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  1. I feel like having a bit of fun and getting to know folks here a little better so,

    What would you like to see in my future clips?

    React to this post and leave your answer in the comments and the best one will get one of my previous clips to review for free!

    Can't say fairer than that can you?!



    1. Chevalier


      A photoset cosplay as one of your characters.

    2. Ash Passion

      Ash Passion

      something that shows the real you, happy and confident and looking as great as you always do

    3. jarhead78


      I agree with Ash, above.

      I love your bubbly, happy commentary on your vids. Would love to see you struggling to squeeze your new curves into too-tight old skirts and dresses.  Standing belly play (and the rest of your curves too).

      A reall, no-holds barred bingeing vid (in skimpy lingerie or clingy skirt/dress) would be a god-send too!  

  2. My new clip dropped last night and I'd love it if you could have a watch.


    1. Chevalier


      Aww 😍 all you had to do was ask. And thanks @jarhead78 for your great review. Guess I'll daisy chain onto this.

  3. PrincessBlurmy

    Battle Fat

    “Err hello?” peeped Claire, unsure at exactly what would happen next. “Good morning Miss Connors, how are you feeling today?” replied a polite, if not slightly robotic voice. What scared Claire almost out of her chair was the fact that the voice came from inside her own head. “Argh! What the fuck?!” screamed Claire as she frantically looked around the room, as if to try and locate the source of the voice. Doctor James found the outburst rather comical and had no qualms about openly laughing at Claire’s obvious distress. “My apologies Miss Connors, I didn’t intend to startle you, I can see your heart rate has jumped dramatically, perhaps I should remain silent until you call on me again” spoke the voice inside her head. “Doctor, what on earth is going on?!” asked Claire, her eyes still darting around the room. “Oh, relax Connors, you’ve just made first contact with the AI that lives inside your head now, you should be happy, you’re making history as we speak.” “AI in my head?! I didn’t agree to that James!” shouted Claire, clearly agitated now “Oh contraire Miss Connors, you’ll find this is all above board and in compliance with the informed consent documents that you read and signed.” “No-one reads those things!” shrieked Claire in response. “That is a shame, but you were asked several times if you had read the documents and agreed every time.” Claire was annoyed, she felt cheated but she really should have read the documents carefully she thought to herself, after all she had them in her possession for well over a month. “Really, Connors. You should have expected some form of AI to be in play here, how did you think the weapons and armour that you’re going to be testing would attach itself to your persona? Fairy dust?” Claire could only scowl at the Doctor as he tapped away at his PC. “I’ve decided to allow you the rest of the day to get acquainted with Vega-11, Connors” he said without even turning to acknowledge her. “Be sure to get any trepidation out of your system as the initial round of testing will start at 07:00 hours.”
  4. New clip incoming!

    Watch me make and drink my very first gainer shake.

    Oh and new hair love please 🖤





    1. Chevalier


      Nice shirt 😊

    2. jarhead78


      Yes!! You’re going to hit the big numbers soon Princess B! 

  5. Version 1.0.0

    One of my lovely fans was kind enough to send me some whey powder so I went ahead and made up my very first gainer shake. Watch me make it and shake it, adding in some extra tasty ingredients to create a delicious, fattening beverage. Also, it's a Princess Blurmy clip so of course there's belly on show and me making a mess


  6. 🎶It's a great big beautiful tomorrow🎶

    Those who know me know how long I've wanted to see 200lbs pop up when I stand on the scale.

    I've had set backs, illness and lack of funds being the main ones but I can sit here and know that I'm so very close now.

    199lbs as of half an hour ago! 

    Not off the back of bingeing,  just my regular intake.

    This time it's going to stick and it's going to be glorious. 🖤

    1. Chevalier


      so close yet so far away, just another bite, maybe another drink (St Patrick's Day :)) and you'll make it.  Hope to see a picture lol also would be fun to sell if you failed like 199.9 lbs 

    2. Kenzo998


      Records are meant to be broken 😉 

    3. jarhead78


      Well done beautiful!  You’ve earned those jiggles and much more.

      Embrace the new curves and celebrate every new delicious  lb

  7. PrincessBlurmy

    Battle Fat

    Two months of this existence had transformed Claire both physically and mentally. For sure she was now fighting fit and following instructions to the letter. No longer minding so much that she had little enjoyment or relaxation in life, she was focused on the task in hand and was eager for her trial to begin proper. Now she stood at ease while Doctor James surveyed the results of what seemed like endless tests that Claire had endured since she had recovered from the surgery. “Yes, yes” he nodded as he read “This all looks fantastic. You’ve done incredibly well Connors” “Thank you, sir” she replied, her gaze remaining straight ahead. “I think it may well be time to turn on that little gizmo in your head” he smiled Claire was overjoyed although she didn’t show it, she had been trained to keep her emotions in check while she would be carrying out this work. Now it was the critical moment, the whole success of the trial rested on the cerebellum transmitter working correctly, she took a seat at the doctor’s request and anxiously waited for his next move. After tapping away at his keyboard for a moment he turned his attention, once again to Claire. “Okay Connors, I’m about to turn on the transmitter. You may feel a slight discomfort.” A slight discomfort was a little understatement as Claire recoiled from the pain that shot through her skull, a high-pitched ringing in her ears accompanied it. “Come on Connors, remember your training!” spat Doctor James Claire gripped the armrests on the chair and dug her heels into the floor as she struggled to deal with the pain she was going through. Then as soon as it had started it was over. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath as her hearing slowly returned to normal, a click of the doctor’s fingers bought her back to her senses. “Yes, excellent, excellent” murmured the Doctor as he performed a swinging-flashlight test. “Now Claire, I’d like you to do something for me” “What’s that sir?” she replied “Say hello to Vega-11"
  8. PrincessBlurmy

