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  1. Amazing! It's been a long time coming, but it's impressive to see you reach that milestone.
  2. This is great! I really enjoy the slower progression and Nicole embracing her talent.
  3. Wow, you are looking amazingly wide in that shot, this video is going to be good
  4. Hot damn, I love that confident/haughty look, knowing that outfit got you the exact reaction you wanted out of us. You're gorgeous, looking forward to the video 😍
  5. Oh wow, I didn't know you had continued this story on here, I saw the first few parts on DeviantArt. Great story, love her descent into gluttony!
  6. Never watched VR video before, that was... just mesmerizing. Will definitely be getting more if you make them
  7. The pictures/videos on her official site aren't really a good benchmark to go by, since they were all shot about 6 months ago. You can tell from the fact that she's had the same fingernail polish in all of the videos since August of last year. I'm amazed at how long they've been able to spread out the content, hopefully they bring her back in to shoot some more. In the meantime, the shots from her snapchat or MayContainGirl will be a better estimate of her current size.
  8. I had thought this set might be a little newer since her nail polish changed, that's normally the easiest way to see when the timeframes change. For a while I wasn't sure if the site was shutting down and this was all of their old, unreleased content, since they had a few months with only a couple of models. Either way, Lucy's a treat to see at this size.
  9. Agree to #2, it wouldn't be so bad if the photo viewers was for all posts on the page, aggregating them into a gallery to scroll through, but having it per post makes it seem like a downgrade for the reasons stated. I'd also request that the "Quote this" pop-up when you quote text gets removed, or at least would still allow for right-clicking. There are a ton of URLs that don't actually hyperlink for some reason and it was possible just to highlight it and right-click to choose "Go to..." (in chrome, at least). Same for trying to websearch names that get left. There are also probably some users that only know how to copy text by using the context menu.
  10. They aren't morphs, these are from the official site. If you check the posts in this thread from mid-October, you'll see some snapchat stuff taken at the same time. http://www.curvage.org/forum/index.php?/topic/70-lucy-collett-page-3-girl/&do=findComment&comment=301208
  11. Wow, this is great. I'm really liking all of the collaborations you're doing berserker, you have impeccable taste in writers, too. The initial setup was a little corny/dull, but your descriptions on everything really sell it and make it engaging past the opening scenes.
  12. Aftermath


    Awesome, love crazypicklehead's stuff. (Your stuff is great, too)
  13. Can someone with a twitter account ask her if she's switched from social glamour back to suicide girls; or where one would find her latest content? Seems like social glamour is shutting down, going by the lack of updates.
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