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    She amazes us again with her massive tits and chubby potbelly with that adorable crease. If you like fat talk and big boobs with a potbelly this is for you. If you like buxom thick assets in tight leather, this is also for you. She really is very gorgeous!
    Your favorite chubby inked out babe is at it again, this time squeezing her porked up figure into too tight workout clothes. Watch her jiggle as she struggles to squeeze into her former thin self's attire, and then tease and play with her chub. Watch her gut poke out as she manages to do some situps!
    If you like a beautiful woman with a big bust on a formerly thin girl who recently plumped up and has a growing round potbelly and widened hips this is for you.
    She looks stunning and every minute is incredible as she plays with her new chub, showing off all of her curvy and jiggly features.
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