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  1. Larger, bigger, fatter


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. JordiB


      I would add better, too

    3. zeldafan


      You look hugeeee piggy! I guess we need to get you more lingerie to outgrow 😈

    4. Krounos Demetrios
  2. Some more before and after!



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    2. TFF


      Definitely looking soo much sexier in the after pic😉 imagine what a whole month of constant stuffing would do for your beautiful figure ♥️

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      You truly dreamed, believed, and achieved yourself into a big, bulgy belly. :D 

    4. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      You are looking now so well fed, cute and curvy. You turned into a real hottie.

  3. I did a video in this same outfit about 30 or 40 pounds ago so i thought id try it on again to see how it fits my constantly expanding body. Watch me chug my weight shake as my body struggles to stay contained!


  4. Hey Danni, any chance of a video of you in your bikini from the "200 in Bikini" video? :)

  5. I love ya showing ur sexy belly with yoga pants mmmmm🤤

  6. 🐷🐷 tell me what a good piggy I am 


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    2. Frankgallagher


      Are you hungry??

    3. Frankgallagher
    4. shyadmirer


      Stunning piggy with an insatiable love for food and all its goodness. :)

  7. I recently realized that i can barley fit into my favorite shorts! So I thought id show it off while i eat my new favorite snack, cinnamon rolls.


  8. You’re so fat and hot 🤤

    1. iflcg


      Message me back? I wanna help you gain those 400lbs 😏

  9. Watch me show off my growing body as i wolf down snack cakes!


  10. New video coming tomorrow!


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    2. panhype2


      These stripes look well wicked. More like an icing on the ... 

      Can't wait to see that 💚💣🎈🌟

    3. CityNight


      So sexy what you've done to yourself, you definitely look better now that you are obese ❤

    4. Darunia’s Disciple

      Darunia’s Disciple

      You are looking bigger here than I have ever seen 😍. Also, I have to give some love to just how round your face has become. It’s so cute and I love it!

  11. Another before an after 90lbs difference 



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    2. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Now he's further away from kissing the girl! :D 

    3. Kndkandy


      Wow what a glow up! 

    4. Jackfrost509


      U r so gorgeous damn


  12. Just a little video of me eating some breakfast sandwiches from mcdonalds


  13. I love your belly and deep bellybutton. You are a very sexy lady and I love your body💘💘🐽🐽😍😍😍😍

  14. I decided that this year im gonna start doing weigh-ins, because i feel like they will really help me and yall see my progress! Im going to do them once every three months so be on the look out for those!


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