    Battle Fat

    Thank you swahilimonkfish.
  9. PrincessBlurmy

    Battle Fat

    It took Claire a few weeks to recover from the invasive surgery. Sure, she had expected the whole procedure to be a little bit jarring but all the preparation in the world wouldn’t have readied her for dealing with the little things that came along with it. She had spent many a moment running her fingers over the small scars that now adorned her elbows and knees and desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the ones located on her back and her nape. Then there was her hair! Brain surgery required that she have her head shaved bald, she hadn’t imagined that the loss of her long blonde tresses would have hit her so hard but now every time she looked in the mirror and saw her shorn head, she couldn’t help but feel a certain disconnection to the person reflected back at her. Now she was going through what felt like an army boot camp of physical training, something she hadn’t considered when she signed up to the military technology trial program. “You can’t expect to efficiently test this technology unless you are as fit as the soldiers who will be using it in combat” Doctor James had told her as she struggled through one rigorous workout. It wasn’t that she was unfit, she just wasn’t military fit and the process was taking its toll on her. Then there was her diet. Due to the pressing timeframe of the trial Claire found that she wasn’t allowed even the slightest treat when it came to her intake. Her meals were scientifically calculated to ensure that she was receiving the exact number of calories needed for her energy consumption. The meals were bland and she couldn’t always tell exactly what it was she was meant to be eating. All in all, Claire had very little to raise her spirits during this very mentally and physically challenging period. “At least once all this is done with, I’ll never have to work another day in my life” she thought to herself as she soaked her aching muscles in a warm bath. The military were paying her handsomely for her participation in the trial, she just hoped that once they turned on the transmitter that was nestled in her brain everything worked as it was supposed to.
  10. PrincessBlurmy

    Funko Pops!

    These are mine so far
  11. PrincessBlurmy

    Battle Fat

    I've written the first couple of parts already and I'll post them regularly. I want to use this as a way to have me posting and writing often.
  12. I don't normally post my stories here but I'm trying something different with this one so thought what the hell!

    I've decided to try a multi-part story with Battle Fat.
    I'll endeavour to update regularly but nothing is set in stone for it yet so if you like it, be sure to keep watching for updates and if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see happen drop them in the comments.

    And if you like this check out my bio for a link to my other stories.

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      I like that idea! I think you should post them all in the stories forum too!

    2. PrincessBlurmy


      I would but I think it'd be a bit of overkill.

      There's quite a few of them now and I'm slowly adding them to my deviantart too.

  13. PrincessBlurmy

    Battle Fat

    I don't normally post my stories here but I'm trying something different with this one so thought what the hell! I've decided to try a multi-part story with Battle Fat. I'll endeavour to update regularly but nothing is set in stone for it yet so if you like it, be sure to keep watching for updates and if you have any ideas for what you'd like to see happen drop them in the comments. And if you like this check out my bio for a link to my other stories. “Wake up sleepy head” It was the first thing that Claire Connors heard as she roused from her chemically induced incapacitation, with a groan she attempted to shift herself to a seated position. “Whoa, easy there. We’re keeping you supine for just a little while until we can run a few tests, the doctor shouldn’t be long now.” Claire scrunched up her eyes as she tried to stretch, noting how she was still sore from her procedure. “Can I get something to drink? I feel like I’ve been thirsty for days” “Not until after the doc sees you, just try to relax for now.” Claire conceded to the nurse’s instructions and did her best to relax but she was anxious to find out whether the operation had been a success, she craned her neck to see if she could make out any dressings on her body but was met with a sharp pain that emanated from the back of her head. She let out a short yelp of pain as a result. “Now, now Miss Connors, you’ll heal a lot quicker if you follow the nurse’s instructions.” The voice came from Doctor James as he entered the private room that Claire was occupying. “How are you feeling dear?” he asked as he flicked through the clipboard full of observations that had been hanging from the bottom of her bed. “Thirsty” was Claire’s first response “Sore, anxious, hungry” “That’s to be expected” the Doctor said with a smile “it was a long procedure.” “Did it work?” she asked expectantly “Well, the implanting of the connection ports went off without a hitch as did the cerebellum transmitter, we’ve not activated them yet of course. We want to give you time to heal up properly before putting you under any unnecessary stress.” “When will you turn them on?” “Don’t worry about that now, let’s alleviate your other concerns. Nurse Love, the patient requires sustenance.” With that, he left Claire with Nurse Love to order the first meal of what, from that point on would be a very different life.
  14. So my plan for this week is to dye my hair, film some content and shoot some new pics.

    That's the plan anyway.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Eckers123


      Wow you are Beautiful!! 

    3. PrincessBlurmy


      I've not heard of that film, I'll have to look out for it haha 😉

    4. jarhead78


      Can’t wait! 😍

  15. One for the bum lovers.


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    2. jarhead78


      Simply perfect 

    3. Rebeljoe


      I want to worship that Ass.

    4. Chevalier


      Just got into this today lol must say I've learned to enjoy your thankful butt quite a bit more now.

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