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  1. Family week this week! An all you can eat Chinese buffet is in danger of running out of food 😍😍 super excited! This is my before blubber belly! Tune in next week for this stuffed piggys belly growth! 🐷🐖


    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Love your expression here, look of utter confidence, and knowing that you're only getting bigger and more beautiful. :D 

      Have fun, hope the buffet survives the experience. :) 

    2. regbill
    3. adecourv
    4. Bellylover777


      Sweet big belly - very good work - looking soo sexy - I'm looking forward to your belly in the next week - good stuffing😋

  2. Just waiting for my snacks to arrive ;) I think I'm looking exceptionally blubbery today and absolutely loving it! 😍


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rndm123


      That belly needs a lot of snacks 🤗

    3. fattony20


      Wow, you've gotten really heavy!

    4. Maverick500


      Girl I love that sexy overweight belly of yours 😘🥰😍

    5. wulfric992


      Would love to give all that blubber a squeeze :)

    6. Bellylover777


      You are looking exceptionally beautiful with your bulging belly. Can´t wait to see how big your belly is grown after your snacks has arrived. I hope there are many snacks for you😋🥰

  3. Just a sneaky peek to what's coming up, will be up in a few days as I did not realise how exhausting this is! Haha and I definitely don't want to be doing too much excersise.


    Already ripped one pair of jeans and may or may not have popped the button on it 🙄 it's done now so the extra nugget share boxes won't hurt anyone, right? ;)


    I'll keep you updated on my exhausting process! 😘😘


    1. rndm123


      Omg I love your fat belly 😍 

      I'd love to see you grow bigger

    2. fattony20


      I think we need to see you get up on a scale?

    3. Maverick500


      Your looking so fat and sexy 😍😍😍😍

    4. SC274


      You are looking curvy and fabulous. Delighted you are back

  4. Happy Saturday everyone!

    and as it is a happy Saturday I have reduced the price of a lot of my older videos so check them out! ;)

    I will also be putting a compilation video together soon so you can see how the clothes in my old vids fit... well I say fit.....

    its going to be a lot of tight squeezes, jiggling belly and one exhausted piggy at the end! 

    I need a snack just thinking about it! 


    1. Guest


      Make sure to fill up on snacks, squeezing and forcing yourself into outgrown clothes sounds exhausting! 

    2. mutha_fako10


      Wish you were active modeling, you were the best!

    3. Maverick500


      I would love to rub and jiggle your sexy fat belly 😍😘

  5. Version 1.0.0

    My fatter friend, Blondepond, does not think I am gaining quick enough. She ties me to a chair and feeds me until I am a stuffed piggy. She covers me in fattening foods and forces them into my mouth, watching my blubbery gut grow. She feels the doughy cellulite between her fingers as her hand sinks into my burgeoning belly. Soon I will be as big as her and my fat will pour over the sides of the chair, my arse is already putting a lot of pressure on the chair! Just over 7 minutes of myself being forced to gorge and grow by my tubby buddy!


  6. Version 1.0.0

    Chubby Camping Trip I have been invited camping with friends to a small resort so need to try on some clothing, mainly my camping camo trousers and swimsuit. Well the trousers were a struggle to put on as my fat thighs and flabby arse kept getting in the way, and before I knew it RIP! The seams on the trousers split on the thighs letting my milky fat pour out! I then tried on my swimsuit, its not too old but wow it was tight! I ate a cake to fill the remaining room left and stretched the suit good! My boobs practically popped out the whole time so I had to cheekily release them in my hands for a bit! $9.99 to watch a struggling fatty from all angles for 15 Minutes and 30 Seconds!


  7. Version 1.0.0

    My fat friend Blondepond paid me a visit that had a lasting effect on my waistline! She played with my new fat before pushing me down and straddling me, shoving cupcakes in my mouth. I tried to fight back but I soon gave up, this piggy wanted to be fed more really! I got my own back though, I got to play with her belly and feed her, not that she needs it when she is already huge! See her poke, play and slap my doughy belly while stuffing me with cupcakes and not letting me escape!


  8. Today's plan:

    Have a clear out off all my clothes that are now too small! 

    A little compilation of me struggling to squeeze into some (not so) old clothes perhaps? ;)

    Let me know what you want to see! 

    1. Guest


      I’d love to see you trying on anything with buttons that could pop off and before/after shots of clothes you’ve outgrown.

  9. Got enough McDonald's to feed a village!! I've got to explode out of these PJ's!!


  10. These PJ's just to fit me perfectly, they're getting a little tight now though!

    I'm going to wait utill I explode out the stitches before I buy new ones though ;)


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. rndm123


      It does fit perfectly, you look beautiful 🙂

    3. regbill


      It's nice to see you back and looking better than ever.:wub:

    4. Synthesis


      Divine 💎

    5. Bellylover777


      Welcome back - nice to see such curvy beauty

    6. Glynnd96


      Wow!, you look fantastic 😁

    7. mattkoty


      Yaaaaasss!!  Welcome back and looking even bigger than before, so wonderful to hear your confidence is on the rise as well... cheers and thanks much for sharing!!

  11. I'm back! Sorry it's a little rustic i'm only just getting back into filming my stuffings! Hope your enjoy me devouring an extra large pizza and a few sides, I'm absolutely stuffed by the end of it and I can't wait to do it again. Lets fatten this piggy up!


  12. Heyyy everyone! 

    So I know it's been a while, Ive not been very well and lost alot of confidence but I'm finally back to a size I'm happy with!! Treating myself to a cheeky celebration pizza tonight! 😍😍


    Keep an eye out! Will be uploading real soon! 



    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Welcome back! Glad to hear you're doing better, and looking forward to whatever content you show off. :) 

    2. Sgx90


      Welcome back! Hope you’re okay. Can’t wait to see new content 

    3. Synthesis


      Wishing you the best of health and confidence lass, nobody deserves to lose either and also welcome back 🙏

    4. Dragonknight


      Glad to have you back we all Missed you and that Piggy belly of yours, can't wait to see your next clip and see how much that belly can handle 😍

  13. Hi I'm new here and and I am  single.  I hope you get your confident's back

  14. Hey everyone,

    So sorry for being so quite recently!! It's been a tough time and unfortunately ive lost a lot of weight which has really affected my confidence, however I'm pulling myself back up and will hopefully be posting again soon! 😉😉

    1. CivilizedPuppy


      It will be fun to watch you gain it all back again :)

  15. Hi, are you still into gaining ? :)

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