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  1. Hi again! another quick update... So the mums back from her holiday, she came around to our house the day she got back with a big coat on but it was obvious she'd put on a few as her face looked rounder. She hugged my gf before taking off the coat to reveal the long loose dress she had on (I've not seen her in a dress before, she's normally in a t shirt and jeans/leggings) with our eyes being drawn to her bloated well fed belly. Our stares didn't go unnoticed as she started talking about how good the food was and how her and her friends had done nothing but eat and drink way too much all day and sun bathe in their bikinis all day before patting her tummy saying "I feel really big now, I've got a proper gut! All the girls have gotten fat, it was so funny seeing us all in bikinis tanning our full guts hahaha. I am dreading trying my work clothes on though, nothings going to fit". My gf looked stunned and poked her mum's tummy saying "Wow it's firm! You're catching me up" Her mum's reply was to laugh and say "I've had a big breakfast and dinner today too, we had so much fun this is totally worth it" gesturing at her much bigger middle. She talked all about her holiday with the main theme being food. She caught me staring at her belly as she rubbed it and talked about the holiday stopping mid sentence to tell me "my eyes are up here! Put you tongue away, I know your game" I was speechless and went bright red, my gf and her mum just laughed. The gf has been trying to eat cleaner the last few weeks so doesn't seem any bigger to me, her sister now looks heavily pregnant with a big round belly which is always visible especially when she's sat down. one development is that she no longer fastens her jeans around her belly which has lead to some nice peaks of it hanging over the top of her trousers As always, any questions just ask!
  2. Hi everyone! Sorry i've not updated in a while, work and life have been pretty hectic! Since my last update the gf's mum has been on a strict diet as she was going on a strict diet so she can wear a bikini and enjoy an all inclusive holiday (This was shortly after my last update and she's currently away on the second week of her holiday, she's called the gf most days and always talks about how good the food is and that she' making the most of it! The highlight i've overheard is her saying she's glad she dieted as "I've got my belly back and then some, I've still got a few more days before I come home hahaha") While she was dieting she was constantly on at my gf and her sister about their weight, after their dad's birthday meal at her house where everyone got well fed, she pulled up the sister's top saying "look how fat you've got!" the sister went bright red and said "why doe's it bother you? Anyway of course I know, I'm happy!" before tugging her top back down and storming out. She the turned on my gf telling her she's too fat too, my gf has always had this off her so calmly told her to stop being horrible and shrugged it off. Anyway, just a short one this time. I'll update again when I get more time. As always, any questions ask away!!
  3. Last night was a repeat of the other nights this week. She told me she'd picked up some ravioli and sauce for tea and snacks to tide her over in case I was going out again that night (which I was), the snacks consisted of a large bag of crisps, pittas, hummus (a new favourite of hers recently) and a large bar of chocolate which she ate most of only leaving a pitta bread as she'd eaten all her hummus. I cooked dinner tonight as she looked too full to do anything except stroke her stuffed belly, I like doing this as I can serve her the majority. When I brought it in to her I told her to eat up before patting her tummy and giving her a kiss, before she began to plough through the large mount of pasta on her plate. She finally finished and asked me to help her to her feet as she really over did it tonight, pulling up her skin tight top to show me her gut which stuck out in front of her. I love that she found out about my love of bigger girls and is happy to really over indulge in front of me. That night in bed we spooned and she asked me if I thought she'd gotten bigger from stuffing herself this week, I said not really and carried on rubbing her belly telling her she was just full from tonight. She told me "I'm definitely bigger, my belly has gone huge! I'm back in 24s again, I need to get some of them back of xxx (sister) when we go round for tea tomorrow. I know she'll tease me for getting fat again. Have I told you...she told me xxx (sister's bf) has been buying her chocolate and stuff most nights and can't keep his hands off her lately. She's going to end up getting really fat if he keeps it up, she seems happy with it so far though" as always, any questions just ask!
