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  1. Oh my 😮 just got weighed for first time in a very long time and ...gulp....I’m nearly 400lbs!! In the last year and a half I put on over 130lbs. I so want to go back to what I was.... look at the difference! My journey with you will be about my weight loss...I don’t need to feed....and even when I was at my smallest I was still bigger than most girls on here so don’t feel you’ll be missing out on some flesh...coz I was always meant to be bigger. Anyway...just wanted to share my shock...but bit by bit I can turn this around. 

    First three photos before

    Last three taken yesterday 








    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Taytay


      Much love and good luck! ❤️

    3. JaydeSensualPlus


      Replying to ylledeuce ... that bra is at the back of my cupboard... maybe I’ll give it a go at trying it on. My boobs would bust out of it I reckon...but they do that with most things lol

    4. bonedoc1958


      Wow you look amazing.  So happy for you . Such a beautiful transformation 

  2. Version 1.0.0

    This is me in all my glory...big, beautiful and bold. You like them big? Well I won’t disappoint xx Everything I have is extra big for extra fun and I’d love to have you horny over me. I take all my own photos using my iPhone 8. No filters or photoshop applied.


  3. I’m getting ready to upload some video and photo packages ... in the final editing stages. It takes time to create masterpieces ha xx 



  4. Doesn’t this look like I have a ninja turtle in my tummy? Once you see you can never un-see ha 


    1. regbill


      All I see is your bountiful belly.❤️

    2. BBWLover312


      My eyes are on your very suckable nipples.  ;)

  5. Sunday...the perfect day to let it all hang out x



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    2. JaydeSensualPlus


      If playdough was your favourite thing at kindergarten then my tummy is definitely going to be reliving some fun memories for you ... and creating new ones ;) 

    3. BBWLover312


      Endless fun !!!  B)

    4. degek2001


      Mmm, sexy tummy!

      ❤️ Henk

  6. I’ve just uploaded my first video! Hopefully it’s gone through ok and that you love it xx just a technical question though...how can I tell what resolution my vids are? Anyway, see how I go :) enjoy xx 




    1. BBWLover312


      Sweeet ! Love how your cheeks poke out.

  7. I’ll never forget the first time someone called me a SSBBW. I’d never heard of it before and I didn’t know how to feel about it. It’s hard to have a label put on you...and even in the bigger girl world you’re still judged by size. So apparently I’m super sized. To me, I’m just me, take it or leave it. Everything about me is big..but the biggest thing about me is my heart xx 





    1. regbill


      I think the only label you should have is beautiful because that is what you are.:)

    2. JaydeSensualPlus


      Oh you :) 💋 

    3. BBWLover312


      Add two more Ss, for stunning and sexy.  :wub:

  8. Went looking for my mobile today getting a little frantic that I couldn’t find it until I realised I had tucked it under a boob! Oops! 


    1. BBWLover312
    2. regbill


      I could see how your phone could get lost under all of that beautiful cleavage of yours.;)

  9. I’ve always been a bigger girl. I was 100kg by time I was 16 yrs old. I always kept up with some form of exercise and throughout life, even though I was getting bigger, I felt strong and capable. I could plough a field with the best of them, I was as strong as an ox. There’s nothing wrong with being bigger if you could “pull your on weight”. I felt great. I used to joke that the only thing I couldn’t do was run a marathon or fit through small spaces haha....but I was never afraid of hard work.  Being an escort here and now I’m a little sad how shallow some people are believing that someone bigger isn’t capable of being sexy or being sensual. They are so wrong. I am a fantastic lover. I’ve had people walk out when they see me. And it hurts. But I have had those who tell me I’m sexy and beautiful and those ones make my day. I take comfort in knowing that those skinny escorts who think they are so hot and better than me could never be strong enough to feel sexy at my weight...they’d be a miserable mess hating themselves...and so I’m stronger than they’ll ever be. They may look at me with disgust but at least I know what true acceptance of ones own body is and what it really means to love yourself. 





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    2. jarhead78


      What beautiful words - you are a truly incredibly strong lady and breathtakingly voluptuous.  Thanks for sharing your lovely pics with us 

    3. JaydeSensualPlus


      Thank you for enjoying looking at them. It makes me feel sexy knowing that xx 

    4. jonkroll


      U look sexy as hell to me

  10. Like what you see? You can follow me on Twitter @SensualPlus74

  11. My name is Jayde from Aussie Land, and I’ve definitely got Thunder Down Under! All the better to wrap around your head ... so my grandma said :) 


  12. Still working through the site. Hope to upload pics and vids soon xx
  13. Hello everyone can’t wait to sink my teeth into this site and make new friends xx
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