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  1. No wonder Allyson could not keep her hands off ero her shape and size now is belly and cellulite everywhere ero you are really letting your self get soft and fat Allyson could let you feed her weight gain shake it will make sure that she is a BBW like ero

  2. Been waiting to buy your clips and got paid today, bought so many love this one silence feels closer to you, keep gaining i want you to focus on belly especially going forward. X
  3. Just been paid my feeder impulse is wondering whos clips to but, cq, ero, shar whos clip next?

  4. I'm getting fat are there any BHM sites I can model on

  5. Joedonno

    Weight gain models

    Please let me find the best weight gain model
  6. Notifications are always off Nicole Passat you are always feeding your belly

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