  4. Hi again, The girlfriend has had a tough week at work which has left her wanting lots of junk food every night. On Monday night I found a Mcdonald's bag in her car (the receipt was for a large Big Mac meal, two cheese burgers and an apple pie) along with an empty large chocolate bar wrapper, I didn't say anything to her but simply threw them in the bin before heading off to the gym. She ate a big dinner with me that night too! She's got history of 'secret eating' in her car and unless I mention it she'll never tell me. When we're in bed lately I can't keep my hands off her, she's certainly getting heavier. Tuesday was a day off the gym for me so I suggested a takeaway, anything she wanted. She wanted pizza, I told her to order whatever she like and handed her my card which she took full advantage of. When the food arrived I was amazed, she'd got a 16" deep pan pizza, large chips, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, chicken nuggets and 2ltr bottle of coke. I plated up hers first, deliberately giving her the majority of it before going into the kitchen to plate mine up which I took my time with so she wouldn't realise how much more than me she had. By the time she was done I had a very full girlfriend sat back in her chair smile with her hands on her stuffed belly. She text me to say she was going to make spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread for tea that night, I said that sounded good but I was going to the gym at about 8 as I normally do so could we have it after? her response was yeah sure i'll grab a snack on the way home from work then, her snack was another large Big Mac meal I know this as the bag was left in the car with the receipt when I went to the gym that night. When I came home she was finishing of a pot of hummus and some pitta breads, she smiled and said "I was hungry, i've cooked tea it just needs warming up" after plating her a larger plate than myself which she ploughed her way through she got herself to her feet and told me "you need to rub my tummy, it so full." I told her to let me see which she did pulling up her top and walking over to me, I placed my hands on either side of it feeling how full it was before planting a kiss on it which made her smile. That night in bed she got her tummy rub as requested, well it started as a rub before I kissed it all over (I know she likes it when I do this) before working down and showing her how much I love the results of her over indulging. When I finished she talked about our holiday to Italy in the summer and her plans to wear a bikini and make the most of the all inclusive food and drink on offer before telling me she was definitely going to be fatter when we got back, I've asked her to get some button shorts for our trip and when they're too tight or small simply open them or leave them unbuttoned to show off her belly she agreed and seeing how much I liked the thought of it clmbed on top of me letting me feel the size of her full gut. She's really getting big lately. Just a quick update, any questions just ask!
  5. Not long back from her mum's house and as promised here's an update on our afternoon... The gf was rummaging through her wardrobe trying to find something that "hides how big this has gotten, it's huge" while putting her hands on the sides of her belly. I hugged her from behind around her belly (I can tell when she's getting big when my hands barely reach around.) telling her how good she looked, making her an offer that if she did her bit for me there'd be a repeat of last night which she smiled and agreed she eventually settled on her "biggest" (size 24) long top and leggings, which made her feel better as it did help to conceal her recent expansion and in her words "gave her more room" and off we went excited to see the results of another big meal. We walked in to her mum's house and followed the sound of music into the kitchen to see her dancing around with a bottle of cider,wearing an old tracksuit which i'd seen her in a lot over the years and as a result of her gain over the last few months had gotten small. From behind I got a clear look at how big her bum has gotten asthe trousers were stretched tight across it and her thighs, her love handles were on show too which I'd never seen on her before. She finally realised we were there and turned to talk to us, what I saw was quite a sight as her tight jacket had ridden up her new much larger beer belly leaving it out and on display hanging over the waist band of the trousers. She said hello and tried to pass it off as her being bloated from 4 bottles of cider before sucking her belly in and tugging her top down. We talked about our meal out with mum commenting "it's no wonder your getting so fat again, eating out so often! Your sisters just as bad except she goes out drinking a lot lately, wait until you see her. I hope you're hungry, there's loads haha" When her sister eventually arrived (she's always late) it was worth the wait! She was in her usual attire of high jeans, which looked really snug and gave her a large muffin top which was clear to see as her t-shirt was surprisingly tight and low cut showing off her much bigger cleavage. She told us about last night and