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  1. So shar idk what you been doing as of late but do not stop lol please 🙏😉
    I can’t wait till you get into the full bbw status you’re getting there babe! ❤️🔥
  2. Yo you are becoming like a goddess better not stop 😉❤️🙏
    Damn dee this was well overdue lol buying a new video this is so hot 🤤
  3. Babe I literally can’t make it past the part where you lay back and say how enormous you’ve gotten. Lol I’m determined next time to last longer Lmao 🤪😍🤷‍♂️
    Oh god thanks so much for working hard beautiful I appreciate it! 💪🙏😍
    Baby you always turn me on no matter what you do or how your video is. Every single time it’s a dollar well spent and I can’t help but contribute to your growing success. I do love you shar you’ve been casting that spell on me for years. Forever be totally hooked. Help the best piggy there is guys come on obviously 5 stars ❤️
    Yo omg you got fatter ☝️😍🤷‍♂️
  4. Damn I can’t keep up with your growing appetite lol I’m still cumming to this one by the time I’m ready to buy one you’ll have had posted 2 more videos by that time you’re absolutely amazing.
    Wow only 2:37 in lol I’ll save the rest for later thank you beautiful 😄
    Damn this is crazy you blow me away fr I’ve jerked off twice now to this and still have like half the video left lol 🤷‍♂️
  5. Damn you make it very hard to not buy your stuff. Idk what got into you lately, but that greediness is off the charts and it’s soo fucking hot. You should just stuff yourself in every video like the good piggy you are. And then at the end go like crazy eating fast with an already full bloated tummy idk how you do it I’m in love. 😍❤️🙏
    Shar is like a must buy everytime for me id highly advise the same to you. The way she grabs that now big lower belly of hers is breathtaking especially if she keeps eating like this so beautiful!😍
  6. Yo there’s gotta be some girls here that are in the central New York area hmu 😍

  7. Omg is it fr?! Taytay is back it’s gonna be a good day! 😊😊

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