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    spudevil reacted to babychubs21 in Baby Chubs - Watch me ruin my skinny body   
    Recently discovered feederism and started eating more each day. I started out at 100lbs at the beginning of the year and am currently at 135. My goal is to reach 200 sometime next year  Feel free to tease and encourage me  


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    spudevil reacted to babychubs21 in Baby Chubs - Watch me ruin my skinny body   
    Successful first all day stuffing! For breakfast I had two sausage burritos, two hashbrowns, a bacon wrap, two snackin bacons, and and iced coffee with lots of cream of suger. For lunch I had a footlong sub sandwich and a bag of chips. I finished off my day with a whopper and fries and a big slice of pie! I feel sooo stuffed and bloated I’ve been couch locked this entire day because I can’t move 🥵 What do you guys think!

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    spudevil reacted to imogen_eats in long time lurker, hopeful feedee   
    hi there! thanks to a little liquid courage i think it's finally time to say hello. my name is imogen and for as long as i remember i've found fat sexy.
    sadly due to fatphobia i've always been afraid to gain weight and let myself go. i've also had a fast metabolism. this has always kept it at a fantasy level. but thanks to quarantine and a slowing metabolism i'm finally starting to gain some weight. 
    it's only been a little gain but i can't get enough.  i know now i definitely wanna completely let myself go and maybe find somebody who wants to help me fatten up. my kink is fully submitting myself to becoming someone's dream fat girl whatever that means. i don't have a goal weight so much as for bare minimum i wanna pass the wall test hehe
    for full disclosure i am pretty tall at 5'10 pretty thin still (boooo) and i am trans. anyway, hello! and don't hesitate to DM if you wanna help the cause :3
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    spudevil reacted to NogutNoglory in No Gut No Glory - Very hot and curvy   
    Since I know I've expressed frustration before, I would like to express gratitude as well! I was thinking this morning about how happy I am to have a place to create content for, I love modeling, making videos and taking photos of myself. It is a great creative outlet for me! And it helps me feel better.
    Also I love messaging here with everyone, I've just been super bad about getting back to people lately I'm sorry, the doing taxes for the first time since owning my own business was hard and procrastinated and didn't file 1st or 2nd quarter. Ugh but it's over for now yayyyy!!!
    I always wanted to be an alternative (tattooed) model but when I was very thin I didn't have enough tattoos or implants, and now that I have my sleeves finished and my boobs where I want them I'm fat. 😣 I felt like I had to wait to ever show modeling photos of myself on any social media platform until I lost weight but even at 113 lbs  I would still have a belly crease and no where near the cartoonist proportions that I so wish I had and would need to be like the models below. My thinnest photos were from a very short lived period of time and I couldn't get back to that weight even if when I tried.
    So I am really grateful that I have a place to share my photos and that most people have been so sweet to me!!! Every nice comment really makes my day!!! You guys have really made me feel so much better about myself, and that I can be sexy to an audience. My husband tells me I'm sexy and beautiful everyday and has never said anything negative about my weight at all, but there is just something about strangers on the internet telling me I'm hot that fills a void that nothing else will! (That sounds kind of sad and disturbing but I don't know, it works). 
    I'm finding too, the more negativity I get it does help me get a thicker skin and take things less personally (very VERY slow process!!! But I think it's happening).
    So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who supports me whether through sweet comments, messages, videos purchases or reactions!!! I really really appreciate it!!!
    Photos: in order:
    -Me thinner
    -What I "should" look like
    -What I actually look like and I'm so grateful you appreciate!!!

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    spudevil reacted to gorJESS in I made a little gorJESS thread! :-P   
    There was no room for my face 🙃🤷‍♀️

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    spudevil reacted to gorJESS in I made a little gorJESS thread! :-P   
    Sweet dreams ☺️😘

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    spudevil reacted to gorJESS in I made a little gorJESS thread! :-P   
    HeEeEyYyY! 👋 

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    spudevil reacted to Sofia in Sofia   
    this is what I call my "morning skinny"😂😂
    my attempt at hiding my extra pudge in front of friends basically just comes down to not eating breakfast before going out - but as you can clearly see, i've gotten to the point where I still look like a chubby girl no matter what I do🤷🏻‍♀️

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    spudevil reacted to BayAreaFluph in NEW Pot Belly Piggy   
    Man i really blew up this past month 😅

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    spudevil reacted to Sofia in Sofia   
    hey guys!! sorry for being so inactive this week - I just started my summer job (which is extremely exhausting especially with the added weight), and my school-related work picked up quite a bit. 
    anyways, i'm very hungry and very horny, so I wanna do a lil challenge... since I have the day to myself tomorrow, i'll have plenty of time to eat. For each reaction (idc what kind of reaction) this post gets, ill eat 50 calories. reply to this thread with what food you wanna see me stuff myself with and i'll eat 100 calories. I'm leaving it to you all to make sure I don't starve tomorrow😋
    also, thank u so so much to the guy who bought me this swimsuit🥰 I don't know your username on here, but know that it's greatly appreciated and I will definitely be wearing it to the beach!

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    spudevil reacted to lovesbreadsticks in Lovesbreadsticks   
    I’m really noticing progress 

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    spudevil reacted to Sofia in Sofia   
    Took these before I went to sleep last night... Serious Mass truly is the easiest way to pack on the pounds lol
    I'm curious- in your opinion, what's the sexiest body part (besides the obvious ass and tits lol). I'd have to go with thighs - ya know what they say, thick thighs save lives😉

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    spudevil reacted to goodgirlgrow in GoodGirlGrows: Into Obesity   
    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me returning, and if I should gain again, so I poked around to see how the community was doing. Oddly enough, someone posted my old before/after on a reddit. Seemed like a good sign!
    Please let me know  I miss you guys. If I come back, I want to do much higher quality content. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what types of content/platforms I should explore. 
    I did lose most of what I gained. I could get to 115 if I put in the effort, which I think I will do before I come back, if I’m welcomed and do so. It would be more fun, right? Plus I missed all the changes between 115-155 the first time.
    I won’t be back for at least a month. R&D and conceptualizing til then  sorry if I’m not super responsive,  but know I’m very likely reading your replies.
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    spudevil reacted to goodgirlgrow in GoodGirlGrows: Into Obesity   
    Second Item of Housekeeping!
    GGG+, which is a douchy joke name for my new photoset series will drop next week. It is going to be weekly collection of the same exact daily photos of a handful of poses. There will be two views to start: full length mirror and portrait mirror. I will add more views if the people who are into this suggest some. It's going to also include a morphing .gif of each view. To show you guys what I mean, the first full-length view will be posted to the forum. The portrait view will go up for subsequent stand-alone price. There will also be monthly mega comparisons that compare the last day of each week and then a gif of me morphing through every day of that month.
    I tried screenshooting a video and I am never doing that again. It turned out like shit lol. 

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    spudevil reacted to Fattyletty in I'm starting to gain weight,do you like my pudgy belly?   
    Me after stuffing 

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    spudevil reacted to Sunny_Suzz in From small to chubby and lovely 😍   
    Good morning everyone ❤️ 
    Hoping everyone has a great day 💋

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