how she'd put away loads of gin along with other things before stopping off for a kebab on the way home and falling asleep on her sofa fully clothed. She admitted she was late as she got up late, got showered and grabbed the first things she could find. Her mum carried on knocking back the cider and beer, before long her belly was hanging out again but before long her jacket was unzipped giving me a good look at her bloated gut. Her mum hadn't lied about there being loads as everyone's plates were piled high with all the trimmings with everything else brought out to the table for the 4 of us to help ourselves. My gf held up her side of our deal packing away an impressive amount before stopping to stroke her full stomach and drink wine before carrying on. After everyone had finished (the vast majority of the food going) I offered to bring the desserts in as everyone else had eaten alot, there was lots of that too and everyone dug in. When everyone eventually had enough they all just sat there breathing heavily and as is usually the way there's little to no conversation over dinner anymore. After a while we all got up from the table, which is when I got good look at the other two. My gf quickly sat herself down in a recliner, resting her hands on her gut declaring "I feel like I might burst, I can't breathe" we all laughed but it was a while until her mum and sister got up. Her mum just sat there at the table drinking, her sister struggled up with her top showing a sliver of her stomach and belly button. She said she needed a fag after that and if I sit down again I won't be getting up"so we went for a smoke where she asked me what I thought of my gf getting fat again, I told her I didn't mind as she looked happy and I loved her. She then revealed something which might be a game changer, "Me and my bf have been talking about my weight lately and I think he likes my gain too, he's started touching my tummy like you do with "name" (my gf) I've seen you! haha. Its just aswell he likes it as I've gotten so big now, he calls me tubby girl and teases me which I quite like haha" I went bright red and didn't say a thing but couldn't help but stare at her muffin top, she laughed and we went back inside. Her mum had gotten up and was putting stuff into the dishwasher when we walked into the kitchen, she'd taken her jacket off as it was warm in the house so her full gut was on display, we thanked her as she walked past with her saying she'd eaten too much patting her tummy for emphasis. We all left shortly after, the girlfriend is currently sleeping off dinner before I get a proper look at her later. These three are amazing and I can't believe I get to see all of this! I can't believe the change in her sister's attitude and find it hot that she's worked out my preferences in women. Anyway I think the gf has had enough nap time...
  6. Me and the girlfriend had a belated Valentines day meal out last night at another one of her favourite restaurants where she indulged to her hearts content, when we got up to leave I got my first look at just how full she was and it was quite a sight! Other people in there noticed too, I caught their eyes look straight at her belly as we walked past and it was obvious she wasn't pregnant as she'd been putting away cocktails all night haha. When we got home she changed in to something more comfortable but not before giving me a good look at what she called "my present" which was that full the skin had gone shiny which I don't think I've seen on her before, I've asked her before to let me measure her belly but she's always said no however this time she agreed! it measured 56" which I was amazed at. I've never known how much she weighs either so I tried talk her in to stepping on the scales which she agreed to but insisted she'd tell me, the issue came when she realised she couldn't see her feet never mind the scales! Our scales go to 18 stone and the needle went straight to it, I think we need new ones so I can get a true weight next time I talk her into getting onto them. We went to be shortly after and she was rewarded for getting me such a good present ;) Her mum has invited us around for Sunday dinner this afternoon as it's her turn after my gf did one l a few weeks ago, she's a really good cook so I'm looking forward to seeing the three girls over indulge as they tend to do so hopefully I'll have another update tonight! I'm so lucky this is happening, I really am living a dream and I love sharing it with you all! As always, any questions just ask
  7. @Softnsexy glad you enjoy it! I'll try and describe her for you, she's about 5'6" with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and a nice wide smile. She's a pretty girl, who has recently grown a large double chin. Gain wise initially it seemed to go to her legs and bum (She's got a huge one!) with just a bit going to her belly initially, however as she's continued to grow most of it has gone to her middle giving her a big ball of a belly which sticks out in front of her and regardless of what she seems to wears is always visible especially when she's sat down. @steveblack341 I know man, I can't believe this has happened. I'll keep the updates coming, don't worry!
