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  1. Some options: 👨‍👧 😒 😳 🤮 🤢 🧟‍♂️ 🧟‍♀️ 🕷
  2. Seriously, Confused and Sad don't cut it when someone is being a Creep.
  3. I never told any of my girlfriends before my wife that I had this fetish. I only told her last year due to a potential hacking threat and I wanted to get out ahead of it should it have been legitimate (which it wasn't). I've spoken about her before on several accounts over the years. Before I was finally open about it, I would have paranoia cycles and delete my account every year or so. When we met she was a 145 lb party girl, within a few years she had reached 190 lbs and saw a picture of herself that she did not like so she really committed to diet and exercise and got down to ~130 lbs (those were tough times for me personally, but she was happy so I kept a stiff upper lip). She kept it off for about two years, then started to slack and slowly got back up to the 150 range. She lost a bit heading into our wedding a few years ago, but has since gotten up to her all time high of 215 lbs. When I finally told her last year (she was around 195 at the time) she was a bit shocked and it took her a few months to be comfortable talking about it. I have never really wanted her to participate in this fetish really for health reasons and honestly I'm not really into the feeding side of things, I just like a chubby, lazy lover with a big appetite. She has gained weight since I told her (20ish lbs in the last year), but it doesn't appear that it was intentional in any way, more that her knowing I liked her heavier has given herself permission to indulge more since she knows I'm not worried about the scale going up. She does however play with her belly and giggles it around more to tease me and is much more open talking about how fat she is anh has begun shopping in the plus sizes as a default, so I don't think she has any real plans on changing her ways any time soon. She will occasionally bring up wanting to work out more and I'm happy to support her if she wants to lose weight too, she's my partner and the love of my life, I just want her to be happy in her own skin. I love her for the woman she is, not the weight that she carries around. The best part was the relief of no longer feeling like I was living a lie. She would ask me what kind of porn I was into and I would just skirt the question, now I can be honest and not feel judged about my preferences. It hasn't manifested in the bedroom per say, but now she always parades around for me in the clothes she has outgrown and has really begun to get off on belly rubbing and is always willing to "throw her weight around" in the sack.
  4. Uhhh... why would you use your regular screen name on curvage? That was your first mistake.
  5. They said they aren’t mad at you twice. Sometimes people just need some alone time.
  6. I would advise that you seek some relationship counseling. It is clear that you love her and want her to be happy, but her reaction as a whole is both unfair to you and presented a blockade for the relationship to be happy and healthy for you both. It is her body so she can decide who touches it and how, however the venom it sounds like she is lashing out with is cruel, especially in your attempts to console and reconcile. It would appear she is harboring deep seeded resentment or shame and speaks of other underlying problems in the relationship that neither of you may have realized ever existed. If you are serious about making the relationship work and she feels the same, a professional could provide you both tools to express your love for her and her body in a way she is comfortable with, and her to be more accepting of your adoration and her own self whatever her weight. I don’t want to make it sound like she is crazy or anything, lots if not most women are not entirely comfortable in their own skin. But she could certainly feel betrayed or doubt of your true intentions in the relationship. Our kink is one of the last true taboos in the world and if our preferences aren’t expressed in the right way at the right time they can be received in a way that can sound off-putting or gross to some. It’s a hell of a bomb to drop when a person is already feeling ashamed about their body and it should always be broached in a delicate manner, especially if you have already been together for an extended period of time. I hope this helps and the best of luck to you!
  7. You just click in the comment box and a little paper clip pops up at the bottom left to upload files. Hope this helps!
  8. IG-89

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    I think a dark theme would be pretty nice.
  9. My better half has been gaining steadily for the past 3 years. Before that she had crash dieted to lost about 60 lbs, but has since gained it all back plus at least 20/30 lbs more. She will complain that she has gotten fat, but does nothing to change it. In fact she has taken up making desserts and snacks constantly. She has in the past few months outgrown her fat clothes and rather than buy new ones, she has been borrowing my shirts. I’m not a huge guy (5’10 ~240lbs) but have always been pretty husky, and I would be lying if I said her new enthusiasm towards eating hasn’t added a few extra lbs on my body as well. It started with a t-shirt to lounge in, or my gym shorts from time to time, but now that she has gotten so much bigger it is a near daily occurrence. But my shirts are even starting to get tight on her and my gym shorts have begin to struggle to be tied. If she isn’t wearing my clothes her tanks will roll up and expose he belly to the point that she doesn’t even try to adjust and flatten them back, she just lets her big bloated belly hang free, rubbing it and playing with her belly button, her hand will often slip below her blanket when she thinks I’m not looking when she does as well. I think I’m in for a fun ride.
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