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  1. Here's some stuff I found in my latest dive into Youtube, 90% sure it hasnt been shared here This whole vid is top quality This one is awesome too, timestamps are 0:35, 7:00, 12:00, and I think 23:30 and finally, a nice commercial here
  2. Are you sure she's 18? I remember avoiding her because she was younger
  3. JigglyArms


    Shes always one step ahead of us lol
  4. JigglyArms

    Lili Reinhart

    Well, would you care to share some examples?
  5. woah, is she pregnant?
  6. JigglyArms


    Her arms are softer and her hips continue to widen
  7. Saw her before, had no idea she was so chubby great topic, keep us updated
  8. I'm sure this has been asked before, but a workout video would perfectly show how much you've let your fitness slip
  9. JigglyArms

    Sommer Ray

    Does she look thicker here or am I imagining? https://www.tiktok.com/@sommerray/video/6920396561151184134?_d=secCgsIARCbDRgBIAMoARI%2BCjz5I5m%2Bwa5t%2Fcw5KSlhgK5Rsmp5W4SNwRCZK9jmNyjG9DkWUL9T%2BU%2FiHpE7SIlewNFUET1QPfquUfnVKecaAA%3D%3D&language=fr&preview_pb=0&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAA_cmgLZTLkzOMqTM2kXx5CMPCReAkyG8eOQtOHT0xIbltbYXPafdA6BskKr93NBUa&share_app_name=musically&share_item_id=6904326942284270854&share_link_id=93f7fd1c-30a6-4595-9319-5a8ab7e6a2ac&timestamp=1607549483&u_code=d3hmc7ee503efg&user_id=6635347939382493189&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&utm_source=copy&source=h5_m&is_from_webapp=v2&is_copy_url=0&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6920638751069308422
  10. I've seen multiple Italian models get chubby in the last few months, more than any other nationality. Then I came across this thread containing hundreds of chubby Italian women Then I did some research after finding out almost all the Italian girls in this thread were from Naples, and found this "The prevalence of obesity in Naples among women, was 5.2 times (3.8-6.6 95% CI) as high as in France, 3.3 times (2.2-4.4) as high as in Holland, 1.7 times (0.9-2.5) as high as in USA, 2.5 times (1.7-3.4) as high as in Milan" So apparently Italy is experiencing a spike in average body fat overall, with the city of Naples in particular having absolutely astounding statistics due to its history of rich cuisine. So apparently bros, Naples is the place to be. Check that thread for more gorgeous chubby Neapolitans than you could ever dream of.
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