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  1. I think I'm eating too much... 🤗🤭



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      What? No! Just look at you, you're practically wasting away! :P 

    3. Mystical887
    4. giottano2


      You must eat more and more! I want see you become very Huge!




    Like my new fat body? 🍑 

    In case you missed it last night, enjoy my upset tummy in this new clip: 😉 





    Wanna' join me in the shower? 🚿 😉 


  4. Welcome to the final episode of this three-part series. Now you must have seen Nicole's belly so stuffed that she could hardly walk to the shower.. 🐖 In this third part you will see her belly and fat ass through the glass in her attempt to calm her tummy ache with hot water. 🔥 💦 After showering she realizes it was all in vain, she still hurts, but hey at least you got to see her naked belly and booty! 🍑 She finally decides to lay down and fall asleep, tomorrow is another day for eating! 😉 Leave a review if you liked it and want her belly bigger. 😍


  5. Some pics about upcoming clips.. 😘 📸 





    Stay tuned for tonight the third part of the Seafood Night series will be here!

  6. Preview.gif.66dd29d6df20ebcc0bca64fdc28c13f1.gif

    Second part of the Seafood Night stuffing saga is here!

    My belly is bigger than ever, want it to get round like a balloon? 🎈 ☺ 


  7. Preview2.gif.709a6538c75b4e6bcf21a6627937c23a.gif

    Are you ready for the second part? 😏


  8. Welcome to the 2nd chapter of the Seafood Night trilogy! 🐷 As you can see, my belly has grown bigger, you will spend over 11 minutes enjoying my growing tummy and by the end you'll hear me moaning because I'll be in pain from so much food! 🤤 Near the end I'll be teasing you about the shower I'm about to take, would you like to join me in the next part? 😉 Leave a review and keep making my tummy and butt cheeks grow in size! 🍑 _______________ Check out the first clip!


  9. Preview2.gif.36f1543145093a20ea65082f5c4d93b7.gif

    Check out my new midnight stuffing clip, part 2 is coming this afternoon! 😘 


  10. This was supposed to be a new series of videos about the Asian Piggy, but it turns out that the famous shirt won't fit me anymore! (In case you haven't seen the Asian Piggy saga, check it out here!). I started to whine in my poorly spoken English until I came out with another idea... 🤣 So, I proceeded to stuff myself anyway, I ordered a huge bowl of Peruvian seafood consisting of three different dishes, you will see my belly grow as I eat and let out a couple burps. 🤣 Stay tuned for the next part that's being uploaded as of right now! In the 2nd part I will finish the bowl, you will see me in pain with my stuffed tummy... 🐷 If you want me to order even more food for next time, help me by leaving a review! 😉


  11. PSX_20190518_132132.thumb.jpg.f1d913dc6310f742f0429be3d0e7624d.jpg

    (from latest clip)

    Like my booty? Have some more: 🙂📸 



    1. MoonlightStarling
    2. jarhead78


      Getting wide and hourglass shaped - what a beautiful transformation 

    3. AlexDeep



  12. 20190518_131510.gif.3172644849854a0e7a38a6782ee8b207.gif

    Does these shirts make my belly look bigger? 🙂 


    1. BigBunny


      yes also your hips ;)

    2. MoonlightStarling


      That's a good thing.

    3. JesusofSuburbia


      I love how soft youre getting!

  13. 20190518_123349.gif.ac1c0162a1ff71067c869965622da3f9.gif

    A new clip is coming... 😘 😊


    1. renatobrazil


      Wow, goddess! Just perfect! Muy guapa! 😘kisses from Brazil!!!😉

    2. Rebeljoe


      My god perfect.

    3. pietro smusi

      pietro smusi

      I see a beautiful plump belly😍❤️

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