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    The Jiggle. Oh my goodness. The jiggle. 😍 Thunder thighs, stretch marks, a beautiful belly. My goodness. This body tour is wonderful, and seeing the joy on GGGF as she describes how she feels now. And the belly slaps. Made my day. Fantastic vid, worth the watch. That smile at the end, be still my heart. 🥰 Seriously, go watch this vid. This is one of the better body tours I have seen and with someone as vivaciously radiant as GGGF the time flies by.🥰🤩 Can barely wait till next time!
    Another fantastic set. Tight clothes, beautiful, sexy lady. What more could you want? Great camera angles too. No complaints here. Please keep sharing the wonderful views of your growing body!
    This is my favorite kind of clip. Trying on clothes that once fit fine and now are too tight. I only wish you had more tops to try on (My fav <3) Your butt looks fantastic and fills out anything you put on in just the right way, even tight, it looks great. Thank you for sharing this with us and I look forward to the next one. Tight clothes are the best! 😍
    Congratulations! Thank you for being so real with us about your excitement. You look great in that top BTW. I love the fact your scale is right in front of the fridge. It's a great way to check your progress as you wander back and forth. Thank you for sharing this milestone!
    So glad I got the early bird. New fan and I am not disappointed. The measurements were mind blowing and you look so happy with them, yet that glint in your eye wants MORE! Your figure is great! I'm glad that you are gaining in the areas you want to. That final clip with your weight, I had a feeling it would be close to that number and I was very pleased to see how much you are pleased. Now to ask, will you continue? Well worth it and supporting you in this manner is totally worth it. Keep up the good work.
    Fantastic. I had no idea you had already gained so much! Your goals are lofty, but I'm certain you can do it. I wish you had been able to try on more tops The fact your clothes don't fit is sexy as all get out. You look fantastic. The clip has great angles and shows off your gain very, very well.
    Fantastic. two beautiful ladies comparing growth and doing so in a nice, yet at times teasing, manner. I enjoyed this clip very much. I just wish we had a shot when reiinapop pulled GGG tight to see the comparison. 5 stars.
  1. Would be fantastic to see weigh in before an all day stuffing and a weigh in after you complete the stuffing.
  2. are you an author on deviant art? If so I loved your work!!

    1. zewhatcher


      Yes I am. Still trying to author on occasion, just not as often as I used to. Thank you so much. :) It is always gratifying to meet someone who recognizes me. Been a fan of yours for a long while. I hope you are well! 

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