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  1. Stuffed 

    Screenshot_20201010-210433_Video Player.jpg

    1. Bellylover777


      Nice stuffed belly - looking very sexy - I love it - keep on

    2. Ant1984


      I love you

  2. Me stuffing my growing belly with some fat talk


  3. Another quick video showing off my body!


  4. you are so skinny yet you have fatty in the name

  5. Will you be doing a new weigh-in video soon? :)

  6. you are more and more beautiful

  7. Watch me eat swiss rolls and show off my gut


  8. Watch me rub my belly and eat fried chicken!


  9. New video coming soon, its another short and super cheap one 

    Screenshot_20200829-201325_Video Player.jpg

    1. Anon55


      Been watching you forever and can’t believe how big you are 🤤🤤🤤

    2. bellylover219


      Damn gurl youve blown up

    3. grateful


      Love this pic!  😍

      Thanks!  😁❤️

    4. fattenthepigs


      we need a weight update, pleaseee

  10. I spend a lot of time filling up my belly and then soothing it while my body turns my stuffing into brand new rolls. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as i do.


  11. Getting big


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      You've gotten so huge! It wasn't that long ago when you have a nice little chubby starter belly, but now... 😮 

    2. grateful


      Beautiful!   😍❤️

      Love this pic!  🥰  Thanks!  😁

    3. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      So beautiful !! You become so big 😍

    4. Nirvana93


      ....and looking great!

  12. Stuffing myself turns me on so much, and chocolate cake makes me feel soooo good. Maybe that's why my clothes aren't fitting.


  13. I love shoving cupcakes down my throat and moaning about how big im getting. My belly gets so bloated and it feels amazing!


  14. So soft 😊


    1. Bobbygirshiv


      Love how fat you are getting! Please don’t stop!! 

    2. grateful


      Danny! LTNS!   Beautiful belly!  😍❤️

      I love this pic!   Thanks for the update!  🥰😁

    3. the987656


      Looking great as always! Are we going to get a third weigh in video this month? I feel like now that you have your own place, you're really going to start blowing up quickly 😏

    4. JordiB


      Love how deep that belly button is getting. Keep going Danni!

    5. Fitt_2000


      I would love to feed you live 😍😍😍

  15. This is a beer bloat with some great burps and a nice big round belly. Some parts are a little bit blurry, im still trying to learn how to use my new camera properly. Im probably gonna re make this video soon, i really like to show off my swollen under belly.


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