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    This is a super hot video; you may not be able to get through it all in one sitting, if you know what I mean. GGG shows off how thick her lower half as become and how round her belly is by shoving herself into some preposterously tight jeans. Classic GGG aroused feedee debauchery ensues.
    GGG shows off both her gorgeous chubby body and her delightful personality, voraciously scarfing down cookie dough and chugging milk like the true glutton she is. This is a wonderful followup to her weigh-in, and she talks about how she's going to make her current chubby self look tiny once she's in the obese territory of 200+ pounds.
    GGG looks spectacularly chubby now, her fat body oozing and bulging out of her tight underwear. She delightfully measures her growing body, jiggling all of her newly plump parts. You won't want to miss this milestone on GGG's road to obesity.
    If you want to see GGG get literally hot and bothered (to the point of sweating lol) at busting open her clothes, this video is for you. She talks in her usual charming way about how she's gotten bigger and how huge she's going to get. You won't want to miss this video, especially since it's nearly an hour long for just $13.
    I think this is the most turned on I've ever seen GGG in a video. She breathlessly plays with her growing body and talks about how big she's gotten just in the past two months. You can really tell why she's put on so much weight so quickly: she's absolutely insatiably aroused by getting fatter.
    GGG's growth is unreal. In just two weeks, her entire body has visibly expanded. I won't give too much away, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at her new numbers. GGG certainly was. There are a few moments where she looks like she's going to collapse because the bigger numbers make her so horny.
    I wish I could give this video six stars. GGG is right, this is the sexiest video she's ever made. She looks absolutely incredible, which you can see from the screenshots. But what you can't see from the screenshots is how she talks about her growing body and her plans to fatten herself up even more. The way she eats the ice cream is very erotic. This is the best video I've ever watched on Curvage Clips, you will not be disappointed!
    In one of her hottest videos yet, GGG shows off how much her body has softened, widened, and rounded out in a tight pair of yoga pants. You can hear in her voice just how turned on she jiggles and bounces her newly plump belly, which oozes over the waistband of her pants. She slaps her round gut and then rubs it with lotion, her fingers sinking into her juicy fat. And as always, she talks alluringly about how big she's gotten and how big she wants to get.
    This is such a hot video! You get to see exactly how chubby, jiggly, and bouncy GGG's belly has become. As she slaps her belly, you can see the waves ripple through her newly acquired blubber. And it's not just her belly; her whole body quakes.
    It's only been a month since GGG's last video in these clothes, but you can clearly see that she's gotten fatter. Her belly is bulging under her tank top, and you can see the outline of her bellybutton in the fabric as it has widened and deepened with the extra pudge she has put on. She's expanded, softened, and widened everywhere, which is painfully obvious in her tight shorts and tank top. As with all of her videos, GGG is chatty and charming when she talks about her growing body.
    If you like huge stuffings and chubby girls in tight clothes, this is the video for you. GGG somehow crams 60 nuggets into her belly, all the while talking about how big she's getting and rubbing her new fat. I usually get bored with long videos, but that was not the case for this one. GGG is really an incredible feedee 😍
    It's been less than two weeks since GGG's last weigh in and she look visibly fatter. Her belly curves out more, her thighs are chunkier and jigglier, and her ass has plumped up. Not only can you see the rapid changes to her body, you get to find out exactly how her weight and measurements have changed. The whole time, she talks about how big she's gotten recently and you can tell it really turns her on.
    GGG explains why she's been getting so fat lately and why her fat pants are quickly becoming her skinny jeans. She's so surprised that she has a real belly now, and the thought up plumping up so fast gets her turned on. She scarfs down a burger and fries, making her belly more swollen with each bite. Will she be able to stop gaining weight, or will she balloon into a true fat girl?
    You can tell GGG is surprised and turned on at how big she's gotten in such a short span of time. She looks significantly softer, wider, and rounder than she did in her last weigh-in. Highly recommended! 😍
  1. If I can give a bit of constructive criticism: you really need to use punctuation, break the text into paragraphs, and make sure your spelling is correct. Here's a reformatted and slightly revised version of chapter 2 for example: Later that night, the girls usually all met at a burger joint on the far side of town. Cassie was not wasting any time and ordered a double cheese burger with extra bacon and a large bowl of fries. "Can you seriously finish all that?" the girls asked in disbelief. "Yes" Cassie happily replied with a big smirk on her face. "You better slow down on the sweets, Cass, or else soon enough you won't be able to fit in these booths anymore," said Judy. She was right. Recently her weight just kept on going up. She was already 250 pounds and only 5'3" so she had to be careful or she could blow up in no time. "Here ya go ladies," the waiter dropped off double cheeseburger with extra bacon and extra fries. The girls couldn't believe their eyes. Did Cassie seriously just order that much food?! The once plus-sized beauty queen quickly started to stuff her plump little cheeks, with grease dripping down her cheeks. She loved fast food and it was definitely starting to show in her lower half. Her butt which was once hard a firm grew soft and fatty. Her yoga pants were constantly pushed to their limits with her massive butt trying to bust free. The girls could clearly tell Cassie was packing on the pounds at a frantic rate. Shortly after they finished the meals, they ordered and all sat back in their seats, bellies about to burst clean out of their stretched yoga pants. Cassie let out a massive burp and noticed a blue Ford van pulling in the parking lot, parking in the closest spot to the door. As the van door opened Cassie's eyes almost popped out of her skull. It had to be one of the most beautiful girls she has ever seen except she was extremely obese, probably weighing close to 400 pounds. As the women entered the restaurant, everybody glanced at her enormous pear shape as she waddled to the closest booth available. Cassie watched the SSBBW struggle to squeeze into tight space. Once the young plumper wiggled her rear in, her figure practically took up the entire bench seat. The young girl glanced at her menu then put it down shortly after, the waitress walked over to her and asked her if she wanted the usual.
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