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    Wow this is such a sexy video I highly recommend! hope you had a good Christmas and new year Rosie! you are looking even more sexy I love your accent ❤️
    Wow this is such a sexy video I don’t know where to begin! ahah honestly Rosie does some of the best value content you can get for a few dollars you get an over 17 minute stuffing video where she pushes herself to the very limit! I’m sure she was in a food coma after this video ahah I could probably only eat one of those burgers and she eats multiple by the end she is fully stuffed letting out moans of pain and I’m sure pleasure as well, also has some great burps as always for good measure! Honestly do yourself a favour and get this video I promise you won’t regret it!!
    I loved this video thought it was so hot! I think she looks so sexy in the festival outfit remember watching the first part when it came out she’s definitely gained a bit I think she still looks good in it😍 definitely wouldn’t mind if she gained a bit more 😉definitely recommend this video if your a fan of squishy bae!
    This is such a hot video Toni is looking huge now! she always mentions her weight in the video she can’t be far off 300lbs now. 100% recommend this video for the price, Toni looks so sexy in this video it’s definitely worth it!
    Wow this is such a sexy video! short and sweet for sure, curvy baby is looking huge 🥵 some good burps too can’t wait to see her even bigger definitely recommend this video!
    A short but super sexy video with some pretty loud burps, I can’t believe how fat Toni’s got she’s huge I look forward to seeing her fatter. Definitely recommend this video since it’s a cheap price so no brained imo.
    Wow you are so gorgeous! I can’t believe how fat you are now you’re such a piggy 🐷😂 100% recommend this video I can’t wait for part two
    Super sexy video! love how turned on you get by yourself, 100% recommend this video it’s so hot. Your doing great keep up the hard work with the stuffings!
    Such a sexy video she looks gorgeous 😍 can’t wait to see her bigger and the way she giggles and gets turned on aha definitely recommend this video for the price you won’t regret it!
    Such a hot video even now, I can’t believe how much Shar has grown I thought she was big here if only she would wear this dress now aha 100% recommend this video it’s still super hot even with shar not being as big as she is now. Hope she does more videos like this in the future ❤️
  1. Tom420

    Squishy Bae

    So sexy love that lingerie 🔥🥵
    This video is super hot with how tight the clothes are can’t believe they used to fit ! and when your trying to suck in really shows how chubby she is aha highly recommended the video for the price if your a fan of tight clothes and general fat chat, some great angles too.
    This is a super hot video and super nice hearing more about Rosie ! for the price this is a 1000% must buy like can you really not spare $5 ? great video looking forward to your future content
    Wow this is a super hot video with how tight the clothes are literally bursting out of them aha 😂🥵 would love to see you wearing that out in summer ! Definitely recommend the video for the price imo 100% worth it
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