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  1. 😊😊🐷🐷


    1. Andy501


      @Dannithefatty the quarantine is reflected in your beautiful body, Those extra pounds drain on your tummy and hipsπŸ’šπŸ€β€οΈ

    2. Bellylover777


      Absolutely beautiful and sexy - amazing stuffed belly - love itπŸ₯°

    3. confinedinflator


      You're getting *so* delightfully big.

  2. 😍😍

  3. Watch me struggle and rip some jeans i have clearly grown out of and then stuff my face with a dozen donuts. In the video i show the before and after of me eating the donuts and then i lotion my big swollen belly! The bare version is up on my other vid site.


  4. Hi Danni!  I've been seeing your videos around for years and just want let you know that you are looking great!  I grabbed a few things from your c4s store because you deserve lots of big stuffings.  Thanks for being you! ❀️

  5. Saw your newest YT video, You just keep blowing up, fattening up like the pig you are

  6. I havent showed off my belly at this angle in a while so i thought id make a new video.


  7. You look so much bigger then when I last saw you, You are getting HUGEπŸ˜²πŸ’ž

  8. My big belly, swollen from being a lazy pig for the last month, being stuffed with cupcakes!


  9. love your content x

  10. Finally got to do my second weigh-in! I dont weight myself before so that i can be surprised to lol


  11. Been staying in and getting really fat! I love stuffing my face all day, also i cut m y hair, hope yall like it. Also thank you for buying my dumb videos, they're not the best, but i enjoy making them!


  12. Just a little video of me eating 5 hamburgers, this is only half of the full video but im not sure if im gonna upload it.


  13. Do you still have your "200lbs in Bikini" bikini? Would love to see you in it ❀️ 

  14. And the days only half overΒ 


    1. ms06zaku


      Jesus 😫 I'd love to be breaking out the funnel just about now 

    2. NerdFeeder


      You just can't help it can you? Your appetite keeps growing and growing. Eventually that shirt won't even be able to cover your belly button

    3. DavyW22


      my my you look amazingΒ 

  15. I think stuffing my belly is really really hot. Cramming cupcake after cupcake into my belly turns my on a lot and Im clearly no the only one who thinks so. I want to make myself huge and irresistible! To see the full nude video with before and after, go to my clips4sale


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