 🥰
    Kitty is simply delicious here as she gives us an up close and personal look and sound of her eating and whispering sensually all about her fat! Her breasts are barely contained in her top and her belly spills out further than ever! Her eyes are captivating and her voice soothing. She burps and you even here her belly gurgle as she stuffs and drinks! Truly an amazing experience! You're the sexiest model, Kitty! 😍😘
    Kitty attempts a workout....and it goes how you'd expect....in the end sitting on her huge ass devouring food. Her trying on those shorts was something to see as well. Her double chin is getting even more enormous as is her belly apron. Her pushup attempts were also so sexy! Keep eating, Kitty! 🥰
    I LOVE this girl! She has the cutest giant belly spreading further and further! The cutest face, smile and little moans as she eats and eats! She cant get enough! She's just going to keep growing and growing.... and growing! Love you, Kitty! 🥰
    Kitty is stunning as she is soooooooo MASSIVE in this clip trying on old clothes. You can just see how epicly round and rotund she is here! When she plops down....that noise is amazingly erotic. When she sits now her belly just spreads out everywhere! So many stretchmarks! Her boobs are legendary and as always that smile giggle and face are what always keep me coming back again and again! Love ya Kitty! 😚
    I LOVE this video! Casey is sooooo sexy! Watch her talk about what a slob she's become as she shoves a couple sandwhiches down her throat and continues to become even more of a fat slob! She is as pretty as always and just keeps getting that much more sexy with every bite! Keep going, Casey! 🥰
    This girl is completely amazing! Her belly, her voice, her face are simply beautiful! She is so full here and still wants more! She certainly will keep gaining at this rate. This simply stunning babe should be supported with much food! Keep stuffing, Cat! 😍
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