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    This is such a great video highly recommend especially such a good price for value ! I loved the more personal videos like this and the dress at the start looked amazing I’m jealous of your feeder lol 😂 think this is also the first video where I’ve been turned on and also laughing haha love your bubbly personality and how much you enjoy your gaining. Honestly love your belly crease too I can’t wait for you to get bigger and your ass is huge I love it 🥵🍑 I cant wait for the next video easily a 5 stars for me ❤️
    Such a hot video love the voice, please keep getting fatter want to see your belly bigger haha
    Such a hot video I highly recommend getting this ! The way she devours her food I can see why she is gaining weight so quick and the burps are hot too haha I can’t wait to see you at 200 can only imagine how big your ass will be lol 🥵
    Amazing video I loved it highly recommend this video, look forward to you stuffing your face more like a good cow 🐮
    Love the video it’s so hot 🥵 and congrats on reaching your goal shar ! I won’t spoil how much she weighs but it’s doesnt disappoint look forward to seeing you get fatter
    Such a good video it’s so hot 🥵 defo buy this video such a good way to start 2020
  1. Love how fat you are now you’ve truly become so huge never thought you’d get this fat compare to how small you were when you starting gaining, do you have any goals for 2020 ? ❤️

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      Hola Bad Bitch, estoy bromeando, ¡necesitas ver los videos para descubrirlo! gracias.

    3. Badbitch_03


      thank you ❤️ 

    4. Craggers21


      De Nada  ❤️


  2. Love your cute chubby belly hope you continue to gain would love to see you fatter b ❤️
    Love your videos ! If you love fat chat and belly rubs with occasional burps you’ll love this video and in my opinion this is good value for money
    One of my favourite videos ! love your gain hope you continue to upload stuffing videos in tight clothes ❤️
    Great video very sexy can’t wait to see you gain more, defo recommend the video for the price and how long the video is. Please continue to gain ❤️
    Really hot video especially when in the hot tub can’t wait for you to gain more weight please do a weigh in video soon ❤️
    Really hot video can’t wait to see shar in 2020 and be even fatter. This video is a must buy
    Another amazing video obvs just buy the video you’ll defo love it
    Hot video as always love how fat your getting now can’t wait to see you gain more. Love the more personal talk in this video as well really shows how far she has come !! Must buy video for anyone on this site ! Love you shar continue drinking all those gainer shakes ❤️❤️
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