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  1. Clearly your holiday was all included. Wow.
  2. Lovely round cheeks. With lots of cellulite and flab. Just how a behind should look.
  3. Hi there, let me know when you're back online please :) 

  4. So, Who would like a Side View? I hope you can see if gained any weight? not sure?
  5. sorry for putting this in the wrong place, But trying to resture to seleenecurvis, and used this code FREEINVCODEI6TGBNIPHNHQ7ZSK But every time i put my email in it say that it will email, but never get the email, Am i being really stuiped.. It is not in junk
  6. from this, and a few to many goodies. Do you like how the pound and going on?
  7. ok could be a silly question, but how do i get on to and or log in to : https://seleenecurvis.com i just get a log in page and nothing else
  8. as asked for, a Update from behind, this is what a 70+ pounds gain will do to your figuar.
  9. Wow you are definitely adding the pounds up on yourself. Any befor dear pic from to show where you started from. If I could and have any spear money I would contribute to your gain.
  10. Love your bikini. Could still grow into it a bit more and stretch it out for your sister. How do you look from the side and behind. In that bikini.
  11. wow what a brilliant gain you have got going, loving you belly hang, and stretch marks you got
  12. Very nice pic. Bit hopefull soon you will not be able to see your toe nails.
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