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    If you want some great candid dialogue, some great belly shots and watching a belly bloat, and hearing directly from our curvypotchi this is the video for you. Listening to her talk while watching her slowly expand before your eyes is a sight to behold. Plus her clothing choice is great. Glad to have her back.
    What is it about watching someone wear a shirt that is obviously too small, watching them sit and then watching those buttons on the over stretched shirt ping off, one... by... one. Too tight clothes and button popping never looked more sensual than when Charlie pulled it off. Great job and so satisfying to watch. Can't wait to see it done again.
    This video... This is the dream right? Having a feedee who wants to get bigger, who shows you just how big they want to get. Who shows how tight clothes will be on them. The way that Josie talks in this video makes me tremor and the descriptions of just how big she wants to get... it keeps me coming back. Easily one of my favorite videos on this site. The effort it takes to move with all that extra girth, the poses. So hot! Well worth the watch.
    Fantastic! This was the first clip I ever purchased on Curvage and there is little reason why not. The gain is very evident between the pics. Before and after videos and photo shoots are a pain I know, but oh so freaking hot! Especially when someone enjoys it as much as @goodgirlgrowdoes. The extra bounce with each step, the tightness of the clothing. Dear me, what if she were to do another similar one with the same out grown clothing? I might faint. Fantastic to watch again and again!
    Really great to watch a belly expand by some stuff. The light rope work on her wrists is a nice touch. Only downside I have is the lack of poses. I would love to see some more with the belly hang, bent over and showing just how heavy that belly becomes. Still, quite enjoyable and a long stuffing session showing just how much can fit in that ballooning belly!
    The opening pose, the dirty talk. @GainingGothGF hits all the points for a belly lover like me. She looks round enough to be pregnant in this vid. Talking about expansion. Just, so, HOT! This is a must for any fan of pregnancy talk. Dear me I thought she may really want that next. Watch this, you won't regret it.
    Before and After's are my favorite types of videos. Showing the growth. it's amazing! You can see capacity increase and the hunger grow and grow. Well worth the watch and looking forward to what you decide to do in the future!
    You can actually watch the belly grow! Already a huge sphere, it gets... Bigger! Well done, I do wish there were a few more poses to start and some after. The weight is tough to read (at least on my little screen) but glad to see things are progressing! Well done and worth the enjoyable growth!
    one word HOT Super set. Love the black and white cowgirl shirt, especially when you are on your hands and knees. That type of pose is one of my absolute favorites. Shows everything hang. Just. wow!
    With a teacher that looks like @KinkyCurvyKat I would want the extra attention for help in school. Being teachers pet would be fantastic. Maybe I would pay better attention. *Snicker* That white top... So HOT! πŸ₯΅ 5:57 just... WOW.... Worth the watch and I would be teachers pet immediately!
    The Jiggle. Oh my goodness. The jiggle. 😍 Thunder thighs, stretch marks, a beautiful belly. My goodness. This body tour is wonderful, and seeing the joy on GGGF as she describes how she feels now. And the belly slaps. Made my day. Fantastic vid, worth the watch. That smile at the end, be still my heart. πŸ₯° Seriously, go watch this vid. This is one of the better body tours I have seen and with someone as vivaciously radiant as GGGF the time flies by.πŸ₯°πŸ€© Can barely wait till next time!
    Another fantastic set. Tight clothes, beautiful, sexy lady. What more could you want? Great camera angles too. No complaints here. Please keep sharing the wonderful views of your growing body!
    This is my favorite kind of clip. Trying on clothes that once fit fine and now are too tight. I only wish you had more tops to try on (My fav <3) Your butt looks fantastic and fills out anything you put on in just the right way, even tight, it looks great. Thank you for sharing this with us and I look forward to the next one. Tight clothes are the best! 😍
    Congratulations! Thank you for being so real with us about your excitement. You look great in that top BTW. I love the fact your scale is right in front of the fridge. It's a great way to check your progress as you wander back and forth. Thank you for sharing this milestone!
    So glad I got the early bird. New fan and I am not disappointed. The measurements were mind blowing and you look so happy with them, yet that glint in your eye wants MORE! Your figure is great! I'm glad that you are gaining in the areas you want to. That final clip with your weight, I had a feeling it would be close to that number and I was very pleased to see how much you are pleased. Now to ask, will you continue? Well worth it and supporting you in this manner is totally worth it. Keep up the good work.
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