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  1. Thanks for the responses ! So few more details. Shes 31. And she hates the weight. Shes sad because she thinks now is her time to be skinny. Her eating habits are that she's a binge eater. Eats regular meal portions but will sit on the coach and mindlessly eat a whole bag of chips. She also will go to dunkin on the way home, grab an iced cofee and 2 donuts. She also also will never say no to eating out. So basically everything is working perfectly to her getting fatter but she has these emotional breakdowns all the time. I want to just tell her about this community but i also don't what her to freak out because she doesn't enjoy the slightest idea of being fat. Basically just should i continue to let her go on the path or try to help her by encouraging her. So she can feel good about herself.
  2. Long time lurker. I need some advice, been with my wife girlfriend for about 10 years. She's always been overweight, 5'4 and about 180. Always been self conscious about her weight. She went on a crazy diet about 2 years ago. Dropped to about 145. Stop dieting...Put about 40 on in a year. Now has easily gained another 50 to 75 in the last year. Biggest she's ever been and keeps getting fatter. I love it. However she hates it but really doesn't do anything about it. I've told her multiple times i love her at this weight and i love touching her belly. But she hates it. Any advice for encouraging a girl who has hated her weight for years but loves eating but anytime i try to incorporate her belly into sex she freaks out? I think if she embraced the gain, she'd be so much happier because i would spoil her with snacks and fold all the time, but i don't want to encourage her to get bigger cause she freaks out when weight is brought up.
  3. legend

    Is bigcutie margot preggers?

    hmm. I don't think so. I think she's just stepped it up as far as eating is concerned. either way, she's gotten huge!
  4. legend

    711 cinnamon roll

    I'm pretty new here. Been a feeder for awhile...Just want to say those cinnamon buns from 711 are getting me into gaining. I can't stop eating them. The feeling I get is like no other. Ive eaten atleast 3 to 4 a day for the past 2 months and have prolly packed on close to 15 pounds. Those suckers are 445 calories per cinnamon bun. Just something about them. Anyone else eat these things? My god.