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  1. Thats the buggiest, most malware-ridden site I've seen in months. Dont click the link
  2. Think of @FirstMarines as the angel on your shoulder, while I am the devil. Don't let her exercise. It will only slow down the gain. Let her enjoy any food she wants, let her keep growing. Keep her happy. It will be a lot harder to sell your fantasy to her if it involves her going through daily exercises you prescribe to her like shes some sort of test subject. Just give her food and love her with all your heart. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, is there?
  3. Done, will come back with a report the next time I sign in. Whether it works or not its okay, I wont bother you guys anymore. It really isnt a big deal
  4. I use chrome while on PC but I have used microsoft Edge a few times and it had the same problem. (Sorry for the late response, I didnt get a notification that you replied, maybe thats another issue lmao)
  5. Thank you so much for the mega update. What do you use to quickly capture each twitter post? I was thinking of adding some of my own using the Snipping Tool but its waayy too slow and annoying to capture every single post with it.
  6. Every time I sign in, once I enter my username and password and then press the sign in button nothing happens. It just infinitely loads. I fixed the problem simply by pressing the sign in button multiple times. This happens on multiple computers and on mobile, and has nothing to do with my internet connection. Everything else works fine. This problem has been bothering me for more than a few months now but it was never more than an annoyance. I just decided to report it here just to help you guys. Thanks!
  7. JigglyArms


    She's absolutely delicious. If anyone could find that story where she posted her belly I'd be grateful
  8. Bitches will say anything on Twitter
  9. I forgot her name but I will come back if I remember, shes on Clips4Sale I think, hopefully its okay for me to say that here
  10. Thanks again, all these are incredible. Complete fetish fuel
  11. These are incredible.
  12. JigglyArms

    Taylor Swift

    "Double cheeked up, on a Thursday afternoon.....hella ass"
  13. Thats awesome, but remember to keep it steady and slow. It can turn into a nightmare if you take too much too quickly.
  14. That would be fucking awesome. Like I said the entire first season is on Prime Video, and I'd be glad to take the time to strip the clips from there if somebody could tell me a program to use that could do that.
  15. Remember that show the Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp and how a couple years ago we posted a couple clips from the show? What ever happened with that? Did anyone find a way to get all the episodes? The show is amazing with great scenes throughout including everything from full body shots, fat grabbing, out of shape exercise, and even body morphs showing them a hundred pounds heavier. Anyone thats seen it knows how good the content is. The first season is on Amazon Prime Video but no other seasons. Anyone know where we can find the other seasons?
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