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  1. I remember a thread a year or so ago documenting one in the video section. Know she was in some road to E3 video from Watchmojo
  2. I think I'm the only other person from Florida here
  3. I personally enjoy going to the movies, but time is limited with various other responsibilities, now there are films I will make a point in seeing in theaters or the occasional one night event screening (Look up Flashback Cinema and Fathom Events) but then there are films that I feel are just better appreciated at home because of other dumasses at theaters (WHY are you bringing a toddler to a horror movie) Not to mention that for anywhere between $1-2K you can get yourself a decent home entertainment setup with a TV/Projector, surrounded/wireless surrounded headphones, 4K Bluray player and nice chair or couch.
  4. Egg,bacon toast and a jar of mayonnaise?
  5. So last week my neighbors daughter moved in with her parents (moved between states, mostly because she didn't want to be a 1-2 day drive from immediate family to my understanding) had a couple chances to talk with her, and admittedly we do have a lot in common, similar taste in movies, games, ect, also been trying to help her with job hunting in the area (basically what places are nearby, what are decent and where to avoid) With that said I did also just end a relationship not too long ago, and a part of me isn't sure if I'm completely sure if I should jump back into another relationship so soon (if my last relationship can even be called one, partially long story ) but at the same time (and I know this might sound bad) I'm afraid of letting another opportunity for a relationship pass by because of being apprehensive or fear preventing me from taking a chance. I'm just wondering what to do.
  6. True Well hopefully one day she returns in some capacity, hell even just a "Yes I'm still alive " although that would probably lead to people hounding her for content
  7. Damn, although guess that's not uncommon. At least she isn't as screwed as ** models I think, seeing as last I heard some of them are unable to even have personal social media of any kind without that guy claiming ownership of everything.
  8. Not asking for pics just curious if anyone knew what happened to her.
  9. Took almost a year and a horrendous valentine's dinner to realize that me and my gf (guess I should say soon to be Ex gf) have basically no chemistry, spark or anything I guess.

  10. I dont remember how, but Cherries and Jigglypuff showed up in my Myspace not long before my freshman year of high school. Not long after I stumbled across Fantasy Feeder, ** and here. And speaking of ** found out about that site thanks to a video someone posted of Sherly in like a little sailor suit thing chugging down soda till buttons popped.
  11. So me and my GF are getting an apartment in the next few months, and part of me wants to sabotage her carnation instant breakfast and slim fast.
  12. I have seen so many copies of Red Dead Redemption 2 at work its astounding.

  13. biggirlsok


    Anyone happen to have a collection of Trixiekays stuff?
  14. Not popular but ran into a coworker who I hadn't seen in about 6 years about 3 weeks ago and she blew up quite a bit, guess working as a paralegal had some benefits.
  15. No the "My daughter is a lazy, and a moocher" although I think there's been like 12 episodes with that title. Had a chance to date her after a mutual acquaintance tried to set us up, although after seeing her on tv feel like I dodged a bullet.
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