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  1. Nothing gets me more horny than over stuffing my already full belly with sugary liquid! I've been getting bigger and so has my appetite. All this new weight is really making me excited to get soooo much fatter. In this video i drink half a gallon of cookie dough ice cream


  2. Plop and shake 


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    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Everything is looking great: face, boobs, belly, hips, thighs, shorts. Pure cuteness and sexiness.

    3. panhype2
    4. shyadmirer


      Danny, so hot how you let yourself drop and jiggle. Amazing legs.

  3. All I wanna do is eat 😛


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    2. DarkKev


      Amazing 😀

    3. Lildevil


      That hoodie lookin kind of tight 😁 

    4. Kyle Butler

      Kyle Butler

      So keep eating and get fatter 😏

  4. Feeling my fat oozing of my clothes makes me really horny 


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    2. Kovacs


      How are you getting so fat so quickly? Do you have a feeder stuffing you?

    3. Dannithefatty


      I used to have a really hard time gaining but it's getting much easier the lazier I get and the more my appetite grows 

    4. shyadmirer


      As cheesy as it is but your are oozing hotness ;)

  5. Knowing you’re looking for video ideas I’d love to see one about “catching you midnight snacking” as though you’re cheating on your diet and stuffing yourself with what you find in the fridge.

  6. I really need some video ideas!

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    2. iflcg


      Talk about how fat you want to get.

    3. HumanGarbage


      Tight clothes showcase!

    4. Zer0


      What about a stuffing video while you are using a vibrator? 

  7. You getting a really really cute double chin ❤️👍😍

  8. Stuffed piggy 


    1. GodBless22


      That stuffed growing belly is the key to a mans heart 😂

    2. Johnny Odyssey

      Johnny Odyssey


    3. grateful


      wanna feed those handles  😍

      thanks, great pic!  😁

  9. This weeks video I share my post dinner stuffing, Ive been trying to have a nice fattening stuffing about a half hour after I eat an equally as fattening "snack" before I go to bed. A full, heavy belly helps me sleep and sleeping on a full belly is definatly good for my figure!


  10. Im finally getting around to posting a fat talk video! It has definitely been a highly requested one. I hope you guys enjoy this one, it was really sexy to make


  11. Some pictures from my upcoming video, I'm finally posting a fat talk video! I know, its exciting. Also! Im obviously not allowed to post nudity on this site, so this next upcoming video will only be half of the original but I will be posting the nude original on my C4S (hopefully im allowed to mention that)

    Screenshot_20191103-003608_Video Player.jpg

    Screenshot_20191103-003634_Video Player.jpg

    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      That flannel shirt's days seem almost up! But look how it valiantly tries to hold on, such a trooper. :D 

    2. JordiB


      That shirt will never get old

    3. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Those shorts and this shirt were never fitting sexier on your amazing and growing curves. Fabric must be very good quality.

  12. How I, a shy growing fatty, tries to hide how fat i'm getting


  13. Hey guys! Here is another video of me filling my growing body, in this one im eating double cheese burgers, downing some beer and of course showing off my soft body. There are a few sexy burps and a bit of showing off my bra that is ripping because of how big my boobs have gotten. Hopefully you like it


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