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    Looking super hot as always shar and wow you are looking so big now !! I love it and seems the holiday has been good your tanned af now aha definitely get this video especially for the price I promise you won’t regret it
    Wow what a way to come back Harriet ! aha this is a great short clip love how happy and up beat Harriet is, your belly and ass are getting so big now can’t wait to see what you’ll look like in a few more months !❤️
    This is a super hot video seeing how tight everything is on you I love your belly and think your tattoos look sick !! definitely recommend getting this video especially for the price and what you get seeing Rosie from every angle struggling to fit into clothes that are a little tight aha. The black dress you tried on looked so hot and how your belly was poking out aha too bad you couldn’t do it up lol I can’t wait to see you bigger trying on some of the same clothes in this video some look very tight already aha keep up the good work Rosie ! 😊❤️
  1. Man I love this site it’s tooo sick !! 💯

    This is such a hot video throughout you look gorgeous Rosie in all 3 stuffings ❤️ Lots of good angles and some decent burps throughout. I can’t believe how much you ate during the day !! aha this is such good value for money you’d be stupid not to buy this video tbh It costs about $1 for every 16 mins lol
  2. Your looking amazing love the progress so far 😍 can’t wait to see more content from you, how much are you planning to gain if you have a goal at all ?
    This video is so hot it has lots of ass and belly play 🍑 I can’t believe how big what has gotten now compare to when she started. I highly recommend getting this video for the price it’s a great video 💯
    Super hot video definitely recommend getting this one, the way your out of breath from just getting changed is so hot your slowly turning into a fat pig 😉😍
    You look so gorgeous in this baby love the muffin too at the start aha 😍 it’s so nice hearing about your self and what you’ve been through and what you like about gaining definitely can’t wait for a part 2 at some point. If your a fan of baby I highly recommend this video !! I can’t wait to see more content from you, you’re so lovely xx
  3. Ahah not heard anyone call them self bug eyed lol 😂 but I think you would look sexy skinny or fat but won’t deny I would find you more sexy with the more weight you gain aha ❤️
  4. You look so gorgeous no matter what your weight is ❤️ Hope your keeping well looking forward to your future content x
  5. Wow your looking amazing your getting so curvy and chubby now !! so hot 🥵
  6. You look amazing I’d love to squish your belly aha you look so happy about it too
  7. Thank you for the follow it means so much to me! :)

  8. Hahah nice well you’ll have to make sure not to let any of it go to waste 😏
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