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  1. It seems to be working now. Thank you
  2. Thank you Cyclist for so eloquently explaining what I obviously could not.
  3. I guess if no one else is experiencing this problem then it has to be on my end. Time for a computer clean-out. Thanks again.
  4. sorry i'm trying to paste the address bar and this comes up. Your example is exactly what shows in the address bar.
  5. I wish I was tech smart enough to be able to fulfill your request, but I'm not. Sorry
  6. I just tried it on the laptop with the same results.
  7. Still the same. It must be something on my end but why only on Curvage?
  8. Directly logged into the site from my desk top
  9. Still no change. Don't know what the problem is but thanks for the help
  10. other sites are fine i'm only experiencing the situation with Curvage
  11. same on another browser
  12. I see it considerately larger. I like the way you see it.
  13. I'm finding this happening on every page.
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