  8. Hi all! Its been a while since my last update so here goes... My girlfriend has started a new job since my last update, this has been stressing her out a fair bit which always leads to her comfort eating and this is no different. She's back in size 20 which are getting snug especially around her belly so will often wear 22s to hide it abit, her mum has already commented that her belly has grown. my gf's reponse was to poke her mum back in her belly and say "you can talk!" this lead to a nice revelation from her mum of "I know haha, i've tried but since Christmas I can't help it! I don't wear anything with buttons or zips, i've not tried them on but i'm sure they won't fit. I'll need size 16 jeans, i've never been a 16 before haha" This happened a few weeks ago and she's not changed her habits since according to my girlfriend but I have seen her in jeans recently which I'm told she borrowed from the sister as she intends to diet seriously soon but we'll see haha. Now onto her sister... She too has started new shifts at work, 12 hours or more which is having a similar effect on her as my gf so we needn't have worried about a post holiday diet! She's continued constantly grazing and when the two girls get together they really can put it away! I'm lucky me and the sister have a close relationship as she'll openly patted her belly saying how full she is, the highlight being when after a big meal out for a family birthday (I always sit between the two girls) she looked really uncomfortable and short of breath so I asked if she was ok she said she was but did I want to go for a smoke, we went outside and then she told me the truth. We talked about good the food was, she said "It's so good here, I'm too stuffed but I wasn't going to leave anything haha look.." and then pulled her long loose top tight across her belly looking down and saying "I really do look pregnant, I can't even see my feet!"The final bit of our smoke break was her asking me to go in first so I could stop people from seeing her as she was too full to suck her tummy in like she normally would and with that we went back in just in time for dessert which amazingly the two girls ordered and devoured, when we got up to leave my girlfriend's belly was clearly visible through her now tight dress (and as big as I'd seen for a while) so I put an arm around her and with the other rubbed her belly which prompted her sister to comment "I feel better now i'm not the only one who ate too much haha" both girls laughed agreeing that the food is too good that's impossible not too. There Nan asked if everyone wanted to go back to her house as it was still early but the girls and their mum declined as they all wanted their pajamas and early nights. The gf rubbed her belly all the way home before needing me to help her out of the car and upstairs. After we got her out of her tight dress and she could relax the size of her tightly packed belly was amazing to see so much that we went straight to bed haha The above happened on a Saturday night, the next day her mum and sister came around as the girlfriend wanted a family roast dinner, all three wore leggings and loose tops which as mentioned in previous posts is out of character for her sister. Talk went to last night and the restaurant and how all three got straight into their pajamas as soon as they got home, the sister commenting "I don't know why I wear tight jeans to eat I always have to open them, usually when I get home but last night I couldn't breathe in them last night after the main course, they were my biggest size 24 ones too. Hence the leggings today hahaha" After a big dinner (Three course feast, my gf goes all out with a roast) her mum announced she was going home for a nap as she was as stuffed as last night, the girls said she wasn't the only one! After she left her sister said to my gf "Why did you invite mum you know she judges me for how fat i've gotten, I made sure not to give her chance to touch my tummy which she's started doing lately you know like she does to you especially after we eat too much. My girlfriend said "She tried it with me but I poked her back and told her she's getting fat too" sister "I know, you know she came and borrowed some clothes from me, I bet she didn't tell you she tried size 16 stuff well she couldn't button them or her belly was on show. She only told me they were too small because they're not in my wardrobe as obviously they aren't going to fit me anytime soon, she took my size 18 stuff in the end so she can shut up!) I've really fallen on my feet with these lot, I can't believe how its all playing out but I promise you this is all true! Any questions just ask! Bye for now!
