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  1. Kitty Piggy has had one of the most amazing gains I've ever seen and she doesnt seem to be slowing down at all!
    Summer is getting fatter than ever and she bursts out of her tights as she shows off her enormous belly. Her face and belly are noticeably bigger than last time and she is so sexy as she narrates! Buy her vid! Thanks, Summer! 😍
    Wow look at how skinny she is here!!!! 😮Put some meat on those bones, girl!!! 🤣
    Kitty truly discovers her inner piggy in this one. I've never spent a better $17 as it's 21 minutes of a pure joy dream as she stuffs herself continuously, breathing heavily, and in the end on her hands and knees eating a dessert construction built for the Goddess she is! To say Kitty is greedy here is an understatement. She will truly NEVER be satiated, that much is clear. She is probably on her 3rd and 4th personal edition of Insatiable as I type this.....she is a real Kitty Piggy Goddess of Glutony. Thanks, Kitty! 😍😚
    I LOVE this video! Not only is ChubbyCupcake looking ROUNDER than ever, she eats soooooo many donuts and looks absolutely gorgeous doing it! She takes a break mid way through to jiggle her giant belly and is so sexy! She has such beautiful eyes and her double chin looks even bigger. Also, her voice is so sensual! She even shows us her new weight! Thank you so much, ChubbyCupcake! Keep gaining! 😍😘
    Kitty brings us into her ever shrinking world where she is having constant trouble outgrowing EVERYTHING! What is undeniably evident, is her huge double chin and cheeks. Her face is becoming a sphere. I couldn't take my eyes off of it or her! What will she look like at 354....377....401??? Wider than a doorway and ever so sexier! Pay the girl! Love ya, Kitty! 😚
    Chubby Cupcake is sooo incredibly beautiful and round here! She is so sexy and arousing as she eats, stuffs and discusses! Can never get enough of her BIG gorgeous eyes either! Her lovely long red hair as well! Please just keep growing! You're amazing! 😚 Thanks for the vid gift too!!!! 🥰
    Kitty has never been nor looked this fat and she is completely wonderful here! Her belly droops lower than ever and she is clearly wider than ever before! Her dreamy eyes and sexy voice greet you continuously as you watch her play with her amazing growing fat! She explains new fattening strategies as well! This Kitty is going to be HUGE (as in 400+ pounds) in NO time! BUY THE VID! Thanks, Kitty! 🥰
    Nothing can prepare you for the size of Kitty's ass. What's crazier is to think of what size it will be when she is 400 pounds.....450 pounds???? She's not done there. Her belly, boobs, back, arms are absolutely covered in stretchmarks and cellulite. She is an absolute thing of beauty. She is so out of breath after a short stint on top of a very thin man. We get so many amazing angles! The side angle really shows not just how much her belly spreads out, but how much it is stacked now. Everything is expanding.....the next weigh-in is sure to be around the corner! Buy this vid and support her beautiful growth! 😍
  2. I dont harrass and never have harrassed trans people. I'd appreciate if you'd keep the personal attacks to a minimum. I love how in the name of tolerance one can be free to dehumanize the "bigot". When my character is attacked, I'll most likely respond, buddy. Thanks. I understand, mods. I'll stop with this. I'll do everyone a favor and peace out for awhile
  3. My mistake. That's a little better at least. I just think kids should wait because they could change their mind later in life. The brain doesnt even fully mature until like 25 or 26 for females I believe. I also just wish TLC and other people wouldnt make money off these sort of situations. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to go through this in front of millions of people. Again, if any of you think I'm hateful or bigoted, you're entitled to your opinion. I dont harrass and never have harrassed any trans people. I feel for their situations, ok? Call me whatever names you wish. Brenda, thanks for at least being civil.
  4. Who is ACTUALLY afraid of trans people?? I'm not. No one ever explains what's hateful or bigoted. They just say IT is without reasoning. Has anyone watched the show I'm Jazz about the young boy who became a girl and they operated on her/him when they were 14, removed the dick and created a hole which was an artificial vagina that the body didnt recognize so it was constantly trying to heal itself. My biggest problem is not with adults wanting to do these things, it's our media's obsession with it now and promoting and making money off of confused children, mutilating their bodies, which can't be undone in some cases. Leave the kids out of it, adults can do it if they want. That's my only problem with trans stuff is when they let children make decisions more important than drinking, driving and voting. It's insane and no one has ever explained it well enough to make any sense. Adults can do what they want with their bodies. Period. That is all.
  5. Good to know I always have the option to suddenly become female if I ever decide I feel like I've been one my whole life...to think i used to be stuck thinking there were only two genders and that I was born either one or the other. Thanks modern day science and ideas....you've open my eyes to so many possibilities and wonders I never knew existed because I was so narrow minded!
    Goddess Shar continues to grow sexier. I've never seen her belly so round. Her plump face somehow continues to grow more beautiful as the pounds pile on. Her skin is glowing and her eyes are jewels. She is a REAL Goddess!
    Kitty Fatter. Stairs for days. Enormous stretch marks. Belly spread insanity. Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous face. Buy this vid. The end.
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