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    It is very evident from this vid that Kate had a fantastic Holiday stuffing herself silly 😜 I loved how genuine her reaction was to her added weight in the last month and can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store for her already sexy figure!! Hope to see more stuffings and updated weigh in updates!!!
    What an excellent video…Nectar has clearly been eating away this summer and it shows. Every part of her body looks noticeably bigger from only 2 months ago when I bought her last weigh in!!! I really hope she can find a larger measuring tape for the next weigh in/measurements update as she will for sure need it! 10/5 stars if I could give it that.
    Juicy has clearly been living up to her name, looking juicier than ever! The beginning weigh in is pretty impressive, but just wait until the end! She astonishes me every time with how much food she is able to fit into her gut. I could have sworn I spotted some new stretch marks too…can’t wait for her to do more stuffings like this and get bigger too!
    Wow…I had a feeling BabyBee had grown in the past 2 months, but pictures can be deceiving so I wasn’t 100% sure. But I couldn't resist the urge to buy this video to confirm or deny my suspicions…and lemme tell you she has grown a lot in just 2 months. This was such a great try on comparison vid, seeing how the same clothes fit her just 2 months ago is the proof. I am utterly amazed buttons weren’t flying off, especially with the final pair of jean shorts. I think this vid necessitates a Part 3 try on in another 2 months, perhaps even sooner at the rate she’s growing. Fantastic video once again. I would give this a 10/5 stars if I could.
    Absolutely incredible video…I had to go back and watch her previous outgrown clothes try on video and watching her try on a few of the same jeans/shorts made it so worth it. She is so much noticeably fatter that even the same pants a year ago that came close to being buttoned and fit her butt nicely don’t even come close to making it halfway over her shelf booty now, and just the effort causes her to get insanely out of breath. She takes a few breaks to sit down and lets out a few monstrous burps too…all in all, an amazing video. I think she could easily hit 600 pounds if she keeps it up and would love to see more outgrown clothes try on clips!
    There are so many things I loved about this video that I don’t even know where to start. For one, it’s only $2.99 and over 15 mins long!!! The burps are stellar, and if you listen with headphones you can hear how out of breath bbwkate gets by the end of the cake and in between heavily breathing is unashamedly burping up a storm. Can’t wait to see how many lbs she’s packed on and for her to reach her goals!!
    Right off the bat, bbwkate is noticeably plumper, from her face down to her huge, squishy belly…she may have been away for awhile, but her appetite sure has not. I am so excited to see her upcoming weigh in…she seriously looks about 20 lbs fatter if I had to guess. I hope she continues to stuff her face and grow bigger and bigger. 🤩
    Awesome video! Cannot believe how difficult it was for you to look out far enough past that belly and get those 4X shorts to button! I’m sure your nails weren’t helping either lol. Took a few tries but you got it! It’s clear you’ve gotten even bigger considering the next sized pants up get you all sweaty and out of breath now! Would love to see the damage firsthand with an updated weigh in and measurements vid!!!!
    This is an awesome deal for the price! You get to see exactly how much various parts of her jiggly body measure up to, then watch her grow and expand stuffing her face with lots of food and drink throughout the day and then wow the weigh in is shocking compared to the beginning of the day!!! I would love to see more weigh in and measurement updates, especially if you completely let yourself go and let your waistline continue to expand!
    A bit bigger than I had anticipated! Would love to see more weigh in vids down the road if you decide to gain more!
    So much shakin’!!!! Every step she takes there is lots and lots of jigglin’ of booty as she shimmies her way into her pants…and the weigh in is awesome. I would love to see her pack on more pounds and continue to make more outgrown clothes try on videos
    This video is great…if you enjoy deep belches…and get to watch Bianca rub her huge jiggly belly back and forth the more stuffed she gets. You can hear the sound of the floorboards creaking underneath her which is proof as to how fat she really is. Plus she has goals now to get even fatter! Personally, I think 350 is such a short term goal and would love to see her shoot for 400 lbs by the end of the year! 🙏
    First of all, BUY this video. Even if you didn’t watch her beginning of April weigh in video. But, if you didn’t, go back and buy that too so you can see the incredible difference in her weight in only 6 weeks!!! From the get go, she is noticeably fatter, from her face, her humongous belly and butt, and pretty much just all over she looks heavier in such a short amount of time. There is so much to love about this video that you just have to see for yourself. I really really hope she does another month long or even 2-month long stuffing with before and after comparisons again to push herself to try to gain more the next time around! So sexy and you can tell she’s super aroused by all the dough she’s managed to pack on!
    If you like watching a girl twirl around and show you all of her ASSets then this video is for you! Her starting measurements are already really impressive and when she mentions how high her body fat % is my jaw dropped. I hope she continues to grow and make updates along the way showing her body get bigger! And it would be awesome to be able to see the scale for future vids!
    One of the sexiest tight clothes videos I’ve ever seen and really hope she decides to make a series out of it! If you like watching a heavy, jiggly woman bounce around in order to secure herself in her shorts, then this video is for you. It even features a solid performance of some twerking as well…and let’s just say LilMamaKay has clearly been a good piggy since her last outgrown clothes video in October last year. Her belly is huge now! 10/10 recommend this clip and can’t wait to see her get out of breath struggling into more outgrown clothes.
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