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  1. Not an answer but Holy Shit! And the slow motion only makes it better
  2. Playing the guitar is hard as it is, but to sing and play at the same time, now that's some talent right there. And you're beautiful, wow!
  3. Wow, u have an attractive body, well proportioned in every way is the way I see it. Shocking to hear you could not find someone who was appreciative of your whole body, because Damn you're fine.
  4. I liked that response u put out. Plain and simple right, looking for a good guy who will make u laugh, feel great about urself, ask u how ur day was, and of course he has to be good looking too. After reading ur post I do hope u find the right guy for u who will treat u with respect, love u no matter what, and love the things u love in life. But if u happen to find that guy who loves to feed u, give u belly rubs and squeeze ur fat as u both see ur body expand before ur eyes, well that's a bonus in my eyes.
  5. ANavarr

    heavy on the cream

    Where is the thread of the girl who drinks heavy cream on a daily basis
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