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  1. vennie

    RIP tumblr

    Maybe this is a good thing. It'll exclude girls from doing any mainstream pornographic content and push them toward wg content
  2. vennie

    RIP tumblr

    Fucking third wave feminazi's!
  3. vennie

    19 yr old 600 lb ssbbw from reddit loseit

    Hahaha so this is some guy pretending to be this 640 lbs chick....if he didnt post the picture he could've kept going. Now his cover is blown.
  4. vennie

    Diana Sirokai

    This woman is spectacular
  5. vennie

    Diana Sirokai

    If I didn't already have a girl I would go buy me one of these
  6. vennie

    Diana Sirokai

    Her face is honestly incredible. Sheer perfection. And then to have those curves as icing on the cake... I wonder if her personality matches her exterior.
  7. vennie

    who is this girl????

    We definately still need more of this girl!
  8. vennie

    Most protruding SSBBW Asses

    Pipe down a little. He made a joke, get over it.
  9. vennie

    My ED is Ruining My Relationship

    Let's recap: Get's upset and storms out Doesnt talk to for an entire day Tells you you have an old man problem Sleeps in the other room in frustration Tells you you're not trying Gets visibly upset Shuts down socially when you don't perform Makes jokes about you having a 'baby dick' Makes jokes about you not getting it up Applies pressure by telling you sex has to happen soon I wonder if she will be this supportive when you would really get sick in the future of your relationship...
  10. vennie

    DV FURYous Candids

    Oh, I assumed you had also checked out her asshole, for good measure.
  11. vennie

    Funniest Weight Loss Myths

    Hahaha, great read! You should write a book I'd buy it.
  12. vennie

    What if being fat were illegal?

    The only good option to settle an argument is...seeing who can post the most hot fat chicks.
  13. vennie

    What if being fat were illegal?

    Let's keep the gun debate outside of this thread. Gun nuts vs. soft pacifists is tiresome.
  14. vennie

    DV FURYous Candids

    Ooh she has some hips hidden there.
  15. vennie

    DV FURYous Candids