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  1. One of piggy's feeders showing off just how much she's grown. Her diet of greasy junk food is taking it's toll on her now. Look how tight the size 28 blouse is whilst he grabs and jiggles handfuls of her belly. He can't get enough of it. You can only imagine what it's going to look like by her birthday in July. 400lbs here we come. -Bbwmochyn x


  2. So piggy was due to attend an interview tomorrow but as usual she left it until last minute to try on her outfit. Now she hasn't worn it in a while and has put on a lot of weight over lockdown. Well as you'll see, it's gotten rather tight and isn't the most appropriate thing to wear. Well, that would be unless she really wanted to shock everyone. Watch as she demonstrates how ridiculously small this size 28 blouse is and how much of a gluttonous pig she's been over the last year. Guess she'll stay at home and pig out instead 🐷 -Bbwmochyn x


  3. Okay possibly the best thing happened: I've gotten so fat my phone doesn't recognise me 😅

    I don't make a conscious effort to look directly into my FaceID on my phone as I often just use the PIN as my old phone only had that. 

    So I decided to try it out last night about 10 times and it literally wouldn't recognise my face unless I held it basically above my head so my double chin is less prominent. I know I've gotten fat but goddamn 🥵 


    1. omracer


      that chin is goddam hugee, you've really let yourself go .....

  4. Think I've turned into pure fat 😍



    1. Tendedsugar


      My GODDDD😳🤤

    2. omracer


      thats alot of rolls to enjoy there :)



    3. justenjoyyourself


      Very soft soft squidgy fat too - and a seriously large amount of it, greedy!

    4. rockingrolls


      Youre have haven't you omg so fat and squishy

  5. Hope everyone is having a good day 💫


    1. justenjoyyourself


      Your belly just gets bigger and bigger, doesn't it

  6. Piggy is all clean (for once lol) 🐷


    1. justenjoyyourself


      Must take a long time to clean so much piggy!

  7. Damn, that suspension though 😏


    1. Tendedsugar


      Turned it into a low rider😉

  8. Black is slimming, right? (Can't believe I used to fit in this size 24 😮😍


    1. Tendedsugar


      I love how your belly was still hanging out with your belly sucked in, and then BAM it just overflows out😍

    2. justenjoyyourself


      And how it doesn't so much go out when you stop sucking, as flop downwards under the weight of all that blubber

  9. When anyone asks how this year is going

    Killing Eve Help GIF by BBC America

  10. I'm now over 350lbs, woah! I'm so happy I met my christmas goal before the end of October!! I'm such a greedy piggy. I'm hoping I can make it to 360lbs by Christmas now 😇

    I'm still in awe that I put on over 12lbs in under 2 weeks. Hardly moving and constant snacking really does pile on the pounds. I freaking love it! 

    I just can't wait for my new and updated video to be approved so you can see how big and out of shape I've gotten and how much the floor actually creaks under me (you can literally hear it) 😏

    Hope everyone is well and keeping safe.

    -BbwMochyn 🐷


    1. wdyw


      25 stone - wow - hot af

    2. Tendedsugar


      Congrats my lovely piggy😉🐷

  11. Watch my growing piggy body tease you with my old and extremely tight yoga pants. You'll see my even lower hanging belly and now absolutely huge fupa in the tight yoga pants as the floor audibly creaks under my weight (volume up). You'll love the increased jiggle of my 350lb body as much as I do. -BbwMochyn 🐷x


  12. Time for some new underwear? 


    1. Tendedsugar


      I think yes😉🤤🐷

  13. I am very excited for my order of food tonight 🤤😍


    1. wdyw


      Now that's a maccys order !

  14. Here you'll see me try to squeeze into my old and very tight top. It very clearly doesn't fit me anymore due to my pure gluttony. I slowly turn so you get to see all of my fat, including my enormously large back rolls. I've eaten so much, what have I done to myself? I can't help but imagine how big I'm going to end up if I keep eating like this. I better be careful... -BbwMochyn 🐷x


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