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  1. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    Laughed at this because of the date... ...but if this is real, wow...
  2. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    *checks Twitter, sees wrestling - sans America’s big 2 (WWE & AEW, who will perform in front of virtually no one) - is taking at least the next month off* Welp.
  3. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    *walks up to podium, taps mic* Toni Storm, am I right? *walks away before anyone hopefully notices*
  4. JustA619Guy

    Noelle Foley

    “Feed Noelle! Let her know it’s Christmas time...”
  5. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    I guess Ruby Raze learned how it feels to be a water balloon today. No pics with the tweet, sadly, but you can imagine how round she probably looked.
  6. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    Screw the title; can I defend her 24/7?
  7. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    These were from her match at the most-recent Mae Young Classic. I recall her looking big, but damn...
  8. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    I don’t recall Nia ever looking as round (emphasis on “as”) as she did at this year’s Rumble. Also, I swear I was a fan of Becky for quite a while before I ever thought she was hot. Guess that’s a bonus now.
  9. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    Fits the gimmick perfectly.
  10. Welcome to feedist infamy! Hope it treats you well.
  11. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    Mickie James’s mom bod looked pretty great on Raw once again.
  12. JustA619Guy

    Female wrestlers

    Her butt too. Long live “The Seattle She-Hoss”.
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