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  1. Lets give a quick shoutout to Christina Applegate!
  2. New favorite thread. Is she actually grabbing her fat roll here or just subtly adjusting her pants?
  3. JigglyArms


  4. JigglyArms


    I didn't mean to phrase it as 'proof', I believe you I'm just wondering where you saw it. Twitter, Twitch streams, etc? Maybe I could find it
  5. JigglyArms


    Any proof of them saying this?
  6. JigglyArms


    I'm not sure if its the shirt or the pants, but she looks downright chubby from behind. From months ago however. Clip at 2:00
  7. Thats the point, isnt the audio something about being judged about your body? And also everything she reveals is just covered by the dark water a few seconds earlier.
  8. I really doubt shes chubby, shes just got huge tits
  9. Link works if you create an account, time is 42:30. Fucking pain to find
  10. If it hasnt been posted already, the weight gain is in season 8, with Jane Leeves' character Daphne Moon. They wrote in the weight gain because she was pregnant. Apparently its the entire season, but one episode said to show the weight gain in particular is Season 8, Episode 14, 'Hungry Heart'. Couldnt find any clips, but this link has a single image. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0582430/
  11. You've been on this site since 2017.....
  12. There I am beating my meat and this guy bursts out into song
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