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    Kitty DESTROYS the competition as she drinks and drinks and fattens herself up even more, pretending to be shy about her intentions of gaining, acting as though she believes what she has eaten and drank all day is enough....not so fast, as Luna commands her body now and she's given in completely to be the glutton we all have known she was destined to be! Watch as she frowns, taking down the shake on top of everything she has already consumed today. Forget 300, forget 400, 500 is the true destination! Kitty plops over, her fat spilling roundly everywhere. Tomorrow: REPEAT.
    Wow, Kitty! You are always so stunningly beautiful! I loved all the clothes, but that second to last outfit made your butt look magnificent! Which is saying something I also liked the camo. Even in the woods, it'd be hard to miss you. 😂 But yes that last dress 😍 You should definitely go out for dinner in that! 5 stars, Kitty! These try-ons are great, even if you have to sacrifice precious calories in the process! You're incredibly cute as you laugh and giggle, describing everything! Please, guys, buy this video and all her others! We want her to keep becoming even more fat and beautiful! 😚
    Barbie Shar is simply delicious. Her belly is expanded further than ever and she has luscious blonde hair! The way she stuffs her face continuously with one in each hand, she will be 300 before she knows it! She is amazing! Buy the Goddess' vid and help her beautiful gluttony continue! 😍
    Congrats, Kitty, on your 60th Curvage video! Kitty is massively gorgeous in this close up. The first thing I noticed was the size of Kitty's double chin. It has grown immensely in recent weeks. Also, how out of breath she's getting from just moving around a little. She never ceases to amaze me with her natural beauty and those eyes and that face! 😍 Her stretchmarks are nearing her entire body, even her underboobs are getting them. Buy this vid, as Kitty is even more round and beautiful, her soft sexy voice constantly telling us how big she wants to get. Also, there may or may not be a nipple slip in here Thanks, Kitty! 😚
  1. I'm gonna ban myself from this topic before I say something that will get me banned from the website. Afterall, its 2019. Ban everything!
  2. I WILL NEVER ACCEPT SOCIALISM. I WOULD RATHER BE DEAD. OK? Bro, when will you get it? You can insult me, call me names, say I'm evil, bloodthirsty. I dont care what you think about me. I know I care about children. I know i care about people. I'm an individual. I help people with my own money. I give money to an organization which has arrested over 400 child traffickers and freed over a thousand kids worldwide. That's what I do with my personal money. I dont trust the Feds, whomever is in office. I am an individual. I respect you, you can give money to wherever you want. You can have your opinion. That's fine. But me personally, I wont ever accept socialism in my country. Say whatever you want. God bless the internet.
  3. He's from Canada and most likely Socialist. So.....But thank you for this post. Finally some sanity
  4. No evasion tactics. They're not forcing migrants to drink dirty toilet water. If they are, I need physical evidence to believe it. But I'm sure, John, you and I will never agree on almost anything political knowing and seeing most of the stuff you post. So yah. I guess, there may not be much of a point, since there's no convincing either side lol.
  5. I hope you realize that those are designed that way. They were there under Obama. It's not a left versus right thing on the construction of a sink/toilet running water device. Its constructed that way to save money and prevent parts being taken off for safety reasons. If this person who made this meme actually cared to investigate this instead of using it for silly "political points"....but that's expecting too much lol
    The Goddess is STUNNINGLY fat! Another holiday of gaining, she is bigger than ever and even more beautiful!
    Kitty's simply the best! That's all you need to know!
  6. Yes I purchased it the first time and it did the same to me. I was charged but didnt have access to the vid. So I purchased a second time and it worked but in the end was charged twice
  7. They just got back to me that they'll look into it. Thanks
  8. Hey Kitty, I just bought this vid and it charged my credit card twice.
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