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    Love the video you look so good ! and love your tattoo look forward to seeing the whole sleeve and can’t wait to see you gain more, and you already have a huge ass if you went gym you’d have the best ass on this site lol 😂🍑❤️
    Amazing video and love the different angles which show the jiggle and especially the parts with slow motion ❤❤
    Amazing video, love the concept of tied up and force fed !!! ❤️❤️
    One of my new favourite clips love how fat you look in this clip keep up the gain nearly at 250 it’s a must buy clip and thanks for the free video shar !!! ❤️❤️
    One of my favourite videos glad you made a video with the yellow dress really shows how fat you are now ❤️
    Amazing video and love the concept of being a very fat spoilt brat ❤️
    Love the video ! title says it all ❤️
    Great video ! Love forward to seeing you bigger ❤️🍑
    Another amazing video, loving the dress and the much longer stuffing in this video ❤️
    Amazing video looking forward to the gain ❤️
    Another amazing video my favourite gain ❤️
    Really good video as always shar ❤️
  1. looking good shar love how you are starting to collaborate with other models ❤️
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