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  1. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Yes. She had went up in weight a lot, but over the past year or so she had slimmed back down partially. Meanwhile, Sarah Logan:
  2. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    I'm sure there are more awesome screengrabs that could be made here, but here's just one.
  3. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    At this point, we can just call them "The Belly Twins":
  4. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    More like "That's so MUCH Shazza"!
  5. Cowboys

    Mandy Moore

    That's basically her after swallowing Chrissy Metz whole. Anyway, she is a newlywed over 35 years of age, and has said she wants to have kids, so it seems like only a matter of time before she curves up.
  6. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Pretty sure the prayers of at least several of you are about to be answered with the playing of this video:
  7. Cowboys

    Gina Carano

    Maybe you were thinking of Miesha Tate?
  8. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Charly Caruso & Cathy Kelley
  9. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    My God, I love how Viper answered this body-shaming question: Here are the 2 photos she had posted which prompted that question:
  10. Cowboys

    Female wrestlers

    Nobody should have to read fat-shaming comments about themselves by randos on the internet. Nobody should be fat-shamed at all nowadays, by anyone, ever again. (After all, isn't that the whole point of this website? ) She went hard on the fat-shamers yesterday on social media. At first I thought she was going a little too hard, but after reading some of those YT comments, that would certainly put me in a "fuck the world" mood as well.
  11. Cowboys

    Demi Lovato

    Supposedly it's just a fake bump for the Will & Grace tv show. But... I'm just going to imagine it's real after all. (Mmmm... Ima need 5 minutes.)
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