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    This is such a hot video Toni is looking huge now! she always mentions her weight in the video she can’t be far off 300lbs now. 100% recommend this video for the price, Toni looks so sexy in this video it’s definitely worth it!
    Wow this is such a sexy video! short and sweet for sure, curvy baby is looking huge 🥵 some good burps too can’t wait to see her even bigger definitely recommend this video!
    A short but super sexy video with some pretty loud burps, I can’t believe how fat Toni’s got she’s huge I look forward to seeing her fatter. Definitely recommend this video since it’s a cheap price so no brained imo.
    Wow you are so gorgeous! I can’t believe how fat you are now you’re such a piggy 🐷😂 100% recommend this video I can’t wait for part two
    Super sexy video! love how turned on you get by yourself, 100% recommend this video it’s so hot. Your doing great keep up the hard work with the stuffings!
    Such a sexy video she looks gorgeous 😍 can’t wait to see her bigger and the way she giggles and gets turned on aha definitely recommend this video for the price you won’t regret it!
    Such a hot video even now, I can’t believe how much Shar has grown I thought she was big here if only she would wear this dress now aha 100% recommend this video it’s still super hot even with shar not being as big as she is now. Hope she does more videos like this in the future ❤️
  1. Tom420

    Squishy Bae

    So sexy love that lingerie 🔥🥵
    This video is super hot with how tight the clothes are can’t believe they used to fit ! and when your trying to suck in really shows how chubby she is aha highly recommended the video for the price if your a fan of tight clothes and general fat chat, some great angles too.
    This is a super hot video and super nice hearing more about Rosie ! for the price this is a 1000% must buy like can you really not spare $5 ? great video looking forward to your future content
    Wow this is a super hot video with how tight the clothes are literally bursting out of them aha 😂🥵 would love to see you wearing that out in summer ! Definitely recommend the video for the price imo 100% worth it
    This is a super hot video love hearing about Rosie’s gain, doing a great job keep it up ! 100% worth the price especially for how long the vid. Rosie always makes high quality content for low price it’s a no brainier
    This video is so hot shar talking about wanting to be 300 lbs she already looks so big now ! Can’t wait to see her even bigger, keep up the great work shar looking gorgeous ❤️
    This is a super hot video ! Rosie looking gorgeous as always in a super tight skirt 😍 it’s a super hot video about what would happen if rosie have completely into gluttony non stop eating aha Imo 10/10 for the price
    This is a super hot video definitely worth the price for $5 !! love the belly jiggling at the start and the twerking later on. Best POV I’ve seen 😍
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