  9. @aspartamedoublesgains haha my gf has been on the post Christmas diet and exercise kick, hence me not mentioning her in my previous posts as she's lost a lot of her Christmas weight gain and is squeezing back into her size 18s. Thinking about it now I should have mentioned it as the formerly skinny sister is now clearly the bigger of the two girls
  10. Hi again, Glad your enjoying! I've got a quick update... On Sunday , the sister came over and the two girls spent ages upstairs in our bedroom which I later found out it was due to her sister wanting to try on and borrow my gf's biggest clothes (I've not seen my gf wear these for ages!) My gf is loving her sister's transformation as soon as her sister drove away she told me what they'd been upto some snippets being "she's brought a bigger belt so she could wear her jeans but hide that she can't button them, she's gone home in my 24s. It's her belly that's gone huge, she couldn't fasten my 22s! She says shes going to diet soon but is eating all of the Christmas treats in the house first, i've given her stuff we don't like haha" We went around to her house last night, I'd not seen her for a week and by the looks of her she's been ploughing through them as I was told! Her gut is now visible under her big jumper (This was the one she brought to hide how fat she was getting and is now abit on the snug side) The whole time we were there she had a hand rested on her belly, at one point she shifted in her seat and her jumper rode up slightly showing an inch or two of her belly hanging over her open jeans which my gf was quick to notice and ask what she's had for tea her response was "large fish and chips then loads of chocolates which need eating before I start my diet but now i'm way way too full haha" my gf wasn't done "I can see" and poked her bit of visible belly her sister's response was to reach down and realise her belly was hanging out over her open jeans saying "Oh i'd forgotten about that haha, It's just habit now opening my jeans when I eat too much" During our conversation the girls started talking about how nice the sister's hair was, she'd had it done at the place used to work at (Where her formerly fat colleagues had dieted and were smaller than she had been before her gain started) and the girls working there have kept all the weight off while she has continued to pile it on. She doesn't put photos or anything on Facebook etc so according to her the shock on their faces when she walked in was undeniable, while their eyes went straight to her legs and belly (where most of her weight has accumulated) The highlight of this conversation was "I know its free because they do it as a friend but it's embarrassing we hugged and she told me I looked well and being happy clearly suited me, they don't hold back she asked me if i'd had a really good Christmas or was it something more, I said I didn't follow and she went this! and put her hands on my stomach I was so embarrassed and said it was a Christmas food and drink baby and tried to laugh it off" Anyway, if anything else crops up i'll keep you updated!!
  11. @high Yeah I think so too, it definitely explains her change in attitude around me. I'm wondering if she likes my reaction as her bf thinks she's too fat but she loves her food. Either way I'm not going to moan haha. The gf has had a clearout of clothes today with most of her old ones going to her sister, looking forward to seeing her fill them out. Every time she takes her clothes i'm reminded of her saying she'll never be as fat as my gf and need to borrow her clothes Any comments appreciated
  12. @Kadrman my girlfriend is fully aware of my preferences haha. I do wonder if she's let it slip to her sister, it'd make sense as she's not shy about how much she eats and how shes changing around me anymore. We all had an indian takeaway last night and once again the topic of the girls weight and Christmas overindulgence came up, both of them have really enjoyed themselves! Her sister told us quite happily that she'd tried her jeans on today and she couldn't get into them so was now going to be living in stretch leggings and big loose tops until she could go clothes shopping. Any other questions just ask
  13. Hi again, So after sight of Christmas day, boxing day may have surpassed it! We went to the gf's nans house for a buffet tea which my gf thoroughly enjoyed and left very full, Her sister had been to her bf's parents for a repeat of Christmas dinner and arrived on her own as her partner stayed with his family, wearing a knee length dress which is out of character for her. We were sat next to each other at the table so I got a close up view of how much she packed away after moaning she was already too full from her 2nd Christmas dinner, the highlight of this was her placing her hands on her stuffed belly and saying "God, i'm getting so fat" before bursting out laughing, she leaned back in her chair saying "look how tight my dress is! I look pregnant! hahaha" Desserts came out and she ate big helpings of all of them, cutting herself quarters of 3 cheesecakes and 2 big cakes, while quickly plowing her way through the lot her other hand was constantly rubbing her belly and occasionally looking at me and puffing her cheeks out. After desserts we all sat and talked for a bit before a cheese board made an appearance, the gf and her sister both love cheese so dug in eating through most of it before the inevitable regret at how overly stuffed they both were. The girlfriend went off to the living room with the rest of her family while me and her sister carried on our chat shortly after I said I was going for a cigarette if she wanted to come for one her reply being "I would but I don't think I can get up, I've really overdone it" I held out my hands saying id help her up, we eventually got her to her feet and while she is usually packed in to her jeans the dress just stretched round her which I couldn't help but stared open mouthed at! She just laughed and said "I've gotten so big recently" So we went out for a smoke, she kept moaning about how cold it was so I asked why she was wearing a dress as jeans and jumper would surely be warmer? her reply was a treat "I was wearing them but they were too tight before I ate a big dinner today so I went home to find something looser before I came round to eat here, I definitely need to go clothes shopping as my one pair of big stretchy jeans won't fit after this week. I can't stop eating but look at it!, do you think I'm too fat? my bf say I am but I don't care" I said no she looked good and anyway it was christmas so keep enjoying yourself which went down well as she said she will and could diet if she wanted too. Her nan has lots of pictures around her house, there's one just inside the back door of the two sister when my gf was at her biggest and her sister was still skinny, when her sister saw it she said "I was a small size 6 there but i've put on over 6 stone in 2 years and now i'm in 20s" Anyway that'll do for now
  14. Hi Everyone, Hope you all had a good Christmas Day? I know I did! We had a family Christmas dinner where the my gf and especially her now pregnant looking sister really over indulged. Last week her sister convinced my gf to give her some of her bigger clothes (UK 22) as she's outgrown her 20s from constant eating over the last few weeks. She was wearing some of the clothes for dinner today, a button up shirt and a pair of jeans, my gf had a dress and leggings. Her sister easily ate the most, grazing from the time she got there until she left, I think the amount of alcohol she had made her more relaxed about how much she was eating! When she finally stood up from the table her shirt had the bottom few buttons undone and the outline of her belly under the rest was clear for all to see. She announced how stuffed she was placing her hands on the side of her full belly and she couldn't wait to get home and out of her tight clothes and go to sleep, right on cue she yawned and stretched causing her shirt to come up showing her round belly and open and unzipped jeans members of the family commented on how much she'd enjoyed dinner her response was to laugh and feign an attempt at buttoning her jeans which were maybe 6" from buttoning around her tightly stuffed stomach, before leaving she put her coat on and soon realised she was too full to zip that up too. She was always so self conscience about her rapidly increasing size so to see her so happy about it seemingly pleased with herself was quite a change. After she left we hung around for a while, the topic of conversation was how fat her sister has gotten. Her mum told my gf she's gained weight but he sister was now probably the biggest of them both, finishing with "If I didn't know better i'd swear she's pregnant, her belly has ballooned" That's all for now but we're going to more family dos over the next few days so i'll keep an eye on them both Any questions just ask!!
  15. Another quick update... She seems alot happier since our chat the other day and the realisation that she doesn't have to watch what she eats anymore. She stopped for a Mcdonalds breakfast on the way to work, has had a big dinner "as shes stopped giving a shit" got more snacks on the way home and can't wait for tea! If this keeps up people will be asking if she's pregnant again! It could get expensive though as she's told me she expects me to buy her new clothes if she gets too fat. I've asked her to start wearing jeans and other things with buttons rather than her usual leggings etc, looking forward to seeing her struggle into them bye for now
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