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  1. This thread is wounderfull. She looks huge in the video. Do we know if she gained it all after marriage?! 😳
  2. That conversation was beyond cringy. Dude she actually responded to you?! That blows my mind lol. If you “had” to say something just tell her you have found her to be very beautiful and you leave it at that. That already indicates that you find her softness beautiful and you don’t even have to say it. Anyhow next time just try not to message anyone.
  3. So beautiful! Looks like she has gained a couple of pounds!
  4. Could we all just take a minute and appreciate how delightful it is to see some friends you haven’t seen in a while and a very pretty friend has started to put on a few noticicable pounds? 👍👏👏👏🍩🍩🍩

  5. Looks like they were fit at one point? 😳🤔
  6. She got big FAST it makes me wounder what was going on in life. Did she just get older and her metabolism slowed down. Or did she just completely loose control of her cravings 😳
  7. Hey guys! There is a forum out there with a list of about 75 different girls with before and after pics! I saw it the other day but forget where I found it! If someone knows the one I am talking about let me know where I can find it! (I know it's kinda vague) 


  8. That belly shot is beyond hot lol
  9. Hey guys this may be a bit lengthy and not the right  place to post this!             However I just signed up  yesterday and am not        familiar with this site yet! I am going to share a cute story about my beautiful  girls perfect weight gain! Here it goes! 

    I met this beautiful fit        athletic girl at a high         school track and field      meet in my last year of      high school in 2014. She was 5'3 and 125 pounds  at the time! Long story     short we started dating a  few months later... her       love of food became very apparent as we quickly     took up the habit of           getting treats frequently.  Since she was athletic it was no problem for her to sit down and eat 2 Big     Mac meals in one sitting! However after high school she basically stopped all  physical activity and the   pounds started to creep.  on I enjoyed it (not realizing I had a feeder fetish) I  would willingly buy her     anything she said she       could eat! One time she    ate 10 doughnuts in one  sitting!? I was surprised to find it extremely hot! After about 4 months of dating she had put on 15 pounds! She continued to stuff    herself silly. By 10 months into our relationship she  had ate herself to              nearly 170 pounds... I was now fully aware I had a          feeder fetish! I recal her            bursting a button on her    favourite pair of jeans... ❤️ However it all came to and end after her mother wouldn't stop bothering     her about her weight gain. I told her I found her          beautiful with the extra     pounds but despite that   she ended up working it   all off and is now down to 130 pounds. If you read    through this all thank you! I just had to get it off my  chest. I would also            appreciate some advice    on how to explain to her in a loving way that I enjoyed it when she got heavy.       Thank you so much guys! 

    I will post a before and     after picture of her 10     month gain! Cheers! 




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    2. riptoryx


      Indeed. That is a LOT of chubbing up in less than a year! Given how easily and rapidly she went from fit to fat, I suspect this gal may not linger back down around that trim 130 for too long. ;)

    3. Dodgecummins


      It happened so fast! Like 40-50 pounds in a year! Btw I gave a bit more detailed but very similar story on the personals and dating form where I started my own thread. I hope I did it right! 

    4. mrfatfatfatlover


      Going forward to your thread my friend ! Thanks for sharing !

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