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  1. What are a few things people have said about your weight or size that secretly turned you on?
  2. I'd rather assume the position
  3. Yes, I missed you terribly. Will you be posting clips? I seem to recall an oatmeal pies, and it looks like you haven't been skipping out on them
  4. Sounds like you hit the boyfriend jackpot and you're worried about what society categorizes as 'attractive' and 'sexy'. My pro tip: Fuck that. Love your own curves, keep your boyfriend in the loop about your insecurities and thoughts. Communicate with him more, but don't harp on it. If he wants you to be 300 pounds, that means he wants to be there with you, which is actually pretty sweet. That's a long time. Plus he bakes and cooks for you???? Cmon
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