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  1. wow, I am loving how she looks now!
  2. torontolad


    A legend in the BBW/FA community... loved his work for a lot of years!
  3. I would like to know as well - one of the most awesome before/after shots ever! She is gorgeous!
  4. Love it! Lots of fun, really funny, and totally cute. Great job!
  5. Love this! My French isn't great, but this will be a great story to practice on...
  6. This is great. Nice work! Hope you continue on with other stories, I love your art & colouring style!
  7. Man, what a great shot.... I hope she is real, but it looks a little morph-y to me... Anyone have additional info?
  8. Don't forget Brenda Marshall's Ponderous Woman comics and the various spin-offs at http://ponderous.0catch.com/
  9. Can't recall her name, but she had a Southern Charms site for quite a while. It was deactivated probably more than a year ago... I will dig up my old hard drive and see if I can find any of her photos later. Jay
  10. This is a "dream sequence" from Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore. Very cool comic, btw!
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