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  1. So I’m from England, and I’m just about to leave Secondary school. But when I joined this school in year 7, there was this teacher, slim, hot and brunnete. She was perfect. And she was my English teacher, however after Christmas that year, she came back and her belly was huge. She’d put on so much weight. Her jeans were so tight, and her ass was massive, she was looking so much better. She was slowly gaining throughout the rest of the year. And after the summer holidays and when I came back in year 8, I saw her, and she’d put on ALOT of weight. Her shirt would barely go over her belly. And later that year she got pregnant. So I didn’t see her until the start of year 10, and when she came back. She was the biggest, she was unrecognisable, her thighs are the size of tree trunks, her ass sticks out so much, her hips are pure fat. Her stomach is beautifully fat, and her face is extremely fat and swollen aswell, when she walks, she waddles, which is amazing. And she still tries to Wear tight, revealing clothes, and when she wears dresses especially. You can see right up the skirt when she sits down. It is heaven
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