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  1. Yeah those sound amazing I can’t wait especially the one of you high lol the munchies are real in quarantine I spend most days high anyway since there is nothing else to do lol 😂 I look forward to your future content sounds amazing, you definitely haven’t been slacking during quarantine ❤️
  2. Wow you are looking amazing !! 😍 This quarantine seems to be doing you some good at least aha. What sort of videos are you thinking of doing in the future ? I can’t wait for more content ❤️
    Such a great video for the price ! see Harriet playing with her big ass and her belly which is looking a lot less toned you now have a bit of chub there aha such a hot video definitely recommend. Can’t wait to see Harriet get even bigger can only imagine how big her ass will grow 🥵
  3. No problem glad to see you on curvage 🙂do you have any plans to make videos in the future ? ❤️
  4. Wow your gorgeous you look amazing I look forward to seeing you gain more ❤️
    A great video showing off Sofia’s growing belly it’s looking big now looks like the weight gain shakes are helping would love a video chugging a weight gain shake with burps. Definitely recommend the video lots of very tight clothes look amazing in the tight ripped shorts it doesn’t even contain your fat ass anymore haha. Keep up the gaining your looking amazing nice and tanned as well ❤️
    Amazing video I loved it !! lots of belly play while Sofia answers all the questions given to her I think it’s super hot and love the more personal feel of the video. I think your super cute and hope you hit your goal I’d love to see you get even bigger though. Make sure to stay safe during this quarantine and this is definitely a great video to get for the price ! highly recommend
    Wow what an amazing video ! the way she scoffs down those donuts and downs that coke is amazing she pushes her belly to her limits, she looks like she is about to pop by near the end but OMG she manages to devour all the donuts and the coke leading to plenty of burps. You have really plumped up during quarantine your belly is so big now and your boobs are massive they literally jiggle so much every time you move haha this video is deffo worth a buy even if it means waiting for a sale in the future. Trust me your missing out if you don’t get this video ! Hope your staying safe during quarantine BB and keep up the hard work your looking amazing I love your videos you’re so hot 🥵❤️
  5. Hope your staying safe during quarantine and with being a key worker. Your looking gorgeous hope you continue to eat loads can’t wait to see you with a big belly 😍 and can’t imagine how big your ass will be haha ❤️🍑
    Wow what an amazing video ! I was surprised with the number on the scale but in a good way haha glad to hear your enjoying yourself here can’t wait for you to get softer and curvier I can already see all the eating your doing is working only a matter of time before you get a belly 😍🥵 defo get this video no reason not to for the price !
    Great video ! really love how you drink and eat so much. I can’t wait for you to get so huge 😍 recommend this video for the price and keep up the good work beautiful ❤️
    Wow you scoffed those down quick ! can’t wait for your future stuffings haha love how enthusiastic you are in this video. I can tell you really love chicken me too hahah think a KFC stuffing in the future will be good 😉 x
  6. Yeah it expands your stomach so you can eat more and I’m sure there are plenty of calories in that shake ❤️
  7. You look so hot 😍 loved your first video you have such a cute fold already and damn that ass 🥵 can’t wait for you to get fatter and fatter 😍❤️
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