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  1. akula1369

    RIP tumblr

    I don't disagree with you, but I would rather not think about politics on this website. I mean, people on this website are super argumentative without politics.
  2. akula1369

    RIP tumblr

    Let's not argue about politics. I think we call all agree FUCK TUMBLR
  3. akula1369

    RIP tumblr

    For the unaware: tumblr will be removing all content with nudity in it (and seemingly quite a bit that is non-nude but suggestive/NSFW). So if you follow chubby girls on tumblr, now's your chance to save pics and videos because it's all going to be gone soon.
  4. Is the instagram thing going to happen at some point?  Looking forward to seeing how you've grown!



      Yes me to from uk so I am been up all night lol and e3 was on lol yes I am so Excited to see her more 

  5. akula1369

    Sara Jean Underwood - slight weight gain

    Oh, derp. I should have read more carefully.
  6. akula1369

    Sara Jean Underwood - slight weight gain

    Well, I didn’t report the thread, so.......
  7. akula1369

    Sara Jean Underwood - slight weight gain

    Sure, she's gained a little bit. But you post so an incredible volume of uninteresting pictures and low-quality screenshots, all for someone who went from really skinny to just skinny/normal.
  8. akula1369

    Sara Jean Underwood - slight weight gain

    So many posts, so few pounds.
  9. akula1369

    Hott!! Candid Bubble Butt 2 - Exhibitionist

    Candids are just creepy
  10. akula1369

    Ms. Taylor

    Great update! Any new photos to post?
  11. akula1369

    Crushit on F E 4 B 1 3

    Yeah I looked, hence why I’m asking.
  12. akula1369

    Crushit on F E 4 B 1 3

    User Crushit on "F E 4 B 1 3" (not the real name of the site due to Curvage censorship) says she has a youtube, does anyone know what it is?
  13. akula1369

    My soulmate

    This should be in the stories sub-forum, not here.
  14. akula1369

    Kelly Brook

    Everything surrounding her is distorted; it's not just some warped wood.
  15. Man, candids are creepy as hell.