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  1. To think one day we'll see you overflowing on those bars ! ( Granted... If you can even fit through em' )
  2. Thank YOU, for giving the world more fat Russian limbo bimbos. Absolutely love it!
  3. REALLY just played horny Russian roulette with myself to think of a gal that needs fat art, and well, demon bimbos obviously won that vote,,, Reference really was just the first thing that came to mind size wize?? Also gotta love your general shapes? Fats? Bellies?, my dude.
  4. “ Celebrating SMOSH's 20th anniversary, we brought back food battle for a one time event. Courtney vs the food! BELLCH” This has been such an impressive (though somewhat subtle) gain, from trim to that potbelly, Courtney is definitely going places! (But not with that weight kek)
  5. Has cosplay ever been considered? Think some characters would like with your extra (oh so growing) chunk!
  6. With all the disney talks, how about some kate? Absence doesn't do well for the gut!
  7. “Spider-Woman first plus sized superhero rep in games?! Must buy!” -10/10 Said an alternate IGN. hah this is great, thanks again!
  8. Jess Drew hasn't been in a lot of games, maybe she would've gotten in for some BBW rep👀
  9. That's LITERALLY perfect thank you thank you
  10. So hard finding a clear picture of Jesse Faden from Remedy's Control, so hopefully one does justice, butttt whoo, if someone can take a shot of plumping her up👀
  11. Some Canary action in this too? Wow! Love seeing this BOP action, and possibly a Babs and Dinah relationship 👀
  12. Ooo I kinda want to see how Karen would treat babs herself
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