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    Amazing video! I was a huge fan of you talking about you getting bigger. If you release more videos like this, I will buy them!
  1. At the end of your last video you mentioned that you are giving it a try again.  Do you have any weight gain goals in mind?

    1. Taytay


      Not specifically =]

  2. I hope all is well 😁

    Your fans miss you!!!

    1. Kiel Brown

      Kiel Brown

      We really do. I come back every now and then, hoping that I'll see Taytay. 

  3. We all miss you very much, and hope everything is going good for you!

  4. Do you have a work email for inquires on custom videos? 

  5. Do you have a work email for inquires on custom videos?

    1. acdc34434


      Check your messages 💋

    2. David_I
  6. Any feedee’s in the state of Montana?

  7. What is your email?

    1. Taytay


      tdetscher23@yahoo.com you can always message me here too ❤️

    2. David_I


      I sent you a message a while ago


  8. Would you ever be willing to do a fan meet in the Denver area.  To buy you food at a restaurant?  

  9. Long time fan, first time posting.  Lol.  I can't help but say how gorgeous you look and how amazing your confidence is in your unbelievable sexy body, I LOVE IT!  I just got an account today just to buy your videos.  Keep it up!

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    2. David_I


      Do you offer skype or private sessions?

    3. Taytay


      Not at the moment! But ive been considering it!

    4. David_I


      Please!  I would be happy to pay whatever amount you would think is fair!  😘😘😘

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