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    Watch Kitty as she gulps down a whole can of cream and sensually enjoys every second of it! Her beautiful wavy hair falling over her back and beautiful bright red lips make her even more irresistible! She can barely be contained and you get the feeling not only that the stool could collapse at any minute, but her clothes may snap away as well! She is getting so wide and her arms are the thickest they've ever been! She is amazingly beautiful and only growing further! Keep it up, Kitty! 🥰
    You thought the first Snug Tub was amazing with the sweet Kitty stuffed in a tub....just wait until you get a load of the new and improved Kitty in a tub....wow is she stunning with all her new fat, rolls and new red stretchmarks showing her continuous growth....Kitty is soooo cute in this one, even more than usual as she plays with herself and pours soap over her huge body. She floods her bathroom and her reaction is simply delightful. She is the most beautiful and amazing woman in all of Curvage and perhaps in all the world? Who knows, but she is only starting her gaining journey to outgrow this tub. Next time I'm sure she won't even be able to sit her ass down at the bottom 5 STARS!!!!!! 😍
    No one has been as great an addition to the feeder community than Kitty Piggy! Come watch her belly grow as she devours so much food whilst stuffed in jeans! Her belly has expanded further than ever and she is just an absolute DREAM now! Just wait until she can't fit in these jeans....probably soon
  1. So much Perfection! Lovely Kitty! 🥰
  2. Well I know Kitty Piggy gonna keep going past 330, and that's enough for me
    This is my favorite fitness instructor EVER. Watch her let it all hang out in a candid view of what her life is ACTUALLY like Watch her stuff KFC and down some Pepsi as she laughs at her followers stupidity, falling for her "skinny act" 5 Star role playing performance from the ever fattening Kitty!
    Waifu is very sexy as she piles in the food and gives us all multiple angles of her growing body and HOT double-belly. She also has the face of an angel! Keep growing, Waifu! 😘
    Kit has REALLY been growing lately and her greed looks to be at an all-time high. Can't wait to see where 2020 takes you and that growing body, Kit! You're sooooo sexy! 🥰
    Kitty has never been more greedy and more fat as she stuffs donut after donut down as well as spray cream! She is such a growing Beauty and at this rate and level of greed, 400 is literally right around the corner! 😍
    The Goddess has gone even further and is getting closer and closer to her enormous goals. She has never been more determined nor more beautiful! She is becoming a true ball shape as she gains more and more. The holidays were great to her and this is the best beginning to her 2020 gain one could have imagined! Keep growing, Kitty! You are the true Gaining Goddess! 🥰
    Join the stunningly BEAUTIFUL and positively warm Mrs. Claus as she shows off her growing figure in a wonderfully tight Christmas dress! She tells all about how Santa has finally let her start helping out....and what wonders it has been doing for her body! Kitty has gone above and beyond on this video and editing job with music and the festive atmosphere! From the tone of the screen to the wonderful tunes, she has blended the feeder's dream with the dream of Christmas, creating such a great role-play fantasy as she pours down milk, shoves down cookies and belches as she sensually discusses how much she has liked putting on this weight for Mr. Claus.... If I could give more than 5 stars, Kitty, I would! 🥰
    Mrs Clause has never been so fat and adorable. Watch her get ready for the big day with her lovely dress which may be a bit too snug....Kitty is just perfect in this role. Watch as she twirls and models this dress! She is so natural and cute as she speaks. Lovely as ever. Cant wait to see what 2020 will bring as she expands further! 😍
    Hayden is so stunning here as she talks about her goals. She has such a sexy soft voice to go along with that wonderful body and personality! Keep growing, Hayden!😍
    Can Kitty get much more beautiful, fat or lovely? The answer is ALWAYS a resounding YES! This year has been so great for her gain and this vid shows everything about that as she is barely contained in this vibrant red dress! Keep, eating and drinking, Kitty! 😚
    I might be late to this Chinese party, but Kitty is sexy as hell as she devours BK and Chinese food! Crazy how much fatter you are now! Can't wait for another year down the road to compare! 😍
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