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  1. Anyone have more of this girl? The main poster on her thread here: is a guest now and I was wondering if anyone else had her source.
  2. Gain 5 pounds at a time. Get plenty of exercise inbetween. Let your body get used to the new weight a little at a time. Gain muscle as well as fat and try your hardest not to gain abdominal fat.
  3. This girl is a moderately well known country singer from North Carolina who also just happens to be quite possibly the most attractive woman on the planet. Enjoy these pictures and dont be afraid to support her music. For god's sake, her new album is called Thick Thighs!
  4. Will just say that women are pretty intuitive, even younger girls. They pick up on small body language signals like you focusing on their belly during intimacy and providing her with food. Just be prepared for the eventual reality of *none* of her clothes fitting any more. That's where you swoop in and help her buy a whole new wardrobe. Buying her food is easy, everyone wants food. No one wants to outgrow all their favorite clothes. You're in the honeymoon phase now, just be prepared for it all to come crashing down when the reality sets in.
  5. Sorry you're having to go through all this hardship over your body. Exercise will make you feel better, have less moments where you get tired while walking up stairs, etc. You can diet if you want but I recommend just eating what you want as long as its not too overly bad for you and trying to fit at least 30 minutes of exercise in 3-4 days a week. That's it. It's a small goal, and one that's achievable pretty easily, just do it and tell yourself that it's enough for now, stop stressing over how much you need to do and just be.
  6. Thank you for keeping the old layout, appreciate it. Now if we could get rid of these Christmas Lights making an annoying ass sound this site would be perfect
  7. Okay, now take that and tell it to him I will say right now, as you have this kink it matures. So imagine how many things about it turn you on now, and think of having been like that for years and years. Maybe that's why he's a little more shy about talking about it, because he's got so much time on you as far as being into this stuff. From reading your first post, it sounds like you got a little upset when he first told you, something you might want to address and say sorry for how that might have made him feel. That will hopefully make sharing things easier for him. If you really want him to tell you everything, just say that. Don't be judgmental, no matter what you hear, because if there is stuff like that chances are that's not *all* he's into and what you are giving him in regards to that is quite enough! Your approaches to the kink are going to be like a Venn Diagram, you won't know what you're missing until you open up to each other.
  8. What are you into in regards to this stuff? It would help if we knew.
  9. I just have to say I hate the new layout...so much wasted space. You used to be able to see almost all the threads on one screen, now you can see like...5. And for what, to see bigger profile pictures? Does not seem worth it to me.
  10. Pretty sure if there was a 5'2" 600 lb 19 year old model who gained 150 pounds in 6 months...we would've heard about it.
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