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  1. In my eyes a girl isn't fat until she needs a seatbelt extender on a plane - it's a real rite of passage, feels like crossing a major line.

    Aspirational stuff. All those who've had the honour of joining the mile high fat club please let me know how it felt the first time.

    1. NikkiMaialina


      One word: shock. I could barely fit in the seat lol. I just recently purchased my very own extender!

    2. LushLauren


      We will see! I fly in January! 😮

       I’m sure I’ll need one lol

    3. sweetheart_stoner


      I had to use a seat belt extender when I flew, I was so embarrassed 

    4. Madilyn Mars

      Madilyn Mars

      If I'm 400 pounds and don't need one, I can imagine 'fat' for you is like...450 up?

    5. Udderlyadorable


      The first time I knew I needed one I was on a flight with my friend during college winter break… I sat down and tried everything to squeeze my fat to fit… I didn’t know extenders existed,  I showed my friend the problem I was having, we both laughed and she gave me her sweater to put over my waist so that the flight attendants didn’t see that it wasn’t buckled. After I landed I talked to my dad about it because he is a bigger guy and flys a lot for work and he told me about extenders and it’s normal and don’t be embarrassed to ask for one. 😅

    If you thought TCG was getting big in her recent weigh in video. Think again. This video is on another level she's clearly outta control her belly looks crazily big - the fresh stretch marks are an obvious sign of gluttony at work - she's getting huge before our eyes - don't miss this amazing exciting video, just imagine if TCG was your professor and feedee.
    Ngl this weigh in reveal was a little shocking but in a good way - I can't believe how enormously fat @Bbwmochyn is getting - it's insane. The best part is hearing her determination to be even fatter - she's clearly as turned on as anyone about her massive belly and huge weight.
    I'm not going to lie, this is a video I've wanted to see for a very long time. I was not disappointed .... TCG gets straight to the point - and stands on a scale early in the video and wow her number is bigger than I was expecting. She follows up with some very very sexy measurement numbers that also do not fail to disappoint she's a big girl with an incredible shape - let's just say, finding bras and pants that fit must be a challenge. TCG isn't done though - the video carries on for a full 13 and a half minutes of chat about her goals and struggles and family reactions and a great deal of belly jiggling . This is a great value video from arguably the prettiest BBW in the scene - personal highlight was watching her jiggle her way to the scale before she stepped on it - boy has she added a lot of fat to her body.
  2. There was a famous video with a blue shirt - it went viral
  3. Football is coming home.


    🇬🇧🇬🇧 Come on England 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  4. My pleasure - I'd love to get my hands all over your belly
  5. You were huge in the first one .....
  6. It's coming home 

  7. This is going to sound bad - but I hope no one is offended - Curvage has really changed over the years - the feed used to be full of chat and banter and people's experiences with a wg fetish. Now it's just clip advert after clip advert. Don't get me wrong we have some incredible content creators making amazing videos - I buy many myself - I'm just so sad that the heart of curvage has changed. 

    Maybe I'm too old and don't like change - actually there's no maybe about it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. pet sounds

      pet sounds

      @Jorin85, that's not a fair characterization of what I said. I never said, nor ever will say, that people shouldn't be paid for their work. 

    3. Jorin85


      No that is not what you said. You said that the shift from community to commerce is ''unfortunate,''

      How is it in any way ''unfortunate'' that people want to make money and sell their products here.

      And it has not affected the community - at least not to me.

      There are still hundreds of forums and community chat rooms on this site for you to engage with people.

      And no one is forcing you to pay any attention to the commercial aspect of it. You can choose to avoid it yourself, and find areas of the site that you do like.

    4. pet sounds

      pet sounds

      @Jorin85, people still made money from their "products" here long before the commercial shift the op mentions. For those of us who have patronized Curvage for a number of years, it clearly has a much more commercial character to it. Doesn't mean I don't still like it, but I do find the shift unfortunate.

    5. Jorin85


      So does all of the internet and the wider world in general.

       I just don't see that as an argument in any way -  more of a moan and groan that things ''weren't like they were before.''

      And as I said, there are loads of active forums here.

    6. Expanditor


      Yeah, I’ve been on and off curvage for years, before it was curvage even. Many sites in this community have shifted in some aspect to being more commercial for sure, but this has definitely shifted from a community with commercial stuff on the side to selling first and community second. Literally the first thing I get when logging in is the feed full of primarily advertisements and the side bar advertising the clips too. Even the women of curvage section is largely becoming primarily an avenue for soft advertising in many cases than really being a community thing. There used to be a whole bunch of non-fetish stuff going on in the community, both here and elsewhere but you don’t really see it anymore and a lot of the familiar faces you’d see in those discussions are also long gone now. I largely only check out these sites to consume content now and even that I’m not really bothered about. The removal of stripe and the saved card details on payments was an eye opener for me, because I realised how low the barrier actually was for me to stop buying content lol.

    7. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      A couple things made this happen in recent years. The short answer is Curvage is a victim of its own success. The long answer is that membership in this community has more than doubled, which means the front page has sped-up. Models don’t want their vids to be lost to view, so they do their little ad blitzes and make multiple posts of the same vid, which ironically exacerbates the problem. There used to be a feature at the bottom of the main page where you could see recently updated threads, which was a great way to dive into something that looked appealing. This feature is now gone, leaving only the light-speed ad spam. I hope this feature is reintroduced later to bring balance between paid content and community discussion 👀

      There was also a chat box that only functioned on pc’s for some reason. I’ve heard it was lively a few years ago, but the increasing prevalence of smartphones meant more and more members couldn’t access the chat, which turned it into a little ghost-town of people saying “hello,” “wyd,” “it’s good.” I happened to have some entertaining interactions with obvious catfishes posting “selfies” in my DM’s. If everyone has had similar experiences, I get why the chat box was retired.

      The last main reason is we had a few very popular models retire recently. This is fine, it’s just it happened to occur in quick succession. Popular models are sort of “anchor stores” for the site. We just need to wait for some new talent to come.

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