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    Wow - this girl is special. She's the cutest sexiest little fatty out there ..... But she won't be little for long - she eats an incredible number of double cheeseburgers on top of a weight gain shake - her distended belly at the end is testimony to her sheer greed and gluttony. 17 minutes of hedonistic indulgence if you enjoy a beautiful 20yo fat girl eating to her bloated bellys capacity and way beyond then you've found your Nirvana. Little squish baby is going to get so fat .... And her beauty is for all to see. Hot video 😍 I loved it - she has the perfect shape - pretty face - huge boobs and a big belly - this lady is one to watch
  1. The main problem in my opinion is that so many guys are turned on by bbws and feederism and are desperately horny about it, however they don't understand that a relationship has to be based on more than just a fetish. Immaturity plays a part - they want the thing that turns them on so much but aren't prepared to be seen publicly with a big girl. It's a sad truth - you have to choose wisely you have to choose a guy who wants all of you - not just a fat fantasy. He needs to be able to stand in front of friends and family and say I love FAT. I wish you every success - sex between people who share a fetish like ours is (as you know) absolutely electric - better than anything else - so persevere he's out there ......
    I cannot believe how much bigger both girls are. Gorgeous bodies super hot πŸ”₯
  2. Anything ? How much - to the pound do you weigh today ?πŸ˜‰
  3. Talk about a swift response 🀣 Regardless - any collab would be amazing 🀞
  4. Simple question - who thinks they've gained the most during lockdown ?

    1. Mochii Babii
    2. EmilyBBW


      Basically nothing ... oh .. no .... wait: "There is no business like Fake business" ;).

  5. I wasn't even aware you were judging the messages - I just got excited and carried away when I saw your recent pics
  6. Was being 100% serious - it takes a lot of time curating a message like that. Surely it took ages so you knew I wasn't being sarcastic
  7. Putting all those quotes together must have been a lot of work
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