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  1. New demo now uploaded... https://www.**.com/user?u=6914908
  2. For those who are interested, there'll be a new demo coming soon... Check out the link for more info https://www.**.com/user?u=6914908
  3. Lol, I very nearly did the same thing!. Amazing difference! (And I remember people used to say she was too fat to be a model back then :p)
  4. Pyjamas (she's English, so that's how we spell it :p) for three? Looks like she's been eating for three in that pic!
  5. It's a morph? Serves me right for looking at the pic on my phone! 😛
  6. Still pretty chubby though And it looks like she's put on a few pounds since she bought that outfit!
  7. Ok, here's a link to the demo. It's completely work in progress at this point, and there will be a much better version coming soon! https://www.**.com/user?u=6914908
  8. They're just static images I'm afraid, rather than animations. But yeah, not looking too bad so far!
  9. After wishing for years that there were more games out there centred around weight gain, I decided to write my own. WIP title, 'The Weighting Game'. Falls into the visual novel/dating game category, I suppose. Very early days at the moment. But for three weeks or so of (very) part-time work, it's taking shape nicely. There's no weight gain in there - yet - but the core game is almost up and running and I'm updating all the initial renders at the moment as well as refining the existing scenes and writing new ones. To give an idea of how it's progressing, the first two pictures are very early renders, and the second two are (more or less) final versions of the same images. The final pic (ignore the out of place drink!) is just because I felt like it 😛 If anyone's interested, I'll post a link to a very rough demo I knocked up last weekend.
  10. Some of her vids are still floating around Pornhub and the like
  11. tiggertoo

    Hannah Murray

    Love her double chin! I may have to start watching Game of Thrones again!
  12. tiggertoo

    Big Cutie Candi

  13. There won't be anything else from the UK. Both versions of the show have been axed over here...
  14. That tattoo on her face. Looks like a cheap makeup effect from a low budget space movie...
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