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  1. You can tell from my posts that I lurk a lot but I finally feel that I have something worth discussing. I'm typing this mostly so I can get my feelings out, however feel free to share your own opinions. Sorry for the length but it's not just the WLS and it's complicated. So I met her on the internet. It wasn't ever a secret between us that I liked her for her size, not simply that but you get the point. It wasn't long before we brought up our sexual fantasies so she was aware. We just never acted on her gaining, not that I expected her to and I made that clear. We've always had a long distance relationship and while we were actually dating, not a very healthy one. I phrase it that way because as you can tell we broke up. And yet we did what always seems like a mistake and tried to remain friends. Before, an obvious reason of why it was unhealthy, we talked every moment we were awake. After, we talked every so often. Often enough to say we were good friends, but never deep or long enough to give that more meaning. Don't get me wrong, we talked a lot for exes. But by the title you can see where I'm going with this. I can't recall when but she asked me about my feelings on WLS. I don't remember what I said but I know I said I disagreed with it and gave her the whole spiel. If I was smarter, I could have been less gung-ho on my feelings about it and should have been smarter on realizing why she was asking me. I did ask why she was thinking about it but my attitude was too overbearing and so she didn't respond with reasons that got at the heart of the issue. Instead I got the practical reasons, not the ones related to her being happy with herself and her weight. And if she did share, I wasn't listening. Not after being riled up over nothing. One of my many mistakes. Months went by with this in the back of my mind. Her mentioning she's calorie logging. Noticing subtle differences in her pictures. I wasn't completely blind, but I was stupid. Stupid enough to ask if we could meet up for the first time this summer only to get this thrown into my face that she's going through with a VSG in a little over a month's time. And I'm working through being hurt because I was blindsided yet I know why she couldn't tell me sooner: we're exes, I'm an FA, I responded negatively when she asked, she only told some of her other friends soon before she told me. I'm just still in a place where my fantasies, of being friends or even together, involved her staying relatively the same size, at least for the near future, and something like WLS isn't weight loss on a small scale and much more permanent. And believe me, I've told her I know that the time for arguing, even though I did for a moment recently, has passed and that I know that by arguing at all I'm arguing my happiness over hers. I've been sitting on this fantasy of just meeting her in person for months and the timing couldn't have been worse. She's always really busy and so I was just scared to ask until it was too late. All of this being said, to put it simply I'm scared. I've put too much mental effort and stock in a woman who won't reciprocate because of the 3000 miles between us and changing a fundamental aspect of who she is. Those fantasies of mine have gone to waste. Imagine a dream of yours being taken from you. I don't know how to cope and that means I might lose her as a friend. I know she's not dying but my anxieties make it feel that way sometimes. I could give a damn about her losing weight. And I know I'm petty when I say I'm jealous when the other people she's dated recently got her at heaviest and I'm getting 45% to 80% loss. I know she's still going to be my friend after and that I'll love her still but it's safe to say it's complicated. I've shared my feelings with her on us and the surgery and vice versa and even made and shared with her a playlist of videos of the WLS community (I wasn't exactly sitting on my ass from when she told me to now). I'm at the end of my long and whiny rope and you can tell me I'm young and immature and you'd be right. It's why I've posted a long message because I need people who understand, not just the situation but my feelings from it as a FA, and can help me better myself so I can be a more supportive friend, if not in the short term, then the long term. Thanks for reading this and DFTBA!
  2. "Magical Thinking" only had cameos. No lines whatsoever. All within the first few minutes or so. Only two episodes left.
  3. I couldn't put my finger on why I recognized her name until I saw Gustav's name. The following song has some content to offer while still being relevant.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but there wasn't even a single frame of her in tonight's "Orphans" episode. For the curious, her first episode "Blood Bath" served as an intro for her character with light pushing of food. The highlight is the "Tupperware Party Massacre" with actual feederism and even an attempt at a sex scene. Only three episodes left. We'll see what's in store come January.
  5. Tomorrow's episode was called "The Fat Lady Sings" before it was renamed to "Tupperware Party Massacre." In this interview, it alludes to her possibly singing in the show, just like the former title. It's longer and more informative than the People one and speaks to her wearing a fat suit. It also has her demo reel if you're interested. But as far her singing ability goes, whether or not it winds up in the show, see/listen for yourself:
  6. When I see a new post in the story section, I always hope that it's this one that's been updated. You never fail to disappoint.
  7. http://northerngoddess.blogspot.com/2014/01/sophie.html Never knew where the images themselves or the story came from but here they are.
  8. Her youtube channel was Honeh although a recent search of mine turned up with a possible deleted channel. Found an embedded link to one of her videos and the video was nonexistent. It'd take a person better than I to find the channel and/or have possibly downloaded her videos.
  9. Remembered this out of nowhere. Checked the earlier pages and the original links went down and might have been incomplete. A minute in: 17:30 and as a bonus 21:11:
  10. Should have posted when I found it a few days ago. Train your google-fu skills and perhaps you'll find it like I did. Third Watch - "Modern Designs for Better Living" http://shared.sx/0820f77d66 If it's a fat suit, it's well done. My money's on some extra padding as opposed to the whole thing being a fat suit.
  11. Let me direct you to this post made pages ago: The main actors and actresses all gained weight for this film and is in my opinion the best actively-gaining-weight-for-a-role kind of weight gain you're going to find.
  12. For the curious: Supernatural Season 9 Episode 13- The Purge. And I'll warn you now that this is a horror show, so deaths are inevitable and in this case onscreen. This woman, Donna, the major drive of fat suit in the episode and she's only okay as far as fat suits go. If those aren't your cup of tea, perhaps another fat suit for you. It's better done in that she gets more form-fitting clothes, but we all know that tends to spell disaster for fat suits. Up to you. They claim her pre-death weight at 180. I'd say low 200's, but what do I know? Screenshots would be much obliged for the second lady. 10:00-12:00. There are a few shots where she's lying on the ground, fat suit holding up despite fat suit. But again, horror show, so she has the 'something crawling under my skin' trope going on at about the same time, all right before she dies from her fat being sucked out. I'm not the best at screenshots or killing monsters, but happy hunting!
  13. I did say it was premature. I'll be watching it anyways, despite the okay writing (of the plot-holed season thus far at least) or if there are any good fat suits or not. Give you all the updates of whether it's actually worth it on Tuesday night or on Wednesday.
  14. Extremely preliminary and maybe even premature, just thought I'd bring to our attention the new episode of Supernatural next week will feature a few fat suits. Contrary to the the thread's name, it's weight loss but with the intention of saving them from becoming thin (and dying). The preview teases this, but I warn that it seems like a more grotesque than usual episode.
  15. It was a Tyra episode if that helps at all.
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