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  1. I'm a Brit and believe me, most UK women are incredibly sensitive about their weight. IMO, if her boobs weren't such a big part of her appeal, she'd try a lot harder to slim down.
  2. Latest version - over 200 new images and a lot more weighgain is now on the ** page
  3. Not that it helps any, but there is a Curvage app for Android. I've had it on my phone for ages. It doesn't help because it stopped working about six months ago. I mentioned this on the help forum and was told it would be reactivated. No ETA on when this will happen though...
  4. Just thought I'd give a quick peek at how things are developing with the main female character. The unblurred sizes are in the public demo. The blurred size is in the early access demo, and I'm currently working on the size beyond that for the next version of the game
  5. The new version (0.3) is now on the ** page
  6. Next version of the game (0.3) is almost ready, so 0.2 is now available to everyone on the Patron page
  7. Oh, and for those who are interested, the next version will (hopefully - still a lot to do!) be ready by the end of the month. So far, there's one completely new scene, a new character (previews of both these on the Patron page), fairly big enhancements to a couple of other scenes, the resolution to the end of the 0.2 version, the next weight gain stage and... lots more images. Just under 150 at current count and more to come.
  8. It's a 23 minute video by the look of it... so the price isn't that unreasonable. Works out at just over $2 per minute. A lot of other models have similar rates
  9. @Tony Watt I can't test the Mac version, unfortunately, but a few others have and they've said it works okay. It'd be good if you don't post any spoilers in public - a lot of people haven't played the latest Patron version yet, but if you do have any questions, feel free to PM me. Either on here or on the Patron site.
  10. @Lurks in the Void Sorry, for the slow response. I didn't get a notifcation that you'd replied, or if I did, I missed it! The next game is definitely a long way off, but if you have any suggestions, please feel free to make them. Or for this game, if you have any. Always happy to listen to ideas!
  11. To be honest, I don't really mind people looking at the script if they want to. Just (IMO) it spoils the game if they check out the files and know what's coming. And next game? I've been working on this one for almost 6 months and it's going to take me at least that long again to finish i. Next game is a long way off! 😛 That said, I'm always open to suggestions for the future. I've heard of Disco Elysium. Never played it though. May give it a shot.
  12. I need to work on a better way of protecting the script files 😛
  13. I don't think it's just you
  14. New early access version of the game is now up on the ** page. Loads